When you're working on testing a hypothesis that a change in political dynasty...

I'm beginning to conclude that Capitalism is actually causing degeneration of the populace at the genetic level.

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You're on thin ice friend, watch it

Not all of us transhumanists want to encase mankind in inflexible and hard to upgrade machines, fampai.

There is a philosophical problem here. You assume that intelligence is a real property that can be measured.
IQ tests are proven tier pseudoscience, they don't measure anything. Intelligence isn't one value but a number of skills and abilities. What differences people do have can be reduced down to different upbringing, socialization and education. If genetic factors play any role in differing mental capacity within our species, it's a minor and negligible one, certainly nothing to justify eugenics or the like.
Please also keep in mind that the human gene pool is very small and that evolution takes a fucklong time. Mental capacity significantly diminishing due to different choices in reproduction is quite unlikely, if you have measured anything real it can probably be explained with rising stress levels, a change in the educational system or other environmental factors.

Fucking hardly. Individual tests have flaws though.

Depends on if you subscribe to the notion of a G-Factor or not. I tend to think that there is both a G-Factor and several other factors.

Yes, like many things in psychology it is both nature and nurture.

My findings are, I fully believe, likely to dispute that.


Don't underestimate the power of selective breeding.

There is no such thing as absolute intelligence. Power is always contextual.
Only if one considers Eurofag liberal sophistry the acme of human accomplishment are Autism Level tests useful.
Nobody cares how white you are, Holla Forums.

Red Foxes reach sexual maturity in 9-10 months. That has allowed for 50+ generations of foxes to be bred in that program. It would take humans hundreds if not thousands years of constant selective-breeding for that kind of effect. By that time we will all have computers in our brains anyway so who gives a fuck.

Ikr? Thousands of years of an authoritarian fertility cult as prevailing religion in the West make it literally unpossible for those who control that religion to decide who breeds and who doesn't!


G-factor is not disproven. I am not Holla Forums. Holla Forumsyps are the sort of people who would pervert this.

Are you kidding me? I gave you that video because it was short, it took only a handful of generations to produce semi-domesticated foxes with selective breeding and there are much more quick processes in existence today.

Nice specifically worded "hypothesis." Enjoy your trillion false positive snRNPs.

Oh, I… will

A not got deleted somehow.

Reproduction has been regulated by authority figures in Western culture since Roman times. The reduction of reproductive fitness in the context of society, as imposed on dissidents and their would-be partners by churches and states under the rubric of legitimacy, seems sufficient to explain not only the decline in effective dissent in Western societies, but could also contribute to the differential capacities for complex thinking and reading by class.
G-factor not favored by Occam's Razor.
Also, epigenetics, so checkmate.

If you're coming from certain ideological paradigms and your base assumptions mean that G-factor is eliminated by Occam's Razor, maybe. But Occam's Razor is not sufficient to debunk any hypothesis.

Also I love how your first argument directly more or less is in line with my line of thinking, but you assume that it isn't G-factor related.

If your interest was to produce genetically strong humans technically we should all start fucking our family members. Not even kidding, read a thesis on that, it boils down to only the strongest children to be able to survive since all the ones vulnerable to the consequences of incest die out. It's accelerationism for human evolution

We have better alternatives in the form of genetic engineering though. Centuries ago it made sense though.


For sure we do. My friend who wrote the doctor's thesis I was talking about here is of the opinion that the rich basically already have the technology to genetically engineer themselves and will live much much longer than we would expect them to. I'm not knowledgeable on this but I believe it

Oh definitely. You'd be fucking shocked at what we, fuck even I, am working on right now. We can crank out little pic relateds and have drugs in FDA trial that extend lifespan among other cool shit.

Are you working on anything that will make porky less susceptible to blunt trauma? Asking for a friend.

What I'm working on generally is going to put everyone, in theory, on a level playing field mentally and physically. In practice what's more likely to happen is that Porky is going to make the full suite of "upgrades" too expensive for most people, and make the physical upgrades into a thing for the military to sell Jason Bourne style.

Give the people gut flora that make their own vitamin C and we will never need porky again.

I've actually thought about supplementing mitochondria with chloroplasts in mammals as a way to bypass the need for food, but I can't get funding for that shit.

I don't understand

So we're giant ant-like creatures that are exactly the same. What then?

will I be able to become a self-sustaining cyborg monk with telekinetic powers in the future? make it happen please ty

Vitamin C is one of the few nutrients the body can't create for itself and must acquire exogenously. Cockroaches, among others, make their own and they seemingly never die, never starve, never lose their vigor.
With vitamin C sorted, one can survive famine conditions on a narrow, calorie-oriented diet for longer, say, on a sailboat caught in the doldrums, on an island with very poor soil, or a panic room with limited stock, without fun from scurvy.

You could try Holla Forums for funding. No doubt there are IT auties there who would climb over one another to be the rarest Pepe.
Kidding aside, the vitamin C route seems straightforward, relatively cheap to realize, and somewhat self-propagating. On the downside, avoiding harmful concentrations in the host might be challenging.

We'd have to learn more about and work within parameters of the body's ability to rid itself of excess vitamin c. That means extensive studies of the endochrine system being done parallel to developing the probiotic culture that cranks out the vitamin C. It'd be a cool prize, but I'd personally prioritize producing a more efficient algae for bio-fuel over that myself.

wasn't that like the beginning to parasite eve?

Never played it tbh.

in PE is believed to be a parasite , but in reallity they are the rulling species on earth, have magic powers and shit

How can you even be a transhumanist when all the immediate problems are so horrible and potentially catastrophic? Seems like almost delusional optimism to believe humanity will actually be able to do these things.