What would it take to get you to lean to the right?

What would it take to get you to lean to the right?

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A well placed punch in the liver.

Put on a cock cage and give me your GF.


how can i get you to join the bottom right?

I won't ever be right. Even if I go full-blown authoritarian I'd rather see a dystopian technocracy than capitalism

if they didn't support private property and if it wasn't full of assholes and weebs

What's wrong with private property and capitalism?

we want free shit and the government to do stuff

Complete equality


Drama, that's what.


used to exploit the working class

It doesn't benefit me

Causes recessions, poverty, workers co-ops are more effective, the rich have enough money to get the world out of poverty, I could go on

how so?

Never understood why "free shit" is used to attack the left

Yes, we want free education, healthcare, clothing, food, transportation and much more

Deal with it capitalist fuckheads

After seeing the severe autism in HWNDU I'm glad I'm an anarchist.

Severe brain damage

really the more i dive into right wing ideology the more fucking stupid it gets. though i can see how people can be manipulated into buying into it, and i did at one point. and it's not hard to see why so many people get fed up with liberalism and see no other option

if i was really adverse to outside opinions and difwent things then i wouldn't be here. I just started this thread because i wanted to have a talk with some lefties who weren't just 4chan trolls

can you give an example?

example of what, retarded right wing shit?

of how right wing ideology is retarded, libshit

You're really off to a good start there, user.

More alcohol than I can drink.

Left and right represent different orders of authority. The left supports conferred authority as a public duty. The right supports vested authority as a personal essence.
Every right recognized by a society deducts from the right-winger's ability to coerce others. Thus, the fetishization of the meager Bill of Rights is not gratitude for the rights granted, but the vast and fertile frontiers left open to exploit and ruin for self-superiority.
Those who do not accept arbitrary public drama as useful generally won't accept right-wing ideology.

well first of all if you think i'm a liberal you gotta whole nother thing comin buster, also idk what brand of right wing spookery are we talking here, like typical conservative shit, alt right or full fash?

I was talking about nationalism.

If you're not a nationalist, what brand of rightard are you?

To realise everyone isn't actually equal.
Oh wait, I've already realised that.


i'm a libertarian lol

Oh, I'll revise my statement

You can start off with this

as if i didn't support certain regulations and completely trusted the free market

not even going to bother watching cause i don't like molljew. That guy is bug fuck insane

Better start than I thought then. Thank God.

tbh still worth watching though, gives some basic concepts

it seems the meme is deemed a capitalist dream but really it means we're not one big team

lmao. He soiled the name of libertarianism. Even though he's an anarchist.

To me, it just means an emphasis on personal liberty by ensuring negative rights and constraining the government. E.G: the first 100ish years of America.

this doesn't mean i wanna strip all regulations and allow teachers to sell heroin to kids in school or any memes like that

To me the only attraction right ideology has is emotional. I'm attracted to the emphasis on strength power not tolerating weakness etc. Racial tribalism is also a mindset I can fall into, honestly if I didn't have non-white friends I think Autism Level memes and the rape/terrorism associated with the migrant crisis could have turned me into a racist.

Ultimately I recognize that my attraction to the right is just based on emotion and the bad side of my character.

My attachment to the left is much more intellectually rooted, in that I believe socialism is a necessary step in human development and in my self-interest.

Whatever flicks your bean, buddy boy.

Watched it and gleamed nothing. Still don't like him, still remain unconvinced.

That wasn't to get you to like him.

hey, fair enough guy. I was just saying i already kind of had that rote understanding of communism and socialism.

He didn't need to, tbh.
That's why libertarianism is a meme ideology. It advocates stripping regulations. You can't put a bandaid on capitalism.

I don't want platitudes, i want examples of how capitalism and just overall conservatism (not corporatism or neoconservatism, like actual capitalism) is bad.

Hell, in people's arguments for communism, i'll give them a pass when they say "oh, X example isn't real communism"

So memes and platitudes aside, why is honest to god capitalism bad?

OP here, i'll have to get going now. I'll be in this thread probably around the same time tomorrow if you guys still wanna talk.
Adios boys

As opposed to the emotional response of "what if everyone got free stuff?"

"To each according his need" is something that is not intellectually sound. Being right-wing means the individual gets to decide what needs he or she has.

workers don't fjf captima means of productio alinetion according to his bourgeoisie

Would you like to live in this society?
→everyone works 12-16 hours a week
→everyone has their basic needs met (so little crime or social degradation)
→art and science are properly funded leading to a rich intellectual and cultural life
→people view each other as fellow citizens and comrades rather then competitors
→the state is weakened there is no standing army, secret police etc.
→democracy is direct not parliamentary and there are no ultra-rich class to corrupt the system

Do you think a world like this is impossible, if so why?

Dude wtf why don't you want

free stuff

Smh ppl these days

Capitalism functions optimally when the labour market is disciplined ie the workers feel insecure in their jobs and there is -5% unemployment.

The only way to bring about this state of affairs is by keeping the majority of the population in a subordinate and insecure position.

wtf does that mean?
that's literally what "to each according to his needs" means you illiterate buffoon. also

Commodity form, mode of production. Read the FAQ

Being right wing is having someone else decide how much you need, but only after you dance for it. You are kidding yourself.

What would it take to get you to lean to left?

Please answer, OP, this will redeeem all shitposting that you have ever inflicted on this board.

A large amount of spectral hauntings

An ethnostate with flags and a strong military doesn't actually benefit me it just plays to the tribalist and toxic side of my nature. Plus it would require me betraying my friends and principles.

Free stuff actually benefits me. Also its not even the main reason I believe in socialism, the community could invest our social surplus in renewable energy, automation etc. and rapidly advance our society. Plus I would enjoy feeling like I was part of a collective and striving for a goal larger then myself with my fellow man (inb4 this is emotional reasoning, I know but at least its the better side of my nature).

capitalism exploits people & keep them in poverty in multiple ways(credit system, for-profit/privatized prison system, for example).
The further left you go, the more rights you have recognized. The further right & the more fascist you get. Pro-privatization takes rights from people, giving those with most capital or influence more power than others who work just as hard.

here we go

I think it was parodying Davis Aurini tbh

wtf does this even mean


Any component or outcome of capitalism that libertarian/ayncaps don't like is usually dismissed as "corporatism" rather than something that's obviously inherent in capitalism.

You guys really like that image.
That's an argument for why capitalism is bad, fyi. It degrades people in ways not imaginable to some. Just for survival.

Severe brain damage

Control over some MoP or severe brain damage.

I more asking why you posted in response to my Egoist shitposting

Thanks a lot user.

You would have to travel back in time and get me to read Holla Forums instead of books

An eco fascist institution featuring universal health care, automated factories, automated consumption of all resources including an A.I. dictator with a counsel of quantum A.I. officials. At that point I'd be fine wath Nat Socialism tbh.

t. Captain Stupido


Growing up in diversity in one of the most liberal cities in the country. Also my experience at university didn't help matters.

It's sad for both of them. The cat is so desperate for money she has to fuck porky or starve. And Porky can only have sex if he pays someone to fuck him, otherwise he'd be alone stewing in his misery.

Nothing, right wingers are close minded.

I didn't post it, my bad

sorry user, lmao

Yes, only capitalists should get free stuff.

It's not free stuff, m8, it's worker ownership of the means of production.

Watch these:


If I was raised as filthy rich bourgeoise, then I might become right wing


Never said I wasn't a whore of capital. I've literally been one, which is probably why I made user sad when i gave an explanation. We all are, in one way or another.