Anyone who thinks were now living under fascism needs to read this article...

Anyone who thinks were now living under fascism needs to read this article. We aren't living in the postmodern 1930s and trump isn't the next Hitler.

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you lot would be "liquidated" under fascism

Just tell such people to kill themselves for being liberal retards, no need to overcomplicate things.

You're absolutely right. That is why it pisses me off when liberals and the MSM claim we are.

Why are leftists so afraid of winning?

I don't understand…

We aren't.

for fucks sakes stop talking about this tangelo bag ass

This, only liberals and right wing larpers fear or want Trump to become fascist. No one else thinks that is what is going to happen here.

Sorry cuck, that's not how it works

People are finally starting to get interested in the far-left, because of Trump and the impotency of "liberals", but it looks like all the far-left does is tell everyone that Trump is not actually that bad, no need to resist.

Ironically we would do fine under fascism while Holla Forums would be well fucked, and you would benefit the most from what we propose but you spit on it instead.

Strange times. I wouldn't say strange people, because while you are strange, you are also inhospitably annoying and at least strange comes with the open nature it might be well and good despite.


All you Holla Forumsacks would be the first killed in a fascist state. A real Nazi would be disgusted to see you so called "fascists" are weak boys who post about porn and anime on imageboards all day.

We can say he's bad without calling him a fascist and comparing him to Hitler. Also it creates the impression that everything would be fine if the dems or even pence were in power.

It will be a hollow victory if we can only keep liberals radical while trump is in power,

That's how you interpret it as a liberal dipshit, admit that Neoliberalism is a horrific system and you won't have a problem unless you're planning on destroying the country with a clinton vote again.

lol no you aren't cunts.

Let's count the rapes and colonial revolts that won shall we.

If it wasn't for mass manipulation, you otherwise despise when its not on your side, everyone on Earth would be gang banging your ass for even having the hubris of thinking you had the freedom to be a fascist.

Good for you that you're on the side of the people you hate tho.

Globalism is fun and all when I do it.

I'm in a university second year and no matter what you say I refuse to believe that you and everyone like you isnt a neet


Who gives a fuck Nazis still got fucking wrecked, mass rape, political leadership executed (that the US didnt protect), and occupied for decades

Exactly, most chan users would get a bullet.

The Obersturmfuhrer said I have to T4 anyone who fails to use proper punctuation.

If you had any respect for your race you would kill yourself to accelerate it's evolution.

Also, the Nazis literally lost half their U-Boat Navy I'd hardly call that impressive.

Half their fucking Navy died.

Jesus Christ even liberals can handle bantz better than you faggots.

go ahead, be my guest, you'll hate it.

Assraping the illiterate liberals into submission is as important.

half of that shit has migrated to cuckchan it's unbearable now

Its the person that's telling the bantz, not the bantz themselves

You happen to be a nazi

This is like walking into a hells angel bar in the early 80's in assless chaps

The fuck do you want us to do give you a hug get the fuck out of here

You aren't too far from what you hate

That's because this board is too autistic for banter, I recommend either having actually seriously debating or subtly trolling the fuck out of it(but subtly enough not to trigger a hotpocket)

post pusspuss

Trump is bad but merely telling people he is bad without context or by exaggerating wont do people any good. Liberals like the fascist caricature of Trump because it suits their needs in thinking that the only thing that needs to change about capitalism is that bigotry needs to stop. You can tell the ones at the top and street level really believed this because they thought Hillary was a viable alternative to trumpism, yuck.

Trump is bad because he is hitting the gas pedal on the economy and the environment, his bigotry is bad in the context of the better society we envision, his bald faced Roman view of imperialism is awful. There is a lot to hate about Trump the problem is American discourse rarely discusses the full breadth and merely settles on a few cosmetic changes.


insects are highly nutritious tho

is pupper nutritious too?

Just because we aren't living in literal, historical fascism doesn't mean that we shouldn't resist an oppressive regime that's trying to make life harder for us.

the allies killed more civs than the axis. i'm not counting the holocaust because those were their own people

don't see the difference between consuming dog or consuming lamb or cow tbh

moralism is bourgeois

do you know you eat rotten milk? Do you know lobster and crabs are sea cockroaches and bugs? If you're going to attack cultures that are different from you, at least have the intelligence to attack something that is objectively shit, like genital mutilation, honor killings, marrying your rapist, or killing people because their noses are too long.

You first, brownskin.

not surprised

nice spooks

not surprised

not surprised


lel liberal plz

Enjoy ur decaying völkisch essence.


I think viewing history as some cyclical system that repeats itself is ridiculous. History doesn't manage itself to conform to our own tendency to seek and find patterns, it moves dialectically but that is about it.

I'm not a vegecuck, but I'm also not hypocritical enough to claim moral high ground over the chinks if at the same time I like eating pig and chicken meat.

Mein face when.


why does Holla Forums hate the idea of love and equality within humanity? where is our spiritual side? why is it so cool these days to be cynical and crude?

you came to an image board expecting people to be humane?

but imageboards bring about what human nature really is about

this is why humanity must be overcome

no they just bring in a bunch of angry nerds who can say whatever they want with no consequence


trump is a piece of shit but it's not like he's particular bigger or more shitty than any other previous president

in fact the one thing I like about him is that he is open about being such a fucking turd, because now people are finally paying attention, kinda

Whoa, there carncuck. I'm not the one cucking my health and well-being.

But this is true.

That's a pretty shoddy last minute deflection there, m8.

You forgot that Holla Forums doesn't read anything outside of internet comments and meme articles. There's no possible way he'd have known. Have sympathy for those with deformed brains, comrade.

Hitler had flaws that I disagree with. Didn't gas the jews. Considered slavs subhuman, didn't consider muslims subhuman invaded the USSR too early etc

forgot flag fug

lel how sad

He wasn't extreme enough and that was his downfall tbh

Yeah, Ghandi was more violent.