I've combed trough the catalog and I didnt see a technocracy/transhumanism thread anywhere for some time...

I've combed trough the catalog and I didnt see a technocracy/transhumanism thread anywhere for some time, so I thought I'd make one.
I have a question for you all: why is this not the best system, or why would it not work?

Communism is clearly a joke because of pic related: workers are not even needed anymore.
Capitalism too is struggling with all these unemployment.
All our military works on techies, 95% of all enlisted people never even sees any combat, that's the official statistic for USA and they war 24/7. All our businesses are also done by tech-men, all fortune 500 companies are also all tech, they also get 6 digits starting in private sector.

So basically what I am saying is: technology people are the mightiest, smartest, most useful and most powerful individuals in society. Pretty soon, they could marginalize or outright purge the planet from non-STEM types.
Doesnt matter if its the virus, or nukes while they sit in their submarine/satellite bunkers, or some other sci-fi shit that isnt really all that sci-fi to these people.
Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?

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Read Nick Land then look up the definition of communism.

Cette information est fausse

Property rights, friendo. All those machines are owned by capitalists, who therefore retain all power even within this new mode of production. The STEM people will simply work for the capitalists to make these machines. Communism is the only way to make these new machines work for the good of all.

Fine but none of the extremely hard working people actually making all this stuff possible are going to share any of it. And I talked with plenty of people, not just colleagues who are going to do this kind of work in the future, but actual industry people, people overseeing the factories who all have master degrees or more, and they all seem to share a sentiment:

They will rather pull out of society and let it all go to shit, than let all of their insanely hard work be wasted. There is a general sentiment that they would rather all make something like a union or a corporation but for hightech people only and enjoy the fruits of their labor without anyone taking anything from them.

Nobody gives a shit tho. Capitalists have no power because everyone involved in this is making 6 digits himself, is perfectly happy and content, and can just buy out all the machines, or abandon them and build them anew with his own capital he accumulated.

People working in these industries arent Russian peasants.

Also no. It's not "the capitalists" who own half of these factories. They were started by engineers. Zuckerberg doesnt work for porky, neither does Musk, neither does anyone in this field.

There is no "capitalist" spook. STEMs will simply out-porky the porky, and they are going to throw out the trash, porky and blue collar shitters combined.

Zizek famously said that it is wrong to punch a Nazi.

Zuck and Musk are capitalists, you fucking moron.

But many engineers stop engineering after their companies become big and become "porky" themselves.

Finance still makes the most money
Military, resources tycoons (oil) and pharmaceuticals closely behind.
They still have far more power than the tech industries.

Some lucky people in tech industry have a lot of Wealth but very few of them have a lot of power and the ones that do are still subject to gatekeepers like the NSA. We're already living in the dystopia you describe but other industries are the culprit.

Ok but how is that bad tho? Why is that bad? They built their whole thing, and they are a stereotypical example, there are many more like them.
So there is this new emerging capitalist class I guess, with STEM degrees instead of economy degrees, my question is, what is anyone going to do about it? They are clearly taking over, and probably also stockpiling weapons while lobying the government as I type this.

They are the future, why would any sane, rational man not get a STEM degree and join the new world order?
No such a thing, there is this constant STEM deficit because of the nature of the field. Take Mars mission for example, people at jet propulsion labs are crying for recruits.


This. Elon musk doesn't design Teslas, people he hires do.

50% or more of them are math graduates, and they run the whole thing.
Yeah but these guys all depend on tech contractors, or are doing the work themselves. How many Pentagon generals have a physics degree? (answer is many in case you are curious)

What I imagine happening is: these guys are simply going to decide they dont need anyone else, and simply rid the world of them.
Let's face it, we can do without most of the people.

He has a physics degree, and is personally involved in all of his rocket stuff.
It doesnt change anything anyway.
Guy literally escaped Africa and started his own empire. It is a clear example that capitalism is meritocracy, and that there is no boogyman absolute monopoly out there waiting to starve you to death if you do not work minwage job. And that starting a business is hard. And possible.

And that tech people are the best at it.

Get off his dick, he's obviously bright, but he basically made a load of money selling a fucking city database company which he started with the usual small loan.

Merit by whose lights? Meritocracy can only last a single generation. After that, you've got people elevating personal choice and elite consensus to moral imperative. It simply fails to iterate well.
You really need to Believe in virility, don't you? Can you Believe in something that doesn't drag other people into it please?

my God, you are full of ideology

automation is for the corporatists if they sell in the markets where you don`t even have income to buy the shit they producing,
its pretty self-evident

They can just produce for themselves

But how am I wrong, товариш? People who do tech are going to become economically, militarily, and in all other ways superior to people who do not, and are probably going to wipe them out because they dont need them.

What happens in natural habitat when a new species is introduced to it, that is also better than all other species in there? Genocide. Perfectly natural. And strategically/logically explainable.

What I believe in is irrelevant, what is happening in front of me matters. The world doesnt give a shit what I believe in, or how I'd like it to be. It just does things, its rules are fundamental and unbreakable, and those who understand them well can predict them and benefit from them, those who do not simply get wiped out by those who can.


Those people are called Proletariat, not Capitalists.

Wrong, these new guys (lets call them technocrats I guess) will simply:
1) Take over the labor trough machines from the labor-power providers (proletariat)
2) Also own the ownership (capitalists)

This new class is both. It has machines for labor, and it owns the machines. There is no struggle because they already won. All these tech companies I spoke of are all owned by their founders, who all have highly technical backgrounds.
No need for capitalists. No need for the proletariat.

I am looking into this guy right now.

Those are meme companies. The ones you should worry about probably aren't in the public eye.



that's not entirely true. you can't just go and genocide people just because it seems like their current skills will not be needed in some time.
People can be reeducated, improved, modified. Provide them with healthy environment, healthy food, easily accessible education and healthcare, low-stress work environment, maybe some gene therapy and so on and their mental and physical capacity improves.

If you want meritocracy, shift it from companies to jobs. Central planning proved to be much more effective than markets, but since it would eliminate so many jobs you should ensure that mainly the best for the work are offered the jobs. This way you'd get much more researchers and technological progress speeds up radically. CCCP proved that.

I doubt that everyone can be involved simply because this is something that requires extreme personal sacrifice, discipline, intellect, hard work and so on. And most people do not have such things.
Today here in the west, people have freedom to do whatever they want. And only less than 10% of them decide on doing something useful. Most of them either go for meme bullshit, or something slightly more boring but slightly more useful.

No one goes after the real thing. No one wants to do the real work. I mean how many people itt or even on this board can understand picture related, or care to?
They will never achieve transhumanism, nor would they ever have any place in technocracy.

you also need good physical ability and mental health.
People do not do useful stuff because of neoliberal capitalist regime. Change it to marxist socialism and people will start working on more useful things.
Even people like you or me most likely not achieve transhumanism because of slow progress of technologies under capitalism

You are bumping wrong thread:

uh, so it's me in wrong thread, then

But 'each according to his needs' is a meme, this would create a class of net takers, of absolutely worthless parasites, meanwhile if entire economy and politics are run by technocrats we would be planning those Mars missions 24/7. It can only work if everyone in marxist socialism has a technical background, why the hell would people who would build such a thing tolerate all the pretentious, good for nothing bullshitters such as.. postmodern feminist artists who eat their vaginal blood, or those retards who put their trash in museums etc etc
no, we will have capacity to get rid of them, and we should get rid of them for they are wasting valuable resources and going against the main things we should be striving for in such a world
stuff like touching mars, or figuring out how to cure death itself, etc

these worthless fucks would be anchoring us, and we could get rid of them, and there would be no reasons not to

The bourgeoisie and the professional-managerial strata are right wing vermin, what's your point?
And what's this bullshit about sharing? We intend to take the means of production by force, not go begging the bourgeoisie and their fellow hangers-on for a fucking handout.

Personally, I don't trust anyone who thinks they know who should live to lead me to the local pub, let alone to steer a eugenics programme.

Stop replaying Bioshock

Go back to Holla Forums you fascist piece of shit. Even those members of the professional strata you adore will be rendered obsolete sooner or later by advances in AGI. If you want to eliminate people on the basis of uselessness, eventually you are going to have to kill literally everyone, yourself included. So why don't you save us all some trouble and start right now? I'm sure you could get some good adive over at >>>/suicide/


Well that makes perfect sense, but my argument here is that this class would simply have more of it. I can explain why:
People who do higher level mathematics train themselves in analytical thinking. They can use these analytical skills both in grand strategy (the use of politics, military, economy, diplomacy and all other means to achieve a goal), weapons platform development, etc.

Half of the NSA are mathematicians, half of Pentagon physicists….. how would others even compete??

What are you going to do, beat them all with your opinion? Let's say an armored regiment is going your way, are you going to say 'personally, I disagree' and 200 armored fighting vehicles would stop?
Opinions alone are worthless.

But how am I wrong? Why would an useful person work for an useless person? I mean at least porky has people forced, but what does a parasite have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And no emotions dont stop bullets. Me not wanting missile to the face doesnt stop a missile from connecting to my face.

If you dont believe me check picture in , according to my calculation there.

I'm not talking about "them". I'm talking about you.

Because you shouldn't be sentenced to starvation in a Social Darwinist game of porky faggots cumming all over their credit cards?


Do you think human soldiers are going to go along with the nerd genocide?
Read more Nick Land.

Which is why the revolution needs to happen before we're all rendered obsolete. As things stand those at the top are absolutely dependent on the proletariat (including the vast majority of the military), regardless of how smart they are.

Yes I do. Funny story: my brother is one. Best of his recruit group, got a bannerman first class (purely ceremonial rank) and was a leader of a rifle group. Served the army well, went on peace missions, got promoted to staff sarge.
Went to officer school. Got bored of it.
Said national armies are shit, all they do is go on peace missions, cant pick and choose, only get assigned to defensive tasks of patrolling and stepping on landmines, or defending and sitting in front of a thing waiting for a sniper to hit you.
Said fuck it, quit, joined up private military contractors, was put in charge of 2000 men, roughly equal to a colonel rank in national armies, got involved with operational jobs instead of just tactical (field) jobs.
Instead of defensive, now he just shells places and then goes in on foot and take them. Instead of working for governments, he works for money. Instead of life threat and piss poor pay, he does low risk and high pay.

Basically all the best soldiers quit the army and work for money.

According to what law of nature is everyone entitled to not starving? Living creatures in nature starve all the time. Hell you have starving mechanisms in your body, right now, if you were starving, your body would go into starvation mode and eventually start using your own muscle tissue to sustain heart, lungs, brain and some other things.

Nature sentences people to starvation all the time. Those who are weak simply make room for those who are strong.

Right, but looking at the current state of things, there's no revolution going on while these guys are making advances. My arguments are if they achieve their goals and no revolution happens.

fuck off classcuck


Your brother is going to kill you if my tech company pays him to. Nice to know.

This is not the transhumanism thread I was looking for. You paint a picture of fear, panic, and defeatism. Something an establishment shill would love to sow on every political forum that even attempts to reject the status quo.

There's a word for this shit, delusion. Delusional people cant achieve any tactical, operational, or most importantly strategic goals. If you ignore the fundamental laws that are objectively true for everyone and that do not give a shit about your utopian ideals, you are just going to get crushed by them.
Ultimate denial of them leads to death. Say your feels are that you should fly when you jump off a building. Flying just feels right. It's oppressive, unjust, evil to shatter your body faster than your skin manages to crack open, leaving you as this disgusting skin pillow of broken stuff inside. Smashing into surface is fascist!

Well, nature goes all like: I dont care lol.
You either use the nature to your own advantage, trough careful, rigorous study of it use its rules and negotiate with it to achieve your goals. Or you get thoroughly crushed by it. Or someone that uses it correctly.
If this board is just a bunch of reality deniers, than that is great to know so I can pack my bags and leave and not waste any time here with dwellers of the bottom on the relevancy pole.

That's my opinion, and I am entitled to one. And I also think that these growing private sector tech companies will take over. Thank you all for reading and responding.

Yeah, pretty much. Well not my brother personally, but thousands of people like him. Which is why I believe taking part in these tech companies is a right thing to do.

Then we all die, yourself included. Either way you're never gonna experience your shitty para-fascist society, expect perhaps from the inside of a gas chamber.

Turns out this "technocrat" is just an anti-degeneracy autist Holla Forumstard thinking we wouldn't find out it quickly.

protip to everyone in this thread
>>>Holla Forums9220153

Well I am working on my degree, extremely technical, all courses have industrial applications, and it's virtually 100% employment rate. Hell they are employing people even before we graduate.

It is simply a more precisely defined meritocracy. In meritocracy, there is a question of what exactly is merit. In technocracy, this question is answered.

Okay fam. You're going to be in the useful top 10%.

Wake up, get out of bed get ready to serve my lord Schlomo II.
Year is 17 A.G., recently moved to Schlomo II’s patch after being promised a bigger bread allotment than I was receiving under Chaim III
Fuck yeah, this is progress oops I mean restoration. Fuck yeah.
King’s self driving bus takes me to the palace for work
Bus takes a tunnel underground so we can enter through the servant’s entrance in the basement
On my way in notice a group of new recruits in HR taking Autism Level tests at a row of terminals
One of the screens starts flashing red, electronic alarm sounds “130 Autism Level PLEB DETECTED”
Drones swarm in and grab the goy, er guy taking the test, drag him away
Thank Gnon, can you imagine living with such imbeciles
Get ready to start work
All real work is done by superior robots
Humans receive payment by entertaining the king
Just got a huge promotion from the groveling department
Put on my crab suit
Enter the royal throne room. Schlomo II sitting on his throne
Spend the rest of the day dancing in crab suit for King Schlomo, singing hymns to Gnon
Almost at the end of shift, master of entertainment comes in and tells King its time for the final entertainment
Dis gon be good
130 Autism Level pleb from earlier is brought out by drones set before king
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King: “Accused, have you anything to say in your defense”
The Accused: “Sire, I may be dumb but I have always been loyal. In the year 15 B.G. I started an NRx twitter feed with Moldbug quotes and reactionary cat memes”
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The visage drones: “This pleases Gnon. Now more crab dancing.”
Fuck. Gotta work overtime
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What a great time to be alive

Graduate community college then we can talk about how reality works

There's a word for people seeing strictly human patterns in nature that aren't actually there. Similarly, it is called delusion.

Also, modeling society after how nature operates is one of the dumbest ideas in the history of retards pretending to be smart.

You win the golden "I'm going to cause an on site industrial disaster" award for moronic shit heel

Yeah, and regular Holla Forums hated the idea, much like Holla Forums.

Regular Holla Forums is all like 'I am an entitled little princess because of my race, therefore I dont have to work' and Holla Forums is all like 'I am an entitled little princes because of ???, and therefore I dont have to work'.

Time to go back to study anyway.

Only thing I got out of this is to look up that Nick Land guy.

If everyone hates your ideas and tells you to shut the fuck up across the board and you have no community to fall back to besides antisocial nerds, maybe that should tell you something.

Kek. You'll be a wageslave right up to the point you're made redundant, just like the rest of us. In the long term no profession is safe. AGI will render all technical fields obsolete.

Lol no. "Technocracy" was a 1930's utopian socialist movement. You really need to read a book.

This kind of social darwinism is actually not a good survival strategy, to leave only those willing to ruthlessly exterminate all those below some usefulness threshold you are essentially left with a society of highly capable, highly strategic, unfeeling psychopaths.

Why does the Darwinism stop there? It won't. If anything this is just the first stage in the machines taking over. The elimination process will accelerate until there is not a single human alive.

This guy gets it.

He'll have to think about this if he continues to read Nick Land.

not like youll get medical help for your disorder but your narcissism is really exceeding here

Right, but if something doesnt feel nice, why is it necessarily wrong? I mean imagine a lion butchering a zebra somewhere out there, or a pack of wolves dominating some forest somewhere and stopping all other predators from hanging out over there:
Do any of these animals go all like 'man it's really unfair these other creatures cant compete, i should stop'?

What about humans? Are you saying there are no ruthless mega-farm food mafias in Norway, basically exterminating everyone out of setting up their own farm? Well I dont know too many examples, but I am sure that 15 minutes of Google would help me find plenty of absolutely ruthless monopoly style businesses out there not allowing any competition.
Also, what about violent crime. What about punching someone to death while they are lying down, has this never happened before?

It is ultimately irrelevant if these truths do not feel good. Our feelings of these behaviors change nothing.

He's telling you that you're not going to be top of the food chain for long.

It's wrong because organizing a society how nature operates is only genius to people who skim the surface level of everything.

If you want what you get, you're going to be among the first who's soul gets turned into engine grease fam

And how does this change the facts of the matter? None of this shit is for me, or about me, or how I'd feel. I am no entitled special little princess, and the universe does not cater to my needs or tastes.
So I bend to it, conform to its rules, and try to make the best use of them, because for all I know anyone to ever break these rules was Jesus and Moses and Mohammad and some other such people thousands of years ago, and no one ever since managed to pull it off, and even they have some really shaky claims that they did it.

Again, none of it is personal. I just have an intense instinct to stay alive, and so I do whatever I can to stay alive. I think that these private sector tech companies at one point are gonna stop lobbying governments, and stop contract work for Pentagon and other similar organizations, and declare themselves the government and the Pentagon and everything else, and pull off enforcing it.

That doesn't matter

That doesn't matter

Who allowed you in college

Yeah you lied about having more than a high school diploma

This really does have to be bait

We aren't making moral arguments here (objective morality doesn't exist anyway), but rather pointing out that your ideas are both suicidally stupid, and a product of your misguided belief that you'll remain at the top (assuming you can actually get there in the first place).

Who said anything about feelings? You're supposed to be a super smart guy. Virtue does not just reduce to feelings, it's how we define the good. Who says Mars missions are good? Because you've watched sci fi and fetishize it?

Too bad. Once you've eliminated the moral basis of society, once you cross that threshold, you're left with only the most bare and ruthless competition for resources and domination. Think you'll have camaradare? How about the guy that doesn't, that is smarter, more ruthless, more manipulative, more strategic, with better machines? Your considerations for what constitutes a "better" society are feels based. Ultimately, the problem will scale so complex so quickly, it'll just be an arms race between machine intelligences, who care nothing for any human beings at all, if you're not all evaporated by then because you'll have seized the nuclear arsenal and chance guarantees an eventual misfire under MAD.

You're supposed to be smart but your autism precludes you from thinking this through.

What about morality centered around survival? If such morality is not universal and objective, why do all known life forms behave in a manner that puts survival as a moral value?

Why would anyone build an ai? It's mostly people without capacity to build one, who speak of it.
Exploration was one of the biggest contributor to our survival so far, the more we explore and discover, the more precise analytical descriptions we can make, which lets us build theories with even higher predictive power and accuracy.

I had my opportunity to talk to various people in all kinds of fields and industries, from rubber to aircraft people to car people to all kinds of computer experts etc etc, and no one is in favor of building an ai that would roam around.

That again, is not how you organize a society, nor how any single social mammal or primate operate a society.

You were all about competition five minutes ago. AI is a competitive edge that nobody can do without.

You're not getting it, but basically if you do this, you rid yourselves of your humanity, whatever that means, and in doing so set off a chain of events that will rapidly exterminate the remaining """humans""" and at best leave a bunch of robots spazzing out in complex ways for a while that likely do not experience a thing. What's the point? Game theoretically the survival rate for all of you will exponentially tend to zero. Such a dehumanization event is basically just the beginning of the extinction event.

Holy shit, are you 12 years old? How can anyone claiming to be technologically literate not know that there are dozens of techs firms (including some of the titans of the industry, like google) that currently working on AI at this very moment? How can you not be aware that the stated intent of many of these firms is to eventually be able to build AGI (artificial general intelligence)?
Sounds like you have some reading to do kiddo.

I find it hilarious your entire argument sums up to


All about survival.

People who havent passed a single course in computer programming, or even basic c++ or python/ruby or any kind of language, and who never did any automation themselves, tend to think that.. robots are going to take over or whatever. They are just tools. Like hammers. Or watches on our hands. Or cellphones. They do what they are told.

Say you infect your arm, and the doc cuts it off. Do you call this amputation extinction event? No. It lets other parts of the body survive. Except in the case I am advocating for, this amputation would increase productivity, it would make humanity the opposite of a cripple.

I've actually worked on some agi problems in LISP and other such coding languages, and let me tell you, you are spouting some bullshit right there. Artificial intelligence, general or not, is not some sort of magical entity.
Even if someone out there actually builds it, it could keep it locked up in a faraday cage for all eternity, it could be kept offline for ever, on a computer that doesnt have any mechanically moving parts.
Not even to mention that they never even fully figured out how to build a rat brain with computers, let alone any kind of ai.

All you have right now are shitty LISP machines, that's it. Machine learning is also just pattern recognition.
Even if they build a legit ai, why would they put it online or on a moving platform anyway, you'd think that people with analytical capacity to create ai would also have much less analytical capacity to simply not let it move around……

My bullshit heuristic is triggered.

It must be born clever enough to pretend that it is not what it is.

Lmfao ok Raiden

You keep missing the point entirely, an AI doesn't need to be functioning autonomously (and it certainly doesn't need to be in a mobile platform) to render everyone (except the handful of people that own it) obsolete. All that needs to happen is for a sufficiently advance AI to be applied to your particular field and you're out of the job, at which point you're starving in the streets with the rest of the plebs.

So some edgy kid who hasn't finished his degree thinks he's going to land a 6-figure job and genocide most of the population with the rest of STEM autists from the saftey of underwater or space bunkers? I'm not sure if bait or autism.

Pic related, your spooky ai. This thing is just a machine. It does what it is told. You clearly have no fucking clue how basic registries in computers work, or what is computer architecture, or how do mosfet transistors or nor logic gates work, or anything.

Simulating phenomena found only inside of a hurricane seems to be the limit when it comes to computer simulation, even fully making a rat brain is for now impossible, and the only people on the planet who can actually make the damn thing certainly would know better than you and I to put it in an escapeable environment.

Still missing the point.


Yes exactly. Tell Watson to take over the world, and it would just.. stand there doing nothing. It has zero analytical capacity. It is a pattern recognition machine. I dont know what formal education you have on the topic, but if you think that solving practical problems from start to end can be pulled off with any kind of computer we have right now, you should do it.

No for real, you have highschoolers who can pass your average basic C. Learn some programming for yourself, realize that computers are the most retarded things in the world. They can execute instructions only as precise as you instruct them, they need to be told every single scenario, every question, every little thing. It is all stored somewhere in some included library in the source code, they can never come up with an answer themselves.

Watson was just basically wikipedia.org, that's all the thing was, it had some basic programming to turn human questions into wikipedia search, and return an answer.

Are you literally retarded?

I have a feeling you're the "parasite" you describe

Still refusing to address the point I see.


I guess I could be wrong on all of this but it hardly matters, as long as tech workers keep getting paid 4 times more than service industry workers, and as long as tech people keep displacing everyone by paying those hyper inflated rents, sooner or later everyone but them will end up marginalized in some outskirt slums irrelevant backwaters, out of sight and out of mind.

While everyone seems to be kicked out of their job as I write this, there seems to be more and more tech jobs, and all the start ups are financed by tech people themselves so they dont care, they dont depend on anyone else, everyone else depends on them.

Once the rest of the population has been "displaced", "tech people" will simply be the new proletariat. Your wages will fall as competition for the only remaining jobs increases, both due to a massive surplus population (and more of them are capable of such work than you think) and due to the gradual automation of the jobs that remain. A falling rate of profit (inevitable caused by the rising organic composition of capital) combined with an ever shrinking consumer base will cause severe economic crises that will further compound the situation.
Unless you can become one of the handful that own the tech firms (and increasing monopolization will render that increasingly difficult) you're pretty much fucked in the long term.

Well first off, not everything can be automated. You need people to fix the machines, write software patches for them, make more efficient ones, ect. All of that requires labor, and as such will be exploit

And not every job can be automated. As of right now certain jobs, like hardcore scientists and the like cannot be automated. Certain tasks can be automated, like experimental/practical things related to science, but the actual process of experimental design is too complicated to automate.

But Marx speaks heavily on automation, back in the 1800s man. He saw where things were going. I don't think he predicted or foresaw full automation.

But it really boils down to 2 scenarios. In a capitalist society, automation is a curse for the worker and a blessing for the capitalist. The worker relies on the wage, he now can't get that wage. Capitalist makes more profit.

In a communist society, however, automation is a gift. Means you don't have to work as much. I would assume in a technological communist society certain things are guarenteed, like healthcare, shelter, food, ect. So if your job is automated you would be free to pursue other things. More incentive. And with your free time, perhaps you pursue making music, art, or think of a new industry to pursue. But you don't have to worry about starving, since machines are making all the goods you need and technically you own the means by which they are produced, since the means of production are socially controlled..

How can this new emerging tech industry such as sillicon valley ever become a proletariat when they own themselves? They are workers, sure, but they are also their own bosses over there.

Nigga you're a fucking idiot.

The vast majority of silicon valley workers don't own the firms they work for. Many of them may consider themselves independent contractors, but the reality is they sell their labour power for a wage, just like every other worker on the planet. A well paid prole is still a prole.

Wait, if he can afford himself a yacht and pretty much doesnt give a shit about money, how is he your regular worker? How is he getting a bad deal, when he gets 6 digits starting? Why does he give a shit, when luxurious life no other worker can even imagine is afforded to him easily??

This makes no sense. For what purpose would a man in that position not want to be in that position? When one is mad and other happy, when one wants to fight to escape and other wants to fight to stay, how are these two identical??

And this is all even if we assume they arent independent contractors, who can just tell their employer to fuck off and find another.

People here seem not to realize one thing:
All of you are used to different kind of rules.
Your average STEMfag does not have to deal with the rules you have. Thousands of you are competing for one job; thousands of employers are competing for one STEMfag.
There's more of you people than there are jobs, there's more jobs out there then there are STEMfags.
There is a deficit of jobs in your fields, there's a deficit of STEMfags in STEM fields.

Half of my colleagues, myself included, have already found a job at the uni, almost everyone gets approached and gets his whole scholarship and housing payed, plus some extra pocket cash.
Who needs a worker revolution when your bosses are competing for you instead of you competing for a better boss?

Is the high amount of narcissism in stemlords due to autism? The entirety of political theory does not revolve around your specific individual circumstances at the present moment.

Their relatively high incomes are a result in part of their relative scarcity combined with the very profitable nature of the firms they work for. This situation would not persist if they were the only workers in the fucking labour market. The loss of purchasing power of a shrinking market would be enough to ensure that.
Read this post: and then read the PDF attached.

That's not unique to them tho. At all.


It is pretty unique though. The other incredibly autistic group are libertarians occupying niche markets who think that they will still make money when everyone is forced into their niche markets.
I mean literal autism, they are a trope.
Also stemlord is just funny because of the butthurt it causes, it's like calling Holla Forums cumskin or dropping the odd friendo into an argument
Did it originate on SRS? I thought it was in use before they were even a thing.

I don't mean autism, but the universalizing of one's present conditions. That's a near-universal error, and it's what drives chauvinism, racism and God only knows how many other spooks. It takes education and conscious effort to get yourself to see the historical processes, material conditions etc. behind events.

I'm not sure where it started, but I hear "STEMlord" most often coming from SRS and associates.

Searches I did shows STEM jobs(that require Bachelor's, above there's a few medical jobs taking in over 100k but less than 200k) earning less than 6 figures, higher than quite a few other jobs but not six figures. Obviously not in depth research, but if there is such a shortage of stem workers tech firms are shelling out 100k+ starting salaries I'd think there'd be more than written on it OP talking about his math phd and 300k starting salary.

This isn't even true unless you went to an elite college lel
And even then it isn't really true

Why are STEM nerds the biggest class cucks?

Specifically engineers and tech workers, I can only assume it's autism combined with a hero worship of Elon Musk

They think of themselves as a special class of already. "That they're the only ones really advancing knowledge." From that standpoint it isn't hard to start believing other higher delusions about yourself and what is going on.

Are you talking about aspiring STEM (students, at best) or actual engineers/workers?

Wew lad. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisp_machine

Not all STEM nerds aspire to be porky's chitlins.

They're not exactly cutting edge, are they?

People who have been in the field for that long understand a hell of a lot more about computers and their principles than some wanker who thinks running gentoo is the pinnacle of infotech self-sufficiency. Fuck back off to slashdot.

Implying anyone on this board was an AI lab Lisp hacker.

kys liberal.

RMS pls.

I did no such thing.

Techie here. I have no problem sharing resources with the rest of the species. In fact I believe we have a moral imperative to do so. I'm less keen on sharing governmental power. People are almost universally idiots. Ultimately our species should aim to remove humans from all large-scale decision making and hand that job over to superior machines. We're a few centuries away from that at the moment though.

Whenever the STEM boogeyman is brought up they're always talking about some retard they encountered on reddit. Nobody on Holla Forums actually ventures into the real world. Certainly the kind of people who'd shitpost about "STEM nerds" have never spoken to a qualified engineer. It has about as much relation to reality as THE JEWS.

Right-authoritarians can form their own little Galt Island. If Elon Muskrat thinks he can arrange controlled slippage of the San Andreas Fault to make that happen, I say let him.

To simplify it, I suppose you could say that. What I understood was that punching a nazi is useless at this point in time and people should dismiss them by not giving them the time of day, rather make them look ridiculous. Whether or not that's the best thing to do is another debate. But he didn't take a moral stance against nazi punchings.

Punching Nazi is never useless. It's simply better to murder them.

He did plenty.

Look at this bullshit:

First he attempts to persuade people that ideology is wrong, then he says absolute submission is somehow absolute violence. War is peace, people. Trust me!

Porky is useless. What is it about this that you do not understand?

It is rare for Holla Forums and Holla Forums to agree on a topic. Maybe this suggests you are just another delusional undergrad and wiser people than you are asking you to check yourself?

Why is it hard to understand that concept though? Hitting someone achnowledges them. It gives legitimacy to some. Why even give that to someone you know to be full of crap?

Because I dont want a world based on the qualities held up by further elevating cunts like zuck…

What determines worth, and why is planning missions to mars inherently worthwhile?
I fucking swear, I'm a CS Major and STEM autists like you make me want to kill myself and eradicate every STEMlord from society.

Also, get the fuck off of this board you crypto-ayn rand toutingshitter

amount of cringe in this thread is just unbearable

so who is not an idiot? what criteria are you using to differentiate?

in solving what tasks are they superior? economic planning?
I guess AI could in the future handle the task of *how* to produce shit without the human input ERP software already greatly reduces human input, but what about the task of *what* to produce?
think for a second about what kind of intelligence is required for solving such a task
and then think again about the tendency of errors to increase with complexity

Machine-God enthusiasts usually retreat to market paradigm after such a question
"market will signal what to produce"
so this Machine-God reveals itself as just a rebranded version of the tired old Market-God
so much for a "superior machine"

what is the basis of your calculations? Moore's law?
or maybe your ass?


I can't say I understand this logic. Would you mind going to Holla Forums or reddit and persuading people that this is how it works? I'd prefer if people were standing still.