Holla Forums banners and flags thread

Can we get a new thread for banners/flags and requests? I thought it would be nice to see some fresh stuff on the board.

I know boards have a banner limit so maybe we can get the BO to make some space.

I'll start with a few ones I did.

Hmm, yea i'll try to make some.


Can a Nigga get a Bookchin/Communalist flag?

Make a flag for each party.
Socialist Equality Party

fug off

SAlt is Trot
SPUSA, like DSA, is DemSoc
No idea about SEP

But I don't think we need new flags for them

It's Trot, I'm affiliated with them

Spusa is rose


Point still stands. Don't need redundant flags

Kinda would like a demsoc one distinct from the socdem "literally choking a rose" one. Though it would probably still only be used for shitposting

Gaddafi Libya flag I made the other day



The second one is great

I would like to see a user flag for Stratocracy added.


who's the one in the middle?


Can we get a humans vs orcs flag, but with actual humans and orcs a la warhammer

Don't you mean Warcraft?


this is nice

Not to bring this all the way back from the depths, but I was thinking that Warhammer's greenskins fall more in line with how white nationalists actually see degenerates, whereas the orcs from Warcraft have a rich history and culture and are fighting for a reason beyond just because they can. The orcs need a new home since their other one has been drained of resources. The warhammer orks like to fight and kill and believe that painting something red makes it go faster.

Also, can we get an anarcho-syndicalist or syndicalist flag. The wobblies aren't relevant enough. It's just an inverted anarcho-commie flag.


r8 my banner

Made me hard


We need these.

Who's the 4th one? And where are Mahkno, Kim Chwa-chin, and Subcomandante Marcos?

I highly suggest removing the red and black flair from the background and just replacing it with a nice red or crimson. I'd rather us not be associated with Anarkiddie scum, thanks.

My contributions to the famrades

Already have those on /leftyweebpol/.