Fuck Milo Thread

The edgy fascist piece of shit posted this lie on his Instagram page.


Zizek is a handsome communist.
Milo should be handed over to ISIS and thrown off a building.

time to make the left homophobic again

At least kill off Milo, he makes us gays look terrible. And Adam Lambert.


Let's go

Milo is a troll. He said so himself.
Stop giving him attention.

I'm not a Tankie or anything, but damn daddy

men are supposed to be ugly, strong and dependable tbh


pretty sure thats because of idpol-ers in these "socialist" movements, thats always whats his "speeches" and "lectures" are about


And this.



t. cointelpro


But honestly, people should just have more self-esteem.
Physical beauty is, at best, a biological artifact, crude heuristic for finding a good mate. At worst, a total spook.
I'm perfectly fine with being ugly, and so can you. That's the important lesson Milo is teaching everyone - not to get worked up over irrelevant bullshit.

any other fags hate how much they want to hatefuck milo?He seems like a bottom to me

Well that's pretty obvious seeing how he calls himself black dick supremacist instead of black butt supremacist or some such thing.

please, daddy, spare me


Milo only looks good through myspace angles, otherwise he's a balding lanklet who looks inbred or irradiated.

tell us more


not a fascist, just a moron.

Gonna be honest here, I'm gay, but JESUS FUCK is milo a thundercunt.

Being gay has no importance, if you're a cunt, you're a cunt.

It's kinda pathetic that he uses the fact that he's gay as a sort of shield from criticism.

And not to mention his "Oh, poor little me…" act, why did the right become so spineless?

Frankly, he's not even worth getting mad at. All the power he has, he owes to people sperging out at him.

When did Milo ask that the rights of other be restricted because he felt offended?



What rights does Milo want restricted?

He thinks gays like himself shouldn't be able to get married because "muh special rights."

And he looks the other way obviously when it comes to Christian religious fundamentalists in the US getting special treatment over other religions.

Also, if I remember correctly he wanted the government to stop trolls on social media which is pretty fucking ironic given his fan base.

OK here's the rule you do not dislike mr. "I am right wing and love BBC" because of his policies you dislike him because he is a degenerate faggot

You're wasteful.

that's not the son I raised

literally worships the BBC

how fitting that he should be the icon of the alt-reich

This Milo person is not a fascist, holy hell. He's just a regular republican statist. Stop calling everything you disagree with fascist.

I can't wait for the day an Anarchist beats the living shit out of him.

I bet he's going to sound like that weeewoooweeeeewooo chick from Kung Pow when people are kicking him on the ground.

but thats fascism

fuck off with your liberal meme terms


tbh now sure if Holla Forums or actual redditor, possibly both

fuck off OP no one cares

Everything Milo does is ironic. He's actually a situationist trying to make conservative movment to openly celebrate interracial gay sex, all to undermine and destroy the core of facsit ideology, that is the ideals of traditional family, virtue and racial unity.
Comrade Milo is a hero of the revolution.

You're going to have to try harder /pol.