Jeremy Corbyn is hated by a majority of the UK labour paty

Is this a refutation of his soft marxism or of him personally? Discuss!^tfw

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The media hates him.

Corbyn fucked up by teaming up with globalists then retracting

The media hates the SNP and UKIP, they still got 52 MPs and successfully campaigned for Brexit respectively. Whats Corbyns excuse?

wait why do the lib dems not like him.

what a weird life it must be to be totally politically unaware

He wanted to leave the EU due to its stance on corporatism, voiced this opinion for 30 years and then half heatedly supported remaining the EU for the sake of party cohesion. Plus hes an old socialist who hates Blairite new labour, which is essentially what the Lib dems are.

He gave an interview in which he stated the fact that migration has no upper limit within the EU, which helped the leave vote significantly.

I've seen no media hate for the SNP.
People like Farage because he's a 'character'.

Wait till Brexit fallout, this talk is meaningless before such unprecedented territory is even begun to be charted. Politics is going to shift wildly and unexpectedly in the next couple years.

He wasn't being sneaky enough, should've laid low for a bit

oh maybe I have the lib dems confused with another party. I was under the impression that they were further to the left than labour.

No idea why he is so hated, especially in these regions. He gave them exactly what they wanted with Brexit. If it was Owen Smith or the Labour-Right at the helm they would have delayed Brexit forever.

baffled tbh

How did he manage to become labour leader TWICE I wonder.

Some things don't add up

Oh gee whiz, who could be behind that twitter post

Then you haven't been paying attention.

Thats not even approching an argument, Corbyn is a "character", just not one people like.

You'd think that would have already happened, confidence hasn't dropped in UK investment. Its increased.

The labour party reduced membership (to vote for the leader) to £1, they gained 400,000 members in a few months. Many sympathetic socialists I imagine. Problem for his is that its not reflected in the overall population.

Oh yeah, hes celebrating it, sure. But that doesn't make the information posted false. YouGov is considered reputable by most.


Do you think it's untrue?

Are you fucking baiting me with that one?
For the second time they actually increased it to £25 and you had to be a member for at least 6 months. It's well documented. It didn't worked.

I'm not even sure what being a "character" means.

This was last year, you weren't paying attention.

Why? The vote happened and the default position of the country has to be assumed to be "the effects of Brexit will be a net positive". Why would that opinion change before any real effects are felt?

I'm saying changes will happen once it's triggered. Regardless of what those changes are they will wildly reshape UK politics and it's pointless to argue over how with such unprecedented territory (I'm certainly not going to sit here and tell you it'll all be shit either, I'm being completely honest about it being uncharted and unpredictable despite what liberal remainer experts say)

libruls, when will they learn?

No, friendo, you won't bullshit yourself out of that one!

lol can we get an "unelectable Jeremy Corbyn elected again" image macro together?

Feels like it's likely to be useful moving forward

I'd sooner believe a fucking fortune teller.

He's now fighting 'Trumpism' for some reason. The guy is fucking retarded.

can't wait

The media don't hate them like they hate Corbyn, no matter how many articles from years ago you can drag up. UKIP is hated almost in a joking way, pretty telling that it's papers like the DM always "hating" on Farage, even though it's just giving him publicity and not at all debunking a single thing he says, as well as being the paper chiefly responsible for printing his propaganda outright. I'd be happy to see the Farage hit piece equivalent of "Today Jeremy Corbyn was accused of shooting up DUNBLANE!"

They're the reddit party.

It's almost like the media is influencing their opinions some how. Shame people will cry like little girls when you point this out because they think they're special for regurgitating shit.

Yeah, he's in for a fucking unpleasant surprise when he realises what country he's tried to shit talk anti-intellectual populism in.


wew, as long as people think things will be fine, for all intent and purposes, they will be.

Actually you are correct on one front, it wasn't 2016, but 2015 when the membership fee was reduced, immediately after labour lost the GE, Corbyn was put forward as someone to lose comfortably against either Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall or Yvette Cooper. They lost to Corbyn because they reduced the fee to £3, those same individuals who joined in 2015 re-voted him in during the second leadership election

Stop bullshitting and pay attention or shut up.

Do you think the media loves Trump too? They do this with everyone they don't like, you could say the same thing about the daily nazi and farage as with corbyn and the mirror, yet people dislike corbyn far more.

Sounds good, but not actually true.

Oh get the fuck over it. If they had kept the price the same more people still would have joined than currently were in the party anyway. The numbers are too great for you to cry about muh free pond.

The problem is their greed fuelled their confidence but their confidence was lost because of their greed.

Sure, it builds an economy on foundations of sand and a small slip can screw everything, but greed rules people, people have confidence in consumerism and that allows it to continue.

I'm not crying about it, I'm stating what happened. You were wrong, you doubled down and were then proved wrong. Do you even follow left wing political movements?

I'll go for "things which are unprovable" for 200, please.

It takes some incredible delusion to think that shallow, now meaningless insults like "racist" are as substantive in the public opinion as attacking policies with deliberate misrepresentation and ideological clouding.

For the record, do you believe that Corbyn is down in the polls because people think he's anti-semitic? Somehow I doubt that particular "attack" is making a dip at all

Except they actually aired Trump speaking. All the media do here is air PMQs with Corbyn which everybody is too lazy to watch. Mirror also has a tiny readership compared to The Sun and DM.
I'll admit that Corbyn is shit at media management and have no idea why he's going up against Trump when it's the liberal faggots that hate him who are so monumentally butthurt about him. But the fact is that the average Brit is eating pure neoliberal propaganda. Corbyn is pretty much the guy that the public have been saying they wanted for years: He has all the policies they want, he isn't with the establishment, and he's actually honest. You'll notice that the "I would vote for any politician if they had principles" line quickly dropped out of the English lexicon when Corbyn came around because they knew they were fucking hypocrites.
Britain deserves to be under a hundred year Tory rule if they get trounced at Brexit and still believe the tabloids.

Well you can stop repeating it like a lobotomite then since you can't prove that they only joined because of the low price. The membership has gone up between 3-4 times in the last two years.

insults like racism get people imprisoned in the UK, or at the least fired.

The anti semitism laws have been updated in December so that if any comments are made relating to jews as a group, that person can be imprisoned, specifically because of the recent incidents with the labour party.

No, they actually don't. Hes just a fucking idiot.

Are you saying you think the media prefers Trump to Corbyn?

200,000 members after they drop the price accounts for 75% of their increase.

Its self evident and you don't like being proved wrong, accept it and move on.

Reminder that the average Brit has absolutely fucking no idea what they're talking about.

this country is too depressingly right wing for me to care any more

How do you square this circle?

lol they've been screaming bloody murder over the last 18 months since Corbyn became leader

fuck them. they must be purged

Who are you quoting?

That's funny because the link you've provided show that a third of the increase comes from an increase in price. Do you have any numbers from when they lowered the price to £3 because if I remember rightly they did that under Miliband, which was actually long before Corbyn was even a name. Did the membership spike then?
What I'm trying to say is do you have any proofs, Billy?

my favorite meme

Take the irony pill my man.

If you got imprisoned for tabloids calling you racist farage would have been behind bars many times over.

Again, I'm not claiming these people are actually racist. Just that they're being called racist in the media and it's become meaningless.

Also pretty funny of you to prove how distorted his views aren't by posting strawmen of his positions.

Where did you go fam?


This. People were complaining that Ed and David were the same kind of people but when Corbyn suddenly he is massively unelectable

Except on immigration, which has consistently been their biggest concern.

And communists should care about this why, exactly?

He has zero charisma. No matter your ideology people will just hate you as a politician if you have zero charisma.
He should leave soon tbh. He'll just keep driving Labour voters to UKIP at this rate.

Who would be your ideal replacement candidate?

How can anyone trust polling data or data journalism after Trump's win upsetting a >95% chance of losing by a statistically significant margin?

Especially someone who the UK media has tried their absolute hardest to destroy.

Don't know the Labour party well enough to say any names.
Should probably be someone with at least decent House of Commons banter though.

t. Torygraph writer

Sure, I'm a Tory for stating that Corbyn has no charisma. Something that is in plain view to anyone who's seen him talk. Sure.

It's a joke about "journalists" ending every slight criticism of everything that goes wrong tangential to the labour party and segue it into "…and so Corbyn should leave ASAP"

Don't take it so personal

Please terminate your existence post-haste. Nobody watches the PMQs and it's just become another focal point to complain about, especially since Corbyn regularly makes May look like a bumbling, meme spouting retard.

The other day he had her speaking like she had fear in her voice, completely BTFO and caught out lying to the commons making backroom deals, all she could resort to was screeching about the strong Tory economic plan and other memes that weren't even relevant to the discussion.

Obviously you can't boil down such a breakdown to 30 seconds so it doesn't register in the asinine brain of the average Brit.

When has May not been exposed as a sperging retard at the PMQs? She's fucking awful at them. Yet it never makes a difference somehow.

Tbf she always sounds like that.

Coz the media hates Corbyn. And the people that do watch PMQ are Remoaners (And I do not use this term lightly) so that point is moot

Not like this, it was a tone of fear.
I think the good stuff starts at around 3-4 mins, again it's too long and devastating for soundbites.

They love Trump, he's one of them. They attack him on TV half-heartedly then go into backrooms and hang out with him.