This video is fucking cringeworthy. PJW does not know what he is talking about.

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How old is his profile pic anyway?

When was it that mainstreem meteor man actually looked like that?

I don't even know…But he is trying to kill the "SJW's" with his death stare.

It's not working

Aside from the hair he looks pretty much the same. He just upped the contrast and added a beige filter to make himself look better than he really does.

Conservative Inc is still heavily neocon. Only the faintest of nationalist sentiment is out there besides the Trump admin. Honestly I'm still shocked that Trump was able to get through the primary process (not so much that he could beat Clinton)

Oh for fuck sake can we stop pretending. He's exactly fucking right, younger people are disillusioned and manipulated by the "cool" "trendy" new right wing and the left is too fucking stupid to do anything about it. We are losing the fight and it's our own fault.

Identity politics, liberals and progressives have destroyed any chance we will have of garnering the support of the youth or a new generation, combined with failing to address the new right wing before it gained so much strength. We have failed and now we have to sleep in our beds.

Nah, he's desperate to make this point because Trump just got into office. You can't be counter culture for 4-8 years while bootlicking the president of the US.

John Flynt tier misleading.

Only if we assume the average younger person isn't a 15 year-old autist who browses chans.

so was it our fault or the liberals' fault?

PJW is a triggered cunt.


Yes, Donald "It's time to coordinate with the Saudis against Iran" Trump isn't a neocon.

Pick one

Liberalism cannot fail, only be failed.

he really isnt

its mostly just white men and some assorted coloreds who are into it. gotta fill the empty void with something and unfortunately all the leftie alternatives are pretty faggy currently

For fuck sake can you stop being autistic

I think it's helpful to compare Trump with Carter in regards to how at odds he is with the existing power structure in washington

I'd say traditionalism is

Just because he tells some off color jokes and lost his thesaurus doesn't make him not a neocon.

For once I agree with an anfem.

Generation Z being very conservative is well noted and isn't limited to chan browsers especially considering chan culture spreads to a lot of young people.

Teens raised on gamergate still describe all of those kids. I guess time will tell if they'll still care about any of it well into adulthood but somehow I doubt Milo-style rubbish can carry a wave of conservatism through the next decade

Anything more?

How fucking retarded can you get?

oh it seems we have different definitions of the term neocon. guess that's how it goes then

That's why Rex "Exxon-Mobil" Tillerson and John "IRAN WAR NOW" Bolton are running the State Department, right?


To be perfectly honest I doubt Trump himself has any ideology of his own, but his friends/appointments all turned out to be your standard neocons and his policy moving forward with foreign affairs is explicitly neocon.

Yeah, he don't know about punk rock.

Tillerson was someone who worked with all the regimes that are hostile to America. He is not a neocon in any form.

John Bolton does not have any role in the Trump admin
He fell for the RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTION shit and wants war with russia over the fake news
even attacking Trump over not bending over for Israel more

Like I said it seems kinda clear that some people here have no real idea what a neocon is and are using it as irresponsibly as some use the term liberal
best analysis I've seen for what Trump's beliefs and guiding principles are. But no most of his friends are not neocons. They are conservatives though.

I think Neocon is mostly used to refer to politicians who push interventionist policies in the name of "liberation" or some honky donky bullshit.

neocons are economically globalist + interventionist foreign policy + jewish + more than willing to play along in the game of red versus blue

neocons are described pretty well in this as being "Conservative Inc."

Oh lol I thought maybe you were just shitposting but you're actual serious. That was the biggest steaming pile of ideology I've ever read.

Meanwhile, in real life:
Anyone following the Trump white house statements and goals knows this falls perfectly in line

Please read this again and think about why that is a really dumb way to define neoconservatism

This explicitly differentiates them from noninterventionalists and isolationists. No, this is not as much of a default position as you believe. And no, despite his rhetoric, Trump is clearly not an isolationist.

Also anyone who has a problem with a patch of ink on the human body is severely autistic and should probably castrate themselves.

Carter used the military for American self interest, Roosevelt used the military for American self interest, Kennedy used the military for American self interest.

wow it's weird that your definition of neoconservative actually applies to every single President there has ever been in the US lol

If I make a clarifying post that doesn't once use the phrase "American self interest" and in your response you can't stop sperging out with the phrase "American self interest", that might tell you something about your reading comprehension and/or the fact that you're not arguing in good faith

wait are you really whining I used "american self interest" instead of what you used which was "american national interest"

lol are you a liberal? your argue like you read the huffingtonpost

I'm "whining" that you responded to this post without using a single word from it dumbass

you do know in a conversation you actually can refer to something said before the last statement the other party made right? Is this your go to gotcha kill shot? lol

forget you said this???
lol losing an argument with a drunk Nazi how embarrassing

half the comments are children sating their age and being proud young conservatives lmao

And if I clarify a point and you decide to ignore it to keep hammering away at the original point as if no clarification happened, then you're either an idiot or a troll.

your definition of neoconservatism applies to every single president the united states has ever had. you could have at least just used liberal and tried to scrape through that way. at least that definition would be correct in a way

I get that you're drunk but try your best to follow along kid. Neocons differ in that they are explicitly against isolationism and noninterventionists. Today, both conservatives and neocons favor a robust US military. But most conservatives express greater reservations about military intervention and so-called nation building. Neocons share no such reluctance. The post 9/11-campaigns against regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate this eagerness to force regime change and reshape hostile states in the American image. Neocons believe the US must do to whatever it takes to end state-supported terrorism, especially with spreading of both American hegemony in tandem with culture. For most, this means an aggressive push for democracy in the Middle East. Even after 9/11, other conservatives, particularly in the isolationist wing, view this as an overzealous dream with nightmarish consequences.

I don't particularly like this thread. Delete it mods.

Neocons envision a world in which the United States is the unchallenged superpower, immune to threats. In this capacity, the US would maintain an empire of sorts by helping to western-friendly liberal governments in place of “failed states” or "oppressive regimes" they deem threatening to the US or its interests. It is specifically Trump's obsession with America's unique greatness coupled with his insistence we "take what is ours" in the global scene - and more specifically in the MENA region - that causes me to label him a neocon in this fashion.

there is no point in having the term neocon if neoliberals would fall under that name in your definition. Neocons are not just solely a politic based on military power. Libya, Syria, Yemen. Were they done by neoconservatives?

In other words, they're rapists and PUAs and won't be missed in case of some misadventure.

In the words of Steve ignorant

Punk is dead


Considering the term was first applied to liberals drifting away from the American left mostly out of disagreement with what they saw as "soft" foreign policy, this isn't really all that spectacular of a counterpoint.

Neocons are former nonconservatives who turned conservative over mostly foreign policy matters (note Trump's non-conservative stances on Trade protectionism, etc.) and neoliberals are those on the American left who have decided to push right on certain issues to maintain a "third-way" centrist position they find more appealing to the general electorate.

They're really not exactly across the spectrum from each other.

Neoconservatism and neoliberalism are not mutually exclusive. As we have seen in the US of late, they are orthogonal, with neoconservatism being the military might that makes the global imposition of neoliberalism's economic doctrines possible, and neoliberalism supplying the pretexts and funding for neoconservative interventions. In fact, we have also seen that conservatism is merely a branch of liberalism, and that your father is Black.

im not well versed in a lot of paleocon theory but if you discount the more libertarian ron paul types even they are not adverse to using military force for specific objectives. I see Trump as falling in more that arena instead of one who sees the military as a regime changing tool

When reagan bombed Libya that was not him being a neocon. (Reagan was not a neocon) that was him using the military for specific objective. much different than what Barry did to Libya. or Bush did to Iraq/afghanistan

Yeah neocons are fucking garbage and I'm always amazed at the new and exciting ways they convince gullible new conservative voters that they're totally new and edgy every cycle.

Every Trump voter thinks they totally BTFO those Bush-era republicans when they just voted in slightly dumber carbon copies

Then I believe you are mistaken. Neoconservatism as a movement started in the 60s and was officially cemented in the late 1970s moving into the 80s largely as a specifically anti-communist reaction. By the 1980s, most neocons had become Republicans, finding in President Ronald Reagan an avenue for their aggressive approach of confronting the Soviet Union with bold rhetoric and steep hikes in military spending. After the Soviet Union’s fall, the neocons decried what they saw as American complacency. In the 1990s, they warned of the dangers of reducing both America’s defense spending and its role in the world. Unlike their predecessors, most younger neocons never experienced being left of center in America. They’ve always been “Reagan” Republicans.

So really, official neocons were born in the Reagan era.


punk is dead, as they say

If that was really your incentive then you clearly agree with me that they're garbage. You don't hasten collapse with non-garbage policies and politicians

The problem with conservatism is that it's trying to shake free of a decade of destructive influence

I know it's meaningless to argue on the board where "everything I don't like is a futile attempt at reforming capitalism", but fuck you

reagan was not liked by neocons dude

Makes me wanna burn a kindergarten.

Nah but seriously, aren't they too young to have their own opinions?

if it's the UK survery that said so the thing no one is accounting for is the 50+% sand niggers who are raised in a conservative islamic culture

that's kinda sad lmao. rip england

During the late 1970s, neoconservatives tended to endorse Ronald Reagan, the Republican who promised to confront Soviet expansionism. Neocons organized in the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation to counter the liberal establishment.

Neoconservatism … originated in the 1970s as a movement of anti-Soviet liberals and social democrats in the tradition of Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Humphrey and Henry ('Scoop') Jackson, many of whom preferred to call themselves 'paleoliberals.' [After the end of the Cold War] … many 'paleoliberals' drifted back to the Democratic center … Today's neocons are a shrunken remnant of the original broad neocon coalition. Nevertheless, the origins of their ideology on the left are still apparent. The fact that most of the younger neocons were never on the left is irrelevant; they are the intellectual (and, in the case of William Kristol and John Podhoretz, the literal) heirs of older ex-leftists.

The contention you refer to has to do with the fact that the older neocons going into the Reagan years had not yet disabused themselves of American "leftist" rhetoric while the new generation neocons had never been even pretend leftists. The proper neocons you know today are the conservatives who grew up conservative under the Reagan era

Lmao if that's really all that it is then conservatives really are gonna be BTFO eternally. I grew up in the west raise Muslim and I'm sure 15 year old me would be some edgy conservative twerp.

Turns out tons of us despooked ourselves on our own so get back to me in 10 years or so and tell me if there's any new conservative movement worth discussing

Which obviously had nothing whatsoever to do with you being a minority among culturally laissez faire Westerners

The comments, stating how they were saved of being "brainwashed" and "saved" form leftist ideology, embracing conservative ideas. There are even comment of ex-bernie supporters how

How are UK born Muslims not a minority among culturally laissez faire Westerners?

Anyway it definitely has much more to do with the fact that I grew up upper class than the fact that I grew up in the west. I'm sure poorer Muslims cling to religion just as much as all the poorer Christians here cling to religion

It's pretty easy to say you're an ex-bernie supporter. It's your fault for believing them

lol, outing himself already

Yeah can't wait for you to "rediscover" your Islamic roots when shit hits the fan

okay i never knew about paleoliberals as a term till today.

so for synthesis your point is that trump is a neocon for his foreign policy. Given that he is 2 weeks in there is not a lot of hard data to go on. Trump has sought to reaffirm bonds with Russia which I have seen EVERY neoconservative being against. Trump is willing to let Syria and Ukraine be. Something no neoconservative is okay with. I even read an article by some neoconservative chick who worked for the georgia gov during the war who goes mad against Trump being a russian spy. Neoconservatives are almost universally against Trump.

Trump is for bombing ISIS, apparently continuing anti-terrorist operations in Yemen, and is chilly towards China (less than Obama at the moment though). I don't think any of those 3 are necessarily neoconservative

if we go towards economic matter neoconservatives are globalists. Globalists to the point that they were willing to vote for Hillary over Trump. I don't see how it's useful to call Trump a neocon when his economic policies are against neocon policies and even general conservative policies (his "crony capitalism" deals).

open borders is also another neocon policy (though they pretend to be against it sometimes but not lately) Trump is the most anti open borders candidate since I've been alive. Bush legalized tons of illegals.

your original point of a neocon being willing to use military force for american national interest is too broad. Iraq and Afghanistan were not in american national interest and I think even during the lead up those planning it knew that. Iran became a power because of it. They went in without a strategy. They tried to force a culture on a people who like to fuck small boys. None of that is rational or useful.

neocons are not the ones who fight wars for oil. America didn't get any oil deals out of those wars at all! neocons use the military as a form of politics. A form of exposure. It makes them the war guys and ensures their careers in the Washington establishment.

How did I "out" myself exactly? I'm just saying my neighborhood is more upperclass and I see tons of conservative religious idiots of all faiths in the poorer neighborhoods.

Funny how a simple observation is "outing" myself somehow. I guess as having a brain

The majority of brits being born now from non British people. Minority is a bit of a misnomer here as well. If you are raised in a neighbood that is 100% muslim and you barely if ever leave it then are you truly a minority in the sense that most american minorities are? You're just a segment of a different culture different country in another. Nothing minority about that

Please post webms in future. I don't want to give cunts like this views.

You don't believe in anything until it's convenient

"Globalist" isn't really a useful term outside of alt-right or libertarian spheres. The important thing is that neocons and neolibs alike rely heavily on the maintenance of American hegemony though neolibs are more likely to use economic sanctions while neocons are more likely to take direct military action to do so, and more likely to emphasize cultural change along with regime change. In fact I'll go so far as to say that Trump's so called "rebuke" of neocons didn't actually censure their policies or tactics but the manufactured sense of shame they use when pretending their motives are different than they are. He didn't say "we were wrong to get into Iraq" and then continue to push for isolationism. He said "we were wrong to get into Iraq" and then followed it up with "believe me, we should have done it right and we should've taken the oil and tortured everybody and done it all in the name of America, no apologies".

But Trump definitely wants to be a "war guy" and wants to project American strength abroad. And just like with the old neocons the oil issue is totally tertiary. In the end both will amp up military involvement to secure the status of the military industrial complex. That's what happened in Iraq and it's what's going to happen going forward with Trump.

Lol what a retarded claim. Yeah I grew up and became less religious than when I was a dumbass teen because it was "convenient".

So what would have been the more authentic option? Force myself to keep believing in god because it's less convenient? That's honestly the most autistic suggestion I've heard all week.

Yeah, yeah, you're a total revolutionary until your Muslim brothers start agitating in which case "Well, yeah, that was just teenage rebellion lol leave me out of this"

I would suggest he is more Jacksonian in that regards to establishing a strong military but not being quick to use it. Also call it globalism or modern capitalism but the economic pressures those have introduced upon our society is the most important matter and why Trump was elected president. I think it's odd to divorce economic theory from foreign policy theory of a specific political ideology since they're tied hand in hand. Perhaps you can try saying that Trump is a nationalist neocon but that seems pretty silly to me.

Just for examples sake what kind of politics do you ascribe to Duterte who is very similar to trump in being a nationalist??

I dont' think I'm so much divorcing them as I am putting them into historical context. And the ways in which Trump diverges from more traditional conservatism is that he's more to the left on his economic stances (esp. in regards to trade protectionism or what you call "anti-globalism) which puts him completely within the acceptable realm of neoconservatism IMO.

Labels like neoconservative only have a real definition in regards to American politics because of its specific history, so I'd hesitate to use them for someone like Duterte. I'd simply call him a nationalist with strong conservative stances and leave the more in-depth analysis to someone familiar with Philippine politics

Lol what the fuck is your disfunction? Stop being a mealy-mouthed pussy and say what you're trying to say instead of mincing words.

neoconservatives in my mind is a small group of intellectuals who are incredibly free market. Is this by chance different from how you see them? You don't by chance think that conservative voters are mostly neocons right?

No I don't, but I think he very effectively captured the older neoconservative demographic who had previously been shamed for wanting aggressively spread American hegemony by the collective response to Bush-era invasions by the zeitgeist. I think that's a much more salient feature of his win than ones the alt-right would like focused on. I guess I'm trying to categorize him as someone who even crossed slightly to the left on economic issues closer to where the originators of neocon doctrine would have been to abandon the more conservative economic and trade talking points the Bush era neocons adopted to more thoroughly strengthen their conservative credentials.

But I claim there's a common strain in both foreign policy and the qualities in which they approach foreign policy that ran through the movement straight through Trump's campaign.

honestly I don't understand how lefties don't find Jews to be utterly miserable people to exist together with in a society

yeah maybe you're older than me but my world perspective is stained too deeply by the Bush years for me to even understand neocons in a different way as compared to those years. I think it's more natural to say that his economic policies come from paleoconservative beliefs. I understand what you mean by neocon=warmonger but given the fact of the inherent need for war that exists in the american empire I think that's not a good analysis. It's a shame personally since I'd love for Trump to be an isolationist besides I don't know shooting pirates. We wouldn't have any fucking issues with muslims today if not for the real politic that was behind the alliance with Israel. Maybe all the Iran talk is genuine and Trump will drag america into another war. For the moment I'm believing that Trump is going to follow the worldview he wrote of in art of the deal to a T. There is nothing to gain for America with a war with Iran. Only Israel and Saudi Arabia would benefit from it. Bannon understands this point clearly so I have to believe that Trump is aware of it as well

So you've dated American women, I see?

Well that's why I started this convo by saying that it's not necessarily Trump that's a neocon but that his movement and advisors have taken a strong neocon slant and adopted their policies and talking points in an explicit attempt to regain the sort of conservatives who grew up conservative under Reagan. And it's that demographic that largely carried him into the white house.

Of course you're right it's not an exact 1:1 policy-wise, but I honestly believe the most important factor in his win was the recapturing of the older neocons who felt abandoned after the Bush years and were honestly insulted that they were being offered another Bush when it was his older brother who made them out to be enemies in the public sphere to begin with.

it was the white working class who were interested in his protectionist america first policies that won him the election. Maybe they were reagan republicans like you said earlier but I mean a lot of them voted for Obama too.

Free trade, offshoring, the great recession, immigration, increasing retirement age, regulations meant for big businesses not small-medium businesses, higher taxes, higher health care premiums

neocons I think are solely a label for upper class intellectuals. Even when they transitioned over. The people who won Trump the election I doubt did it out of political beliefs. They did it out of desperation.

Well everyone votes out of political beliefs. I don't doubt that Trump had plenty of white working class voters as well and I'm sure you and I both agree you don't win on one demographic. But you will be hard pressed to find an older conservative that doesn't like him for his Reagan era neocon stances.

All this talk about Obama voters who voted for Trump ignore the obvious. Trump isn't the outlier. Obama was. Conservatives, many of them neocon voters, had become sickened with the explicitly neocon Bush era policies and Obama was charismatic and promised nebulous change and his numbers were astronomical. You'll find plenty of those Obama to Trump voters are actually conservative to liberal back to conservative voters.

So you were saying that Trump is influenced by neocon policy back from the early days when they were closer to paleoliberals but the definitions I'm finding for paleoliberals don't seem to fit Trump

And when I say "sickened by the explicitly neocon Bush era policies" I mean that they didn't like the bad name that Bush gave to neocon policies, not that they stopped finding the inherent ideology appealing.

You'll find a ton of Reagan reminiscence among the older Trump voters that you just won't find among the younger conservatives who think themselves mavericks.

Again, the origin I gave of neoconservatives is from older right leaning Democrats in the 60s who lurched rightwards specifically on foreign policy.
so it's my understanding that Reagan talked about free trade but enacted many protectionist policies. Later on though after him the republicans moved towards free trade generally including the neocons. The democrat party because a protectionist party in the 60s. It wasn't till Clinton's 3rd way shit in the 90s that the democrats became neoliberals and adopted free trade policies.

So if you're using neocon to refer to Trump's policies then you're referring to Reagan's attempts at protectionism or the paleoliberal belief in protectionism. But every definition of paleoliberal I can find states that they are for free trade.

I am 100% fucking confused dude.

pmsl just look at what John Lydon is doing now, selling butter for a living.
All "counter cultures" are just new emerging consumer markets.

if you want to lead the left you wont play the porky game of race division

we need to be specific on what we are discussing here
if by "free trade" we mean allowing the means of production to be overseas while the local people are forced to be service economy, that is not really free trade
if by "free trade" we mean more profits for the rich while less government spending (and unironically no change or even increase in taxes on the bottom 80% and bottom 40% especially) then that isnt really free trade either

Imagine unironically getting BTFO by fucking Fantano.

and idpol is the new counter culture thats destroying the left

Havnt you realised? You are cheerleaders for neo-liberal globalism.

How so?

Globalism is not even a thing, there is globalization and internationalism though.

well the modern left typically supports open borders, the EU, gay marriage and feminazis. These things are good for globalism as they destroy tradition and people willing let their nation be sold out.

I don't think you realize that if you're basing your politics on being cool or edgy then most people here thing you're probably a gigantic faggot. Which is why this board doesn't like anarchist lifestylism or smashies much either.

The modern left == liberals?
What is globalism?


Well you either want nations or a One World Govt, which is it?

I'll take 'false dichotomy'.


This is probably the biggest weirdness to come out of the alt-right.

Why the fuck would right-wingers even want to be the "counter-culture"? Aren't they supposed to be the great guardians "Western culture". Why would they want to be the "counter" to our culture?

Right-wingers are usually pretty critical of culture, it's true, but they usually regard themselves as the true, untarnished torchbearers of their culture amid a rapidly degenerating popular culture. Christian fundamentalists don't claim that they're a Christian "counter-culture" to secular society. They claim that their nation is a Christian nation and that secularism is a heathen corruption. So on and so forth.


meant to respond to

I really want to know who this fucking retard's audience actually is. Even 4/pol/ shit on him regularly.

Most of them just want to be (or actually are) edgy and hip.

Fucking sad sack piece of shit the market for poon is better than it's been in a year people are fucking like it's the end of the world

Too bad you're straight


Also, the Daily Mail is a UK right-wing rag which publishes unsubstantiated bullshit on a daily basis. I would take anything they print with a MASSIVE grain of salt.

This sort of thing happens in waves, libcunts get what they want, conservatives/traditionalist will get what they want. Cycle usually takes about ten years, and it's very easy to predict.

It's actually speculated that the midwest will see Non-Partisan and Farmer parties rise again.


kek'd, pics related

(Marxists take note)

The next generation will be less liberal than their parents, Liberals and postmodernists went too far, and young whites aren't going to vote for their awful future. They are in play for both sides but not for the moral relativists.

Not twenty years ago Manson was on stage shoving water bottles up his ass and huffing ether, and stage acts have been doing it far before he capitalized on it.

Stop clutching your pearls because you got made fun of you overly sensitive little man


Yeah all the kids are talking about spooks kek

The flying fuck is this gook on about?

Postmodernism and fun and all sorts of nastiness you don't like is nothing new, and neither is the blowback.

The fucking difference is the next generation have no future, have countries that will have to deal with the multicultural violence that comes, and blame their fucking retarded parents. They will also rebel against single parenthood as the cancer that it is.

And postmodernism isn't fun you div, it's the destruction of fun.

Neither did they. Irrelevant.

9/11 wasn't just a hoax, it didn't even happen.

A + C = Y

You are the most retarded person on here.

Are you the same dipshit who argued America and Europe had a unique culture worth defending in the modern day

That's what young people think and are angry, and your answer is too make the right wing because you are a mongoloid gook with no foresight.

Reactionaries are so fucking stupid

Young people listened to Manson and now he's a washed up goon what's your point

Shhhh let them have their fun on the internet, it's the only place they're welcome

They aren't defending it, they are anti-globalist and more likely to be statist not free market retards. This is why they are in play.

mfw you realise that alt right reactionary conservative shit is just the working class revering back to its default ideology to of anti-establishment conspiracy laden xenophobia in response to de-industrialisation and increasingly shitty mass entertainment. Mfw you realise you need to start producing better tv shows

Right, which is why their protectionist hero Trump has gutted the fiduciary rule, intends to gut all of Dodd-Frank, and keeps appointing Goldman alums to key posts.


Wolf Blitzer plz

I have no love for the corporate hag with advanced tuberculosis and amebic encephalitis. You'd be hard pressed to find any leftist who does.

The cheeky bastard
Literally who does this

Yeah they had a survey of kids in Highschoo,l all kids do at that age is parrot what their parents tell them or what they read on the internet.

Just wait till they get indoctrinated by the cultural marxist profs in university.

But seriously uni and/or moving out of the house are what give you a chance to form your own beliefs and identity.

Well he is not wrong. There is nothing rebellious about being a Marxist today but oh boy go out there and tell them that you're to right-wing(ie white nationalists ) and you can say goodbye to your job, friends and possibly family


Who is this and why should i care in anyway about what they think?

He's the Bruce Willis of the mainstream meteor.

why aren't we cool mom?

ehhhh?,Trump got fuck all in terms of the youth vote though


Does the explain why i should care about what they have to say?

The guy on the right is quite qt

id fuck most of the people in those pictures tbh

my god you're a retard. Post skinheads and trailer people while you're at it

he got 37%

That's shia lebouf in tormented existentialist mode

The worst thing to have happened in the past few years it's that words doesn't mean anything anymore.

Hey yo! look at me. I'm for capitalism, private property and pretty much everything in the current system but I'm against the system, yo!

way cool

great contribution, piglet

He is not all wrong, genuine conservatism is A counterculture today, among others like genuine leftism.

The dominant elite culture is neoliberalism with idpol characteristics. It's promoted by all the media of note, parroted at every movie award acceptance speech, broadcast though every song.

While still poor that's actually higher than I would of guessed

Jesus Henry Rollins has full blow brain aids. Gay marriage is a spook, and guns are needed more than ever.

Really, nigger?

You want something cringy? Check this channel out.

He's not wrong about that. The producers who fund projects in the entertainment industry would refuse anyone that doesn't help the status quo. Celebs shitting on Trump is isn't "counter culture" but still gets recognition by networks because they have the money. Any celeb going against that would be scrutinized or never heard again.

Neoliberalism is a conservative ideology; the alt-right are not conservative, but reactionary.

What is it with right wingers with having their cake and eating it?

Why do they keep saying this?

If you're actually "counter-cultural" you don't have to announce it 24/7

he's such a fucking liberal hack

It isn't. Neoliberalism is liberal. The alt-right, in turn, is a fashion. It has no program, no leader, nothing - it is entirely a vague spook.

I don't believe that the alt right has an economic aspect to it. Socially it is reactionary, economically it is right wing populist and will bend in the wind to whatever is popular and/or demanded by the capitalist class in exchange for banning muslims and gays.

Any ideology which seeks to preserve the status quo of wage slavery is conservative

You say that, but their big new idol is a flamer. How is that reactionary?

They are not seeking to preserve the status quo. The status quo is the welfare state, long term contracts, etc., while they are maneuvering towards a generalized gig-economy.

Implying there's a coherent 'they'.
Wage slavery without rights or benefits.

I think they see queerness and the toleration of queerness as part of the "European heritage" or something, as opposed to what they (falsely) perceive as a monolithic anti-queerness possessed of all Islamic society in history

Which is different from what we have today. Hence, not conserving what we have, hence, not conservative. Are you dense?

being gaslight to the point where "conservative" is automatically a trigger word is retarded and devoid of ideological self awareness. Also "conservatism" can mean 100 different things in Russia and China Stalinism and Maoism are "conservative". there are fucking people here who share the exact same beliefs as ancient grannies in Russia.

Any marketing expert would tell you that counter-culture and "coolness" only requires authenticity.

Post ur mensa card, nerd.

Which fucking status quo are you living in?


That first half was just an easy escape out of the pit you dug for yourself. You're the one who started making generalized claims about neoliberalism.

And how long have you been insulated from austerity and the assault on workers' rights?

That wasn't me.
I'm questioning whether the aut-right has any coherent economic plan, and especially whether it is a 'generalized gig-economy'.


I haven't been, that's why I can feel that things are not being conserved, but rather purposefully changed towards a willed goal, by the neoliberal establishment.

No, the alt-reich has none of that. The neoliberal establishment does, though.

Protectionism re-industrialisation and the expropriation and redistribution of jew property is a bad plan, mfw.




Lurk more.

Just jews, though, right? WASP, Chinese, Indian, etc. cappies will be left alone to keep fuckin people!

just jews. We really dislike the jews.

it brings me great joy to know people as retarded as you exist

Won't that simply mean that they'll grow out of it like most phases children get? I was a huge fan of hot topic for most of my middle school and part of high school life and I got tired of it. The Gen Z kids will do the same. my black weeb/goth days frighten the hell out of me.

People don't think MAGA hats are cool in any way. Although the Alt Right is authentically cringey.


This is sub-Holla Forums. Are you from TRS or some shit?

so why is protectionism and re-inudstrialization a bad economic programme?

Ofcourse, anything that isn't happening tier faggotry a fucking civil war followed by repression, terror and gulag labour is seen as a bad plan here

They can sort their own shit out. It's just jews and muslims here and muslims don't own any property


My delusion is better than your delusion. My delusion has things happening in it.

Yes, you are doing a great job against those jews by posting frogs on twitter

They fear the fucking frog

Pepe is kabbalist magic.

Sure they do

no one "fears" Pepe

retards do

Really fighting the jewish stablishment there boy

Check 'em.

Hope u enjoy fuelling the from golem with your memeing, goy.

Do tell me how to fight the establishment mr. faggot.

Give me one reason why I should?

to not look like a 14 year old cuntrarian faggot


t. 14 year old contrarian faggot

nothing eh

I am the creative nothing after all :^}

look at this cringe cuckoldry

cringed hard

Propaganda of the deed if you wish to truly make them fear rather than making them "fear"

If you have to say you're punk rock, you aren't punk rock.
It's the number one unwritten rule.


top kek, this needs to get big

…they don't want dinosaurs to get married?

These fucking retards have no ideology, no political position, they're like horses being led to water. Pay them lip service and they'll defend and support anything you do; they're exactly like their liberal counterpart.


They probably smell of shit

They're probably all Caiden Cowger wannabes.


ironically, your insult is 12 year old tier

Is he talking about badmouse?

I hope so

You got your definition of spook wrong, fam. Gay marriage aint a spook, and neither is regular marriage. Those are social contracts, like a union of egotists would be built around. They are however constructed upon various spooks such as being beholden to tradition, or the feeling that one must marry to express true love.

I think he's talking about antony


I considered finding the webm of the airport guy getting brain damage, but I think you're posts are too low quality to bother


He's a retard but he's not even wrong that conservatism has become a new counterculture contrarian stance. Blame liberals for forcing their retardation down everybody's throats.

Communism is inevitable anyway, those kids are only smashing their own welfare state, they'll pay the price later on.


Both liberals and conservatives are paying for the last 40 years of neoliberal policy in the US, there isn't much of 'welfare state' left.

Empty your nine on the Wall Street line.

What does coordinating with the Saudis have to do with Trotskyism? How does that make Trump a Trotskyist?

There's just something unnerving about hearing a grown man using words like 'butthurt' and 'triggered'

Call me edgy, but I think we should gas any and all people who use youtube as their source of political information.

It isn't "muh dick." 😘

Holla Forums, he's not wrong.

Ok, let me put it this way:

The NEW GENERATION is mostly leaning towards being conservative.
Is it going to last when they've grown up?
No idea.
Is it going to last to them in their mid 20 early 30?
So like it or not, you're not reeling in the youngsters.
Your memes are too weak and not catchy enough, "go read a fucking book" is not something that attracts young people, so simply put, they're going altright because it's cooler and more anti estabilishment at the moment.

Again, i want to reiterate, perhaps this won't last when they actually grow up, would be the first time an entire generation radically switches sides once they're old enough, but until then i don't think there's much you can do to attract them.


Good. Let them all burn.

Every young generation chooses self-destruction in some form.
Fucking up and being edgy is part of the learning process.
It's the job of the enlightened to show younger generations the way.
9 times out of 10 this means cleverly tricking them into doing the right thing long before they can even understand what the fuck the right thing even is.

This generation being a bunch of manchildren that does everything wrong is in equal parts the fault of our intellectual elite not giving a single shit about anyone but themselves, thus leaving them in the dirt jacking off on Holla Forums while living their empty, miserable lives.

If you're talking about people

Ok but follow me here:

Imagine a kid that grows up on Holla Forums and twitter/youtube shitposting.
Every day.
That's their entire childhood.
When they grow up, do you think they'll 100% reject the shit they've done every day trough their entile younger years?

First time I've ever agreed with you, Hoochie. Maybe I won't filter your trip.

If they never grow beyond the ideas they had as teenagers then their opinions matter even less

There will always be stupid people


But to give your question a serious answer, for them to never think or expand cognitively from their Holla Forums safe space would mean that they needs must be insulated completely from any social or material conditions, or ideas that would ever reasonably challenge that view. Chances are, by the time these cucks kids get to the point where their opinions would start to matter, jobs, much less things like autismbux or welfare or NEETdom will have been significantly curtailed if they haven't vanished entirely. Shitposting about kikes and niggers on message boards all day is a world removed from having to deal and interact with real people, and it's much harder to cocoon yourself in the comforting memetic shell of jpgs and strawmen when you're dealing with real people and you're facing the prospect of starvation because mommy can't buy you tendies any more.

tl;dr it's only possible to remain in ideological stasis if you're able to remain isolated from the outside world, which I believe they'll find it increasingly difficult to do.

This is like Holla Forums shitposting on video, narrated with a British accent.

Yeah, don't discuss actual counter-culture, just believe in that nice marketing slogan I just found on reddit.

So political debates are just meme-spouting now ?
God damn. I'm pretty sure this fag will fucking sell them a shitty book in a few months on Amazon.
Fucking millennials.

Lauren Southern already did, I'm surprised the rest aren't milking this shit with everything they got.


I find it funny how many people on Holla Forums are going to be meeting the reality interface of their first election HARD

I'll be funny, very funny endeed

edgy as fuaark

You know, I sort of do. Israel is my most hated nation (I guess tied with Saudi Arabia), I cannot take the word "antisemite" seriously, and every time I see a jewish-sounding name on twitter it's always a burger-kike porky fuck spreading liberal retardation or misinformation, it never fails.

I mean, I would not hate a cool guy just for being a kike, but jews in power or businesses are almost always scumbags I want to see being punched.

really makes you think what he meant by this

look at 4chan
everyone there is nothing but

Jesus those comments

We are on some whole new reverse idPol shit here fam.