Elon Musk condemns ‘morally outrageous’ pro-union agitation at Tesla


Turns out that the "socially progressive" technological Utopians of the Silicon Valley are as porky as the rest of 'em.

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The myth of the kind capitalist is a myth, in truth they're all Trumps(or whoever the billionaire boogeyman is for liberals) when it comes down to their money.

Of course they are.

Even in their Utopianism, they keep their old positions of power over others. Their vision was clearly never socialism, but to be the philosopher-kings of their own little platonic republic.

Fucks sake, while the article is about tesla, but you say "silicon valley". Think about what the companies in pic related have done for us. I can start you off with "an entirely seperate computing enviornemnt you have no control over or ability to monitor inside your CPU"

Elon Musk is an incredibly libertarian workaholic (his wife even divorced him because of it) who expects his workers to work the same schedule he does (he is also autistic)

People have been writing about the shit working schedule at spacex for like half a decade. I mean yeah silicon valley is probably one of the most hypocritical places in the world but I don't think Elon has ever hid his worldview so it's not really appropriate to treat him like most of the rest of his ilk

SpaceX profits directly from 800 billion in publicly funded space research, it's more of a morally outrageous theft of other's people's money for private profit than any welfare system for proles.

Elon Musk is fucking retarded.

What the fuck did you expect?

I really don't get the liberal veneration of Silicon Valley, given how little they've contributed to the progression of humanity compared to the funds thrown at them

liberal fetishism of technology and progress helps reassure them that there is nothing wrong with the system they uncritically support.


You'd rather that money go to boeing-lockheed ???

Elon Musk is a NRx autist.

Ah, so that's what that weird shilling for Musk in another thread was about.

Source: medium.com/@moran2017j/time-for-tesla-to-listen-ab5c6259fc88


That's Cybernetics debate from the 50s - the one that got laughed at by Marxists, because it was refuted ages before even then.

Need I point out that now, more than 60 years later, you are arguing about a guy who still employs over 5 thousand workers on just one factory? Your abolition of Proletariat seems even further than Communism.

P.s. no, those guys are not called technocrats.

you are in wrong thread

No, I'm not.

yes, this thread seems nicer

It should go towards my welfare check.

Why would it be morally outrageous?

What is Tesla doing to the world? Attempting to bankrupt my state with a weird ass hypercar for our public transit?

Self driving cars that don't fucking work?

What is it you're selling us Elon, how are you saving the world

tl;dr of the ancient debate:
1) People who get fired from fully-automated factories will not vanish.
They will establish their own economy => Capitalism.

2) People who own fully-automated factories will want someone else to manage those factories.
They will hire someone else to manage factories for them => Capitalism.

My god, the levels of unironic liberalism just keep getting deeper…

Contrary to popular belief, California has impovershed areas. I grew up, in one of these areas.

If California is so liberal go take a nice visit to Compton fucker


America are - in essence - is run by the "technocrats" (Capitalists), but it left Moon 40 years ago and did not come back.

Strawmanning at it's best.

feels>>>reals kys.
physically weak physicist isn't gonna colonize mars by himself. No nation can work if it's full of mathematicians. it's not possible.
all art is propaganda. simply do not provide funding to these projects.
Also, planned economy means you can regulate the number of students studying non-stem universities.

I'm not sure how did you found this board, but you should kill yourself.




It's funny because this spooked Silicon Valley workaholic culture doesn't even pay off for a field like that.

NASA has strict working hours for mission-critical engineers because firing rockets into space is not the same thing as burning the midnight oil and churning out a web-app.

Wtf? Was this thread split into two, or are you fags you posing in the wrong thread?


This is a masturbatory debate right now because I don't see this happening anytime soon, especially not in its most dystopian manifestation, but with what property? The fully-automated factories and their owners will likely have control of all of the earth's resources, and if they don't then any upstart that exploits labor to use left over resources for old style production will eventually have the capital to possibly acquire their own robots and automate the factory, ultimately becoming one of the techno-aristocratic elite.

If there were a fringe capitalism, it seems like it would just be a consolidation of all resources into the fully-automated economy, ending with at best some city sized concentration camps of dregs and unemployed vagabonds, at worst the liquidation of unwanted populations by starvation and murder (for the ones who try to take property).

Probably why SpaceX had those accidents tbh.

Elon Musk has never cared about social issues, just space. Props for the dream but he isn't my favorite capitalist with a dream, he's just better than ones who have no dreams.

bit of a situation imo, considering that employee unions in places like the tech businesses will stymie progress in acceleration, and the longer people try to push back on automation, the more people that get stuck in shitty economic levels, like the wonderful "Gig Economy" that e-Tabloids used to (somehow) have wide-eyed optimism about.

this, just ask any Holla Forums (or /prog/ for more sane users) poster about how much the media jerks themselves raw over Silicon Valley's """"""""""innovations"""""""""" like lightbulbs… with smartphone SoCs on them.

This thread was the first. The other one was created in response to this - as a slide thread, I suppose - and I didn't want to reply in it to Holla Forumsyp.

Even hobos engage in economic relations.

Scraps. I didn't mean some glorious industrial uprising arising from below. I'm pointing out that Capitalism will not go away neither for owners, nor for hobos.