Holy fug

/ourguy/ making it bigtime

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How many ISIS has he killed from that tent?

I don't think that's a tent m8

Thats his YPG self build troop transporter with a BMP turret on top mate

That's a CNT-style armored truck, newfag.

Uphold Marxism-Pisspigism thought.

Honestly I hope he dies

kill yourself now

No u

I hope you die

anyone got a link to the article?

Why? He's just some guy.


Uhm, rude!


Tankiddie detected


Anarchists are so dedicated to doing nothing that they'll actually travel across the world to make sure they never accomplish something in their own country.

No-one stands to benefit from helping poor desert people besides saying "wow, "anarchism" really exists!!1

Not doing something in your own country is now "not doing anything"? Your logic is a bit retarded there. Helping ensure a socialist state in the middle east through armed conflict is more than some dumbass first world LARPing org will ever do.

Are you fucking retarded?

it doesn't seem like the article is online yet.

he's not the only one getting press attention now.



FVEY gih lol




It would be for the best, honestly.

top lass

It's actually a taxi and it freaking stinks

Is it you?!

He sure likes attention.

so what

Aside from liberalism, you mean?

l o l

Tripfags should die rather than

Lmao. Did Phil Greaves or Molly Klein react to this yet? I want to see them sperg out.

if it can get people to notice Rojava I wont complain

i get the impression that you're massively asshurt

Go back to goat fucking ISIS nerd

Here you go, you can now print out a double-page spread of Pisspig and hang it on your vegan commune message board.

How did he get to be the star of the piece, I wonder? Was it the infamous journalism connections of Weird Twitter?

well if that's true he deserves it

hello phil


Tripfaggots go straight to the gulag

Kek love how they Pisspig and Matt Tabbi in the same issue they interview John Oliver and Lena Dunham


I know Rolling Stone is just trying to make money but its still depressing.


Same tbh. unfortunately there's almost no chance of that, as he's just a cheap propagandist, not an actual fighter.

Hello Turkey.

t. Erdogan

Weird camping trip you take mate.

lmao this larper will die in the upcoming trump-putin-based assad airstrikes