Secular Talk coming at us with the human nature argument, cites Chomsky as proof

Secular Talk coming at us with the human nature argument, cites Chomsky as proof.

His argument is essentially that communism is wrong because it denies Human nature and fascism is wrong because it denies social influences. So liberalism is the only magical formula to save us.

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should read thus spoke zaratustra tbh

He means SocDem wankery, "Capitalism with a human face". I wish somebody would give him some bookchin to read

good book. I prefer twilight of the idols or beyond good and evil tho, tbqh

I think I'll start giving a shit what Kyle Classcuckinski has to say when his kind stops fucking losing all the time.

Someone cite me 'why communism is bad by a generic liberal' I'm on my phone

does he edit his pictures inorder to look LESS white?

He got that Shaun King syndrome

mfw this idea is suggested

this what you're looking for?

My nigga, you got me even with my incorrect title

Of all the liberals on YouTube who do news I have to admit that I watch him the most and I think that he is by far the best.

But god damn it whenever he talks about socialism or any other left wing ideology it makes me want to kill myself. If someone could just get his ear and teach him about Marxism and genuinely informed him about it then I think he would agree with us in an instant and publicly acknowledge his mistakes unlike a certain liberal named Sargon of Cuckad who remains willfully ignorant in order to please his audience.

Once again though, he is the best liberal you can get without just becoming a socialist.

Why don't we have any socialist speakers in YT that are halfway popular?

what a hottie

>Mein Kampf

why don't you just give up?

If rather be associated with Kyle kulinsky by the unaffiliated than Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck… Faggot.

who the fuck considers Glen Beck and Limbaugh to be far right? Fucking Trump is further to the right and he's mainstream and a centrist in liberal in reality

You're right, people think Milo Yannotwat is the far right instead

We have a few that are just starting out that I have a lot of hope for.

The humanist report, Secular Talk, and the David Pakman show are all affiliated with the TYT network or at least were (see the Rubin report) so they get a bunch of money blown up their ads so they can do this as a full time job.

If we could get someone to start something like the blaze or TYT or info wars but socialist that provides money to up and comments then we would be on equal footing.

We're already getting Dore

The unafilliated and a-political, like I said. The outrage you just experienced when I affiliated you with them is what we feel every single time you faggot come over here and assume were all hyper liberals who support SJW's.

To be honest I have a feeling Jimmy has been radicalized for months now but won't reveal his power level to the masses for fear of alienating his audience.

Not to mention the buffalo Cenk will not abide deviation from the liberal orthodoxy.

He cites Richard Wolff and Chomsky now at least once every two episodes. He gives us winks.

What's his name?



Because there isn't a huge market among the working classes for being told what to do by the spoiled petulant children of the bourgeois and petite bourgeois larping as revolutionaries.


Question: If human nature doesn't exist and it is all nurture then how could anyone become a voluntary egoist?

the creative nothing is capable of analzying the symbolic order imposed onto him by society, by his imaginary and by language, and act in his self interest against or in favour of them

Delete this

In English please.

basically get good and read lacan fag

So you are incapable of answering my simple question and opt for incomprehensible word salad and it is not my job to educate you s.hitlord instead. You don't have an answer and wouls rather not think about it at all.

We need to get someone to chat with this guy. I'd offer but I don't even have a mic.

Funny think is I would sort-of be a 'centrist' in terms of the nature/nurture argument, but I'm still pretty far left. The problem with capitalism having to do with 'greed' or 'merit' rather that is economically determinate, although less like ones from before, as well as less centralized. Producing things a certain way isn't ingrained in our DNA, basically. That would be ants. They basically have feudalism as part of their DNA. Wanting to do better is part of our nature.

No they don't. All social insects cooperate because it is in their interest to do so to propagate their genetic material. Ensuring that the queen is safe means there will be another generation of their kind.

Also every political movement is largely just people larping, sargon and his ilk are larping as philosophers, SJW's are larping as civil rights leaders, Nazis are larping as nazis, and your larping as a cock sucking faggot.

ALSO pretty sure none of us are the sons of factory owners or CEO's. Lenin was born in the Russian upper middle class so this whole rich kids can't be commies garbage is just that, garbage.

Having a queen isn't feudalism?

will any of these rich kids voluntarily give up their inheritance once the time comes? I don't think so, it wouldn't be in their self interest to do so.

Having one fertile female is not feudalism. It is matriarchy.

You aren't LARPing if you are actually doing something actionable. I think this kind of yearning for entertainment is mostly going to result in LARPing. People content themselves with saying, "I am a socialist, I read socialist things and talk to socialists online. I can criticize capitalism in 20 different ways now, and I know how to spot ideology". Great, but collectively that is where we've been for what, at least 40 years now? This is consumption, and it seems to make a lot of people feel at ease because they are being good anti-capitalists in their minds.

On twitter the other day I saw an "activist" (scare quotes because I have no idea what she does) say that every time somebody asks her what they should be doing, she says "organizing" with a sort of dull sigh because she knows that isn't what anybody wants to hear. It sounds hard, it sounds like it will take a long time, you'll have to talk to people who may really not give much of a shit and everybody could be afraid for their jobs if you are trying to unionize. It's scary and it's a long term fight building a movement of unions and organized leftism from basically the ground up, but that is about the best thing anyone can do and barely anybody seems to be doing it.

My father owns a small business and lives on a rather large lake front property and he has asked me point blank if I would still support my ideology if the commisars came to redistribute his property and I told him that not only would I do this I would accompany said commies to prove that there was no conflict of interest.

I was then kicked out of the house and lived with my friends for a month.

Think of this as a bookchin study group. And I'm a member of socialist alternative so I organize I guess.

He only really chats with people who have a notable audience size, or people he knows well already. Anyone in mind? Maybe BadMouse, but I want to see how he does in a conversation with Sargon.

Maybe….Rebel? Fuck I want to be an edgy Youtube celeb.


Chomsky is a debunked idiot and Secular Talk is narcissistic trash.

I've never actually seen Chomsky criticized in a way that wasn't horribly misrepresenting him, or outright lying.

I get the idea from watching the (relative few) videos he mentions or discusses forms of leftism in, that he knows more about social anarchism than he lets off.
He's said somewhere before, I think in some Q&A video, that he read about social anarchism a long time ago, with his source being local anarchist bookstores. In any case he's certainly not nuanced enough in the area of different leftist thought.