Should leftists participate in valentine's day? Are you going to give something to her/him/they?

Should leftists participate in valentine's day? Are you going to give something to her/him/they?

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I would if I had a gf.


I don't know what to buy/make for her lads

Chocolate? That's what they do in the animes.

doesnt sound terribly creative


Get her a dragon dildo.

Of course I will celebrate the day, where a Christfag was boiled alive, by stuffing my wife with chocolate and then fuck her senseless.

Have you ever made chocolate for her?



Cheer up user.




What does she like and what does she hate?

leftypol would say no because they're perpetually stuck being either 7 or their mother


Well guess who really ended up leaving

Hell no. Some "subversive" Christian martyred for performing Christian marriage is not something to be celebrated.

You're right. It should be "them".


Are you talking about me or the veterans we fucked with nail bombs who got fucked by the US government when they came back home

Because I was born after the fact, I can just sit on my ass and gloat.

Don't bring up an embarrassing war when you're on the side of the humiliated.

I think you should just ask her. If she gets upset that you're not a mind-reader and want to get her something she really wants, she's a womanchild.

You can also take her out to eat. If you can cook, ask her the day before what she wants for dinner on Valentine's Day and make it… maybe with dessert, too, since it's a holiday.

Going to play Sniper Elite 4 with my qt white petit-burger gf. It's gonna be full of larping and sweets and you're ALL invited.

Just kidding get off of my private property proles.

I'm not from Burgerstan, I just like implying you're an old Vietn Cong fighter who immigrated to America.

How many layers of spooks are you hiding behind? Nations aren't a person.

Same thing as white supremacists taking the accomplishments of other people who died long ago as their own. Makes no sense.


Sure, but like any day like this just buying into the buying fever is only going to hurt the experience.

have you been taking your daily dose of red pills user

Shoplift for your gf

Enough to not subscribe to Stirner whatsoever

It's just frustrating when love is apparently so central to everyone else's life and I just don't really get it at all and can't relate to any of it except on a sexual level.

It's okay user I'm just ribbing you. Quite a few girls have loved me but I've seen nothing in them and the one girl I loved saw nothing in me. Such cases.

Why do you think, marriage is an institution?
It was a nice mean for kings who had not enough balls to go to war, to acquire land through the means of selling their daughters off and hoping to get it through inheritance.
This is how a minor noble house from Austria became the head honcho of not only Austria, but the entire Holy Roman Empire. They also acquired Spain and Benelux.

Just go back to homosuck.

Honestly this used to be me but when you meet the right girl you'll know…
and if your like me you'll be so scared of making a move that you wait to long and fuck everything up.

No I just broke up with my boyfriend and we don't love each other anymore.

Because you have to be crazy to get in?

Don't worry about it. GYOW is a perfectly reasonable option. Bourgeois women aren't entitled to a mate and, frankly, they're shit.

I'd probably be worse, as I doubt I'd even consider approaching such a person at all. I hate myself and distrust other people far too much to make myself that vulnerable.


god i wish.

romantic love is overrated. Women won't hesitate to betray you and trade you in for a Chad the first opportunity they get. My ex won't even respond to me anymore. She's probably busy guzzling Chad's cum right now. She won't even admit to me if she left me for anyone or if she is seeing anyone right now. How do I hack my ex's Skype or gmail? I want to get revenge.


Valentine 's day, like continental drift and Thigh Highs, is a spook of the highest order .

Nigga, I don't even give "happy birthday" to people on their birthdays.
Do I even need to tell you that I give even less of a fuck about a totally fabricated capitalist date?

If you stop dating aspirational bourg women, you won't have that problem.

Seriously though how do I hack my ex's Skype or gmail? She doesn't have Facebook (or at least she's not using it under her real name). So I can't find her. I need to find evidence of her fucking someone else. Especially of any potential infidelity from the time we were dating. Or evidence of her leaving me for someone.

Women are just no fun allowed beings.

unless the problem was socdems shitty personality.

Shouldn't you go back to abusing your wife, cunt?

Love is bourgeoise

What if she left you because of your controlling ways and paranoia?

More like the other way around actually. She gave me an ultimatum that I had to ditch my female friend or her. Because she didn't trust me, she thought I was sleeping with my female friend. Or that I had sex with her previously.

You are both crazy. And even if she was cheating on you, you would still have the paranoia's.
Pay for therapy now.

guys how do I convince her of going out with me

tell her that you have the power of spooks and that poltergeists will haunt her until she satisfies your Ego

Do you think she is ready to swallow the stirnerpill?

Leftist should shot the porky cupid down like the exploiter of emotion it is.


Just be yourself, and say.
Then accuse her of having a haunted head until she agrees to go out with you.


Psychotherapy is not covered under our "universal health care" plan. I have autism, clinical depression, maybe even worse. But you see our government treats mental illness as something that isn't as serious as cancer.

Because it isn't.


B-but I gave you therapy.


Make her see how great you are. If she doesn't accept, then she clearly wasn't worth making your property.

Lack of government coverage of mental illness treatment leads to situations like Columbine, V-Tech Rampage, Sandy Hook, Isla Vista, George Sodini, Dark Knight Killer, etc.

As long as society remains as terrible and alienated as it is now, such things will continue to happen. Your treatments are just a band-aid, much like your ideology.

Society can't even accept social democracy right now. Let alone socialism. The working class still believes in spooks like private property and they can't get the anti-socialist brainwashing out of their heads. The problem with purists is that they don't get anything done.

You could drawing these people into your life for a reason. Find it.

Whose society are you talking about, and are you quite sure porky's not presuming to speak for his property?

Oh, you are porky. kys liberal

…should we really have a fucking thread about the political connotations of valentine's day?
Just get some flowers or some chocolate or spend an evening with your loved one usually ending with cuddles or sex.
If you're alone, shitpost on Holla Forums and drink yourself to death.

End of story.
It's not rocket science, it doesn't have to be complicated.

It's a holiday that encourages capitalist consumerism. Much like Christmas and Black Friday.

Then don't celebrate it.

That would be too simple. We need an excuse for robotposting.

I heard that one of our robot buddies killed himself earlier today. It's no coincidence I think that his suicide was literally days before Valentine's Day. The alienation is real. Holla Forums shows no sympathy to robots. Therefore in order to feel a sense of belonging they turn to subcultures like Holla Forums. Many of them remain apolitical and just kill themselves however. Socialists are not going to capture the imagination of the precariat class.

Alienation goes beyond the economic. And the typical robot's mentality is that everyone is a self-interested scumbag that wouldn't hesitate to fuck you over. What are social relationships but situations in which people try to get something out of you? When you are born an autist or are just extremely socially awkward in general, you have little to offer to other people. And therefore become the butt of jokes and a target for bullies.

Robots are pathetic.


Yes, but most people visiting this site are robots.
So Holla Forums snatches them all, while we get a disturbing amount of normies.
Both normies and robots are harmful to each board, but normies are the minority, where robots are the majority.
So by Holla Forums attitude towards robots we're losing potential numbers for any activity that could be organized.


They're whiny and annoying. That's why they should all be executed.
Like anybody gives a flying fuck that you don't have a girlfriend. They're not even that special, only virgin autists put them on a pedestal.

Fuck off normalfag

In case you haven't noticed, "virgin" is a common insult on the internet. People constantly make fun of other people all the time for not having girlfriends or being a virgin.

Please, try harder user. You can make more accurate attacks than that.


so much anger lel

Follow my example then bitch

Come on, user, I said try harder. You aren't even close to insulting me.

Get a trip???


All of you still act like I'm some dipshit facebook normalfag who just stumbled in here on accident or something. The fact is that miserable robots are miserable because they want to be. They whine about self-inflicted problems and whine when the help they begged for doesn't work and whine about "oh nooo I'm so ronery >tfw no gf'' like a girlfriend is going to magically solve their self-hatred.
I'll gladly help any robot who asks for it, but I have no sympathy left for them.

Work hard enough to graduate out of poverty into a university. Something I've really got to doubt you've done. It seems every day there's less and less actual college students on this board and more and more children or people like you who are doubtless unemployable telling us all to get a job.

If you want to do something productive, tell that to fucking Holla Forums

This is the kind of advice that liberals often give working class white people. Work hard, graduate from University, get a nice job.

I actually did graduate from University and I'm unemployable because normalfags discriminate against autistic candidates. I sometimes feel like job interviews were invented specifically to screen against autism.

which just shows how out of touch normalfags are, autistic/weird/socially mal-adjusted people are the ones that actually built the world. They're the engineers, the tinkerers, the thinkers, the people that spend years doing shit that other people find "not normal" that actually contributes to society. Whether it's practical like science, engineering, architecture, or the arts and humanities, such as philosophy, political and economic theory, arts, music and so on.

Normalshits keep building systems that are destroying the world.

First off I'm not a liberal. And I'll annoy everyone on this board to bring up, again, that I'm majoring in emergency psychiatry to help people who are totally fucked by Capitalism and often times cannot help themselves and want to die. Too often we think that these people aren't as serious as people with terminal illnesses, but the fact of the matter is they're just as serious and have no way, or are forced into such a way, they will be nothing and die friendless and alone. Cases, like people who cannot stop scratching holes in their arms, people who cannot stop cutting with razors, people who failed suicide, people who are homeless

And every day jobs like ours get less and less respect.

So yes, I do actually know what you're talking about. I wish I could do more about it, but I can't. This is the only way I really know how to help. I was criticizing that line of logic. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Yeah it's fucked, my GPA was almost a perfect 4.0 in my post-graduate program and no one was hiring me. Probably because my autism was throwing interviewers off. Not even for unpaid internships. I knew someone who knew someone who ultimately got me a internship (paid). But I'm back to Square One now. Unemployed. Been unemployed for nearly 2 years. I've started my own business 8 months ago, just over 4 months after my unemployment benefits were terminated, in order to keep busy so that it doesn't look like I have been doing absolutely nothing on my resume for 2 years but it's not very profitable. I have to live with my parents.

I plan on loving myself.

I did that too. Ended up just stressing myself over and it didn't even make enough money to be worth the stress.
For what it's worth, I hope yours will go better than mine did user. Out of curiosity, what kind of business is it?

That's rough man, I'm sorry it worked out that way. Capitalism is a cold bitch, even disabled parents wouldn't be able to see how cruel this all is.

It seems like the mentally ill, no matter how safe they are, are the most maligned and fucked over group of people. Sometimes it feels like nobody thinks for the people this social darwinistic hell hole betray, ruin, just plain fuck over. They'd rather just shove them in the corner and forget.

Buying/selling bitcoin. It's nice to do as a hobby. But there is so much competition out there and not enough demand that it's very difficult to make a living out of it. I've tried gig economy type work. Microjobs. "Beermoney" type tasks.

Libertarians like to say "if you don't like to wage slave, why don't you start your own business?" But the truth is that 9 out of 10 startups fail. You need a way to secure enough capital before your company starts turning a profit. Capitalism inevitably leads to consolidation of capital into fewer and fewer hands. Making it increasingly hard for startups to gain a foothold in the economy.

This is why society deserves the Elliot Rodgers and Adam Lanzas of the world (elementary school kids are not innocent. Kids are fucking evil to each other. I was bullied since I was 4 years old).

Not everyone is responsible and do not deserve to die. Understand.

Lefties don't have time for love, too busy building the revolution or shitposting about Trump

You're annoying shits because you're so obsessed with something so important than everyone can see it on your face. /r9k/ is the board for horny teenagers and people who still have the personality of horny teenagers.

so unimportant*

Do what you want fam.


We have lot to learn form our Japanese comrades on this front regarding class struggle.

Patently untrue. Most Holla Forums posters ARE robots. I would know, I made a whole horoscope thread to measure it.
Only if you don't know how to carry it. Never complain openly, never ask for sympathy.

become a fat piglet?

top kek

Normalfags are bullies. They deserve to be shot. They treat autistic people like second class citizens. This is something that normalfags here will never understand. I look forward to more autistic mass murderers thinning out the normie herd. Every autistic person committing suicide is a fucking waste. They should always take out some normie bullies with them.

You know lesbians like that since we're cuddle bugs. And no matter where I go, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Hispanic, Italian, almost all food is represented in the city. Can't help it, too far gone.

And I seriously doubt all of you aren't above 135 pounds like I am, I'm just 136.

I'm just saying, don't throw stones in glass houses.

Absolutely counterrevolutionary. I weigh a nice round 70 kg.

what are you, a bourgeise bootlicking libcuck?

"A story tells how Price Shekour captured a town and offered it to his favorite for a smile. Some of us have fallen in love with the pleasure of loving without reserve – passionately enough to offer our love to the magnificent bed of a revolution."

you became used to alienation when your dreams were crushed as a teenager


serves you right for betraying Rosa


It's the perfect excuse to make senpai notice you.


I just kicked the bitch out of the house after an 8 year relationship. I think I'll give her a nice package with all the personal belongings she couldnt inmediately take with her.

Guess I´ll have to find another stupid christian socdem girl to mold in to an anarchist.


Just don`t do it.

so much ideology it hurts

why fam

I have a literal bourgie gf. Her family unironically owns the means of production. Te thing is that she's obsessed with me and is now 100% communist as a result.

On one hand I think she might kill me, but on the other she might revolt for me. What do?

take her money


So are there any posters that have been in a decent relationship or even talked to another woman?

Like if you're on the spectrum or do have crippling emotional issues, that's one thing and I get that, but outside of the SocDem fucking nutcase and the user that just broke up, it's full on frogposting

Like you can literally just ask for their number, the worst they say is no and then their existence is meaningless from that point on and you leave

Like I'm not getting laid every day but this really doesn't seem difficult after the nihilism sets in

I work too much to want a girlfriend.

I am in a happy, stable relationship for 4 years now and can talk with girls no problem. I just don't post in these kind of threads because why would I. Generally they attract the kinds of posters who feel deeply about the "no gf" issue.

why are you normies so incapable of comprehending that some of us are ridden with anxiety?

No, I understand that, that wasn't directed towards people with emotional/mental issues. I mean the "WOMAN ARE EVIL REEEEEE" unironic crowd.

I hope zizek got a card.

oh ok

well maybe they're just lonely

Don't give up friendo, here. 4 years ago I couldn't even hold a phone conversation without panic attacks, yet alone hold eye contact with a girl, but for some reason when I met my current girlfriend (online obviously) I did not have any anxiety at all.

Not sure if this is comforting or not.

Reminder you aren't a true commie unless you're a normie


Make it stop

I'm just playing with you my man. You should try and become a normie though. Socialism is all about getting through to the common man and a chubby basement dweller is hardly representative of that

Basement dwellers who are just socially anxious could integrate into society. Autists are a completely different story. Our brain is not wired to be social. Shitposting on image boards is more than enough to meet my social needs. And even then, it's not very rewarding tbh.

I have "hung out" with friends at least once a week for over a year and I didn't really get much out of it. I was actually mostly socializing with friends because it was my home that I would get a gf that way. And then actually having a gf made me realize that whatever void I was feeling wasn't being filled by a gf either. I really miss the sex and the cuddling with a gf. But that's all that I actually miss from a relationship. And you can't sustain a relationship if all you did is have sex and cuddle. I am fundamentally broken socially.

Like what Drake is doing there with that other nigga "partying" with champagne or whatever, I never actually enjoyed that. Is life so bland that people have to resort to intoxication in order to have a good time or what? Or are normies just easily amused?

Women are not evil per se. They just have the leverage to be more picky when it comes to relationships and sex. Men will fuck just about anything. So when women see that Chad is willing to have sex with them and then they look at their beta male boyfriend, they think that they deserve better than their beta male. They think that they deserve a Chad. My ex left me almost 10 months ago and it's been very painful. I think she's probably having sex with Chad now. Or she will be having sex with Chad later today for Valentine's Day.

The alcohol aids in the fun m8. It gets rid of your inhibitions.

Please stop with the r9k shit comrade. It isn't healthy

I have tried drinking and smoking weed and that hasn't helped with me.

My ex used to never drink or do drugs while we dated. But since September or so she started drinking alcohol and smoking weed and she became a very different person.

I just noticed you mentioned "inhibitions". That's the issue right there. I have autism. The issue isn't inhibitions with me. Alcohol and weed helps with social anxiety. But social anxiety is not my problem. It never was.

People who are socially awkward and socially anxious who self-label themselves as "Aspie" need to be punched in the face. I have an actual diagnosis. And there is a distinctive difference between autism and social anxiety. It's very noticeable to me. I notice a big difference between myself and my socially anxious friends when they feel comfortable/uninhibited. I think autism actually makes me even more uninhibited. I constantly say inappropriate things in social situations without even realizing that I'm crossing a line.

If men had the same leverage that women had in sex and relationships, they would behave the same way. It has nothing to do with women being evil. They're just acting within their rational self-interest. If I was a woman, I would want a tall ripped Chad/Tyrone with a huge cock too. It sucks for us beta males. But what can you do? Human nature is not egalitarian. Even in hunter-gatherer societies the best hunters with the largest penises were preferred by women as mates. Because the larger the penis, the easier it is to impregnate a woman.

I'm not a chubby basement dweller

Why do we have these goddamn lifestyle threads (is x leftist)? Do we not understand that all this is completely and utterly disconnected from socialism?

People are lonely.


Why did you have to remind me this day existed?

She only says yes to CHAD.

I hate these retarded /r9k/ and Holla Forums memes.
The amount of Pepe pictures and mentions of Chad, etc. is inversely proportional to the quality of a board/thread.




I hate it, and I'm glad it's over.
If you don't have a partner, you are basically forced to be confronted to your loneliness and the poverty of your romantic/sexual life all day.
If you have one, you are supposed to participate to the capitalist spectacle by buying useless cliché and overpriced commodities and behaving like an actor/actress in a chick-flick. It create sudden expectations who might easily disappoint you or the other needlessly.
I might be bitter since I've spent most Valentine's days alone, but still, as a day to celebrate love, it could much better than this. It could be a day-long party where situations would be created, for single people to meet each others, and for couples to experiment with their love and bodies.
Anyway I treated myself that day with a bit of hash and codeine, and it was nice, but still, I empathized with robots who don't take drugs.

sour grapes much?


it's just one more day of acting like a normal person. Not like it's different from any of the others