Is China a Communist Country?

Is it?

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No, it is entirely capitalist. Even if the Party had originally planned for this to be a transitory phase towards Socialism, they've gone full porky in the decades since then.


"state capitalism" applies more accurately to modern china than it ever did the USSR tbh

It's a country ruled by a communist party but it's not a communist or even socialist country

No it's communists schooling capitalists on how capitalism is done

lol no

China is a lolbertarian hellhole with organ harvesting execution vans.

I don`t see how it`s lolbert. Big gubbermint and whatnot. My folks are hosting a chinese student studdying abroad whose parents own an run a clinic, she says that most people vastly trust the state run ones over private.

Not to mention the Chinese govt being up in everyone`s business, being overtly undemocratic.

By American standards yes, and here's why:

These do not exist lol

There's no sense in which China is libertarian

Communist? Not quite.

Now Socialist with Chinese Characteristics on the other hand…


condoms are bourgeois

The whole idea of right libertarian is a farce, still I think the Chinese state is too intrusive for the lolbert label, they aren't quite Pinochet even if they are authoritarian and neoliberal.

How do you consider them neoliberal, the government has a firm hand on economic controls everywhere and completely or partially state owned enterprises dominate the economy.

Revisionism tbh