Are neckties counter-revolutionary?

Should we abandon the noose of the oppressor, and free the Peoples' Neck?

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Yes. The truest definition of democracy is a government without suits.

neckties are trash and have no part in socialism

well, we are agreed then
Day of the Scissors when?

what about bowties?

They are the rope with which the bourgeoisie shall be hanged. After that, yes ban.

Do you remember those neckties with a plastic hook, like the ones that were already made?
thjats what true revolutionaries wear

subverting porky's noose to tighten around his own fat neck
I like it

clip-ons are collaborationist tripe
Porky knows they are a pale imitation of his stature, and the proles know it is just sucking up to Porky's aesthetic

nice meme

class collaboration is literally leftypol's version of racial mixing

no wonder this man was so based

so you think collaboration is a valid strategy?

considering the role of Engels, yes

strange to hear an anarchist support hierarchy, tho that flag is known for shitposting

what flag isn't known for shitposting anymore?

truth, but we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater, instead aiming for "shitposting with a human face".

how do you go from "leftypols reaction to class collaboration is similar to pols reaction to racial mixing" to "you support hierarchies"????

class collaboration is the idea that classes are good, in opposition to the idea that class conflict is right and inevitable
Did you mean that in a different sense?

what? I always thougth class collaboration was the idea that people from ever class could work for the communist cause

No, it was originally an idea formulated by facists to combat the idea of class struggle.
It says hierarchical classes are positive and beneficial.
Jargon sucks sometimes.

ok but how do you call the idea of bourgys working for the cause of communist, like Engels

I don't have a problem with that
not sure there is a name for it

class treason

sounds sexy, dangerous, forbidden

Class traitors.

There is no name for this. Marx was clear in saying that class background only typifies tendencies towards supporting either side. Some of the revolutionary left's biggest figures were bourgeois despite writing their every word against bourgeois society, e.g. Engels, but also Kropotkin for anarchism.

They symbolize a noose.

its a dog leash op