How did we lose the meme war so badly? Is it because we're too intelligent to make shitty memes?

How did we lose the meme war so badly? Is it because we're too intelligent to make shitty memes?(USER'S JEWISH WIFE WAS UNCOVERED BY HIS FORMER FOLLOWERS FOR THIS POST)

Who said the meme war ended?

The meme war only just begun..

The meme war has only just begun.

Commie skeletons are the future.

Pic related, of course.

You rascally Holla Forumsyps may have won this time, but we'll vote in our nuclear candidate one day, mark our words.

Why is trump killing pence in that image?

I think op is referring to Bernie Sandle


I would be ok with this If it wasn't for the fact that I know Holla Forums will use this as evidence to suggest that we are liberals and that this isn't just a joke

I think the side that is more opposed to whoever is in power always has the upper hand online, because they get angry more and because they have this "look at what [president] is doing!" angle that takes over comments sections all the time.

Not to mention that the side that has to do mental gymnastics to justify whatever the people in power are doing gradually lose confidence and the hability to be snarky.

They will claim literally anything with no proof and twist anything that happens to convince people not to come here.

we are so few we can't produce enough memes or spread the good ones.

Holla Forums just lack drawfags and creativity. Not that it's an issue, just lacking of simple fun.

Our numbers are growing

Soon comrade, soon…

You give me hope, Satan.

Because we're not interested in being part of the spectacle in the first place.

The problem is that it's really niche humour. Quite a lot of jokes you won't get unless you know several obscure philosophers/theorists. Reactionaries always have an easier time because what they want is much simpler to communicate.
You can see this in the awful memes the radical liberals make on facebook, and sometimes even here (but I will admit nobody has stooped to the level of facebook libs yet). Holla Forums also get far more credit than they deserve because they've flooded the place with newfags that, in line with their ideology, they think they deserve credit for posting on a board that has created memes. Anyone that has been around for more than a few years (and this shows when you see Holla Forums irl and they're a bunch of babby faced fgts) knows that they've just regurgitated memes from elsewhere and claimed them, much like what they've done with the rest of imageboard culture.
The newfaggotry is especially pronounced when they claim that their memes are the best because they gain traction on facebook. I think that says it all really.


just posting this pic here while shitposting elsewere is ok I guess

Holla Forums still has some memes from the past which makes them look marginally better, but truth is both sides currently suck dicks because a) they are filled to brim with normalfags without a sense of humour(political imageoards are notoriously cancerous in that regard) b) the modern memes with political connotations are made(often artificially) for the sake of agenda rather than for the sake of humour. Do you retards think le happy merchant spread so well because the majority of the people making the edits were thinking about uncovering the hidden zionist agenda? Of course not, I can guarantee you that no stormfaggot preoccupied with le white race could've created the pic related, his sense of humour is too shit.


There isn't much to meme about with DWS rigging the election from the start because of "womyn power amirite?" I'm still vaguely annoyed that they really did do just that.

Because infinitely more sophisticated and powerful intelligence agencies are behind it.






Make Wojak Great Again

why are political boards so fucking slow? Is it because of the rampant newfaggotry

Aren't all Pepes Trump Pepes now?

Feel weird to meme him at all any more

An ideology built on memes is not worthy taking about and is a joke ideology.

What do you think normies and regular people feel when they see Holla Forumss autistic posts about Jews or Pepe the frog?

They cringe.

The jokey/prankster archetype can only get you so far, when people actually demand solutions to real pragmatic problems the see you as clowns. Hence almost everyone cheered when Spencer was punched in his flabby face.

Disregarding private property is the way to go.

Maybe you're too shitty to make intelligent memes?

I suspect is because a good number of us have lives in comparison to them.

unga bunga me put hat on anime girl *rebrands "ron paul will make anime real" to "trump will make anime real" meme*




That's not fucking dialectical you fuccking cuck

Basically this, but to add on to that I think it's just a problem of the radical left for the same reason in general; one has to know several not even obscure philosophers/theorist, but people who in general are not read very often. I think a big part of this is that while the radical left is not all of academia I find that a big part of the reason of the radical left exists is due to people in academia reacting to the material conditions and the new factory structure at the time which was making peoples lives miserable. And like classical liberalism before hand people in the academy started to consider maybe that capitalism is not so great. As these radical new ideas spread they started to divide and over time self criticize. Socialism was the new idea to challenge the old.
The problem is that one this theoretical side makes the radical left inaccessible because not very many people read or they don't read as much and when they do read they usually read what's popular not the books that don't make them think they read the Twlights, the Harry Potters, the Fifty Shades of Greys etc… And then even if they try to there is a fair chance that they will end up with something inaccessible that is hard to understand leading to mistaken beliefs or just completely given up reading. This is especially true for the more continental side of philosophy. I think the most important question now is how do we appeal to the normal fags who don't read again? How do we make the radical left accessible to people again?

Leftist memes can get really esoteric but when I see them on my normiebook feed there are always people asking for explanations. Holla Forums's memes don't lead you anywhere. What you see is what you get. Holla Forums's memes lead people to obscure intellectuals and complex theories. All Holla Forums's ask is that you already be a spiteful bigot, but the price for Holla Forums's memes is reading books on history and economics and philosophy. What do Holla Forums's memes convey? They're completely intellectually sterile. They think they have everything they need because of their race so all they have to do is have a laugh on the internet while Daddy Trump Makes America Great Again.


random ppl make memes for you and you just fucking whine omg you deserve to lose

"We have our memes, and we ask no memes from you, for when our turn comes, we shall make no excuse for the shitposting."

meme dis

And not a single fucking person was surprised.

Ok so basically leftist memes are libertarian memes and they get you nowhere

that word lost its meaning as much as cuck did

In a completely wrong sort of way, yeah

a bit random but the fb page Greasy Greek Memes has a greek communist admin

I can't actually see a difference

Sure, but it's not like leftism does not speak to any of our primal urges. There should be some memes to be fashioned out of the more feels-based aspects of leftism…

Being a robot, I wouldn't know how though.

oh okay

Memes with robots would be pretty good though.

Great idea actually. Pepe is a lost cause, why not appropriate the woefully underused Wojak? He is after all the mascot of underdogs everywhere.

this. we need to warn people about the dangers of robots, automation and AI if they're allowed to develop under capitalism

An army of Wojaks murdering a Porky screaming 'muh factoreeee' while one of them says 'not anymore pig'

I'd argue that leftist "memes" often rely only on referencing rather than containing humour itself. Look how popular the ancap ball was, while it did require knowing about shit like NAP and so on, it was pretty funny due to its absurdity. And pic related? Maybe it'd be funny if I was an elementary schooler.

Do it, that fucking frog is already dead thanks to Holla Forumstards and the time has come for the cancer victim to be also killed by unfunny political garbage

TBH sometimes good memes make you think as well as feel.

It's okay you'll understand the preceding posts when you're older.

True but leftists seem to be obsessed with being perceived to hold a moral high ground while ultimately not caring for morality itself anyway, killing the bluntness of the joke. When I posted this edit someone reworked it into a more justified edit where it's only Nazis who get the gulag - even though the original is a whiny liberal who would be getting gulag'd historically and still belongs in one anyway. You see this quite a bit because as someone pointed out earlier political edits are concentrated on pushing an agenda, although this is the only specific example I could point out from the top of my head. Yes I am butthurt someone used my original donut steal idea.

Literally 99% of the meme-producing "left" are completely counterproductive SJWs. We "lost" because they were too busy stabbing us in the back.

I lack the skills in paint. Any enterprising artists here?

I only know some that draw porn.

/lit/ humour can like that, but unlike Holla Forums's "jokes", it doesn't suck since it is done for the internal audience rather than being garbage done for the sake of """""propaganda""""" like what is trying to do.

The danger posed by failing to develop those technologies is far greater than the danger posed by them. A world with fewer humans won't be such a bad place, even for the ones who are dead.

No, certainly, we must develop them! But if they are fully developed under capitalism, we are still doomed! Socialism is the only way out

template: 4 frames: setup, humiliation, revolution, revenge/utopia.

defeatists get the bullet first

I'm not a defeatist, I'm just not a fucking retard with some idealist thinking who believes Holla Forumslacks "hijacked" pepe in an organized manner rather than just getting associated with with it thanks to many processes that happened without said Holla Forumslacks even analyzing why they make so much those fucking frog pictures. The idiocy of people like you reminds me of those companies who try to make their products hip and trendy but ultimately shit out gabage nobody buys because they've merely taken the conclusion rather than analyzing the entire process.

There were some pretty good 'anti-capitalist-'memes from imgur awhile back from last year, although none of them looked into the realm of production.

The process is simple: memes are made, and popular ones are saved and reposted. Nothing else to it. The magic sauce is simple quantity; if a lot of memes are produced, it's more likely that popular ones will be among the bunch. The first step is therefore to ramp up production, to energize the creative ones among us, not to whine like a sad sack.

If you made a meme every day for a year, even you would end up with a popular one I'm sure.

Because you're anti Western Civilization and Western Civilization always wins.

Says the guys who love Russia.

I don't even know who is responding to who anymore.

Flags help.

They will when we get Russian Federation and Trump's Hairpiece ones.

Because we're not a true counterculture

No you fucking tard, there is no such thing as a popular forced meme. Every single meme that has gotten popular had its origin in a creative spontaneity, without any external input of a few idiots from OC thread forcing a new hip thing. Hundreds of idealist faggots like you have failed at forcing memes in the past and so will you.

This is why Stirner is actually really good IMO. He's excellent meme material since theres so many hijinks he can get into, and being selfish is generally awesome.

No need to be angry, newfriend. There is no forcing involved, only an increase in production. You seem to be the idealists, believing in some kind of genius or spark. There is none, never. All you need is enough people putting out enough crap, and by random chance some of it will be good and become popular.

That's how we ended up with this. Lefties analyse the fuck out of everything and eventually find things that seems to fit the general idea of what we want.

then again, there is this gem

>Is it because >>>Holla Forums is too intelligent
yea, let's go with that… :'^)

wow rude
I do not. By idealism I referred to the idea of trying to consciously "hijack" a meme, which is idiotic because that has not happened with pepe before and it'd be retarded to think otherwise. This happens organically.
Except that on /Ieftypol/ I consistently see the prevalence of, let's call it, conscious agents(with a certain agenda of forcing a meme) creating maymays rather than unconscious agents making OC for the sake of posting fun stuff.


read Kropotkin

We ain't even fighting the same war, kid.

I'm not so sure. Aren't you just mistaken things made for fun, but colored by the maker's autistic obsessions, as being the result of an agenda? It's not because it isn't funny, that the maker didn't think of it as funny, and that he hadn't made it just because of that.

I'm not calling for forcing any kind of agenda. It is enough that people who have leftist points of view create memes, and the ideology will be hiding in there even if they themselves don't know it *sniff*


Truthfully this is kind of what I though of when I said agenda. I see that "I'll try to make it popular" mentality occasionally popping out here and there and this is the subject of my autistic critique.



We need to centrally plan meme production

Its is a meme in itself

I'm seeing leftist facebook pages gaining lots of traction though and new ones popping up. We aren't liberals, Holla Forums


mods = gods

How can we lose a war we aren't even fighting? Radical leftism does not have enough of a presence to even seriously contest online space.

*contest image boards long over due to die populated by washed up NEETS and YouTube's dying whale like carcass

It's Steve "the Leninist" Bannon, as you can deduct from the Hammer and Sickle on the lapel.

Guess Trump was sick and tired of people calling Bannon the real president, so he made sure to shut them up once and for all.
Nothin personnel, Bannon.