Are Trey and Matt right libertarians or left libertarians?

Are Trey and Matt right libertarians or left libertarians?

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Right I'm pretty sure



They have so much socialist potential. It's really a shame.

At least they're more intelligent than the argument man.

How so? The moral of every episode is, "Both people who tried to do something were wrong! Sure am glad I'm an enlightened enough to be able to criticize both sides and then do nothing. Stay at home, kids!"

I believe they've gone on record as right libs, they seem to be more interested in skewering social authoritarians though.

What suprised me is that they almost defended the SJWs. The whole moral of the PC principal saga was. "Just let them be, it's just the ads"

I honestly think they're just apolitical. Their whole belief system is "Giving a shit is stupid."

Yeah and honestly I think the saddest part is how they are lolberts when season 19 if you look at it was kind of similar to what Slavoj Zizek was talking about with political correctness. For example at the end of the episode about safe spaces it ends with IPads given to poor Latin American kids so that they could filter out everything negative and send everything back to Americans so their feelings weren't hurt and there was the whole episode The City Part of Town which was about gentrification and how at the end of the season it is revealed that everything that was going on with South Park was because of sentient ads who wanted to take over human world.

Which is essentially the same thing as being a liberal as it means supporting whichever system is dominant.

Neither. They're eco fascist discordians.


Fuck off Nazbol.

This. They're not welcome here.

Bullying isn't allowed.
this vid explains pretty and quotes zizek

God I hate this tendency in comedy now, in attempting to not be accused of actually believing in anything they just muddy the waters so much they actually support the status quo

He may be spooked but it's fun to watch him meme on Holla Forums with their own reasoning. I like him.

South Park is 95% reactionary garbage.

They are "socially liberal" neocons. They make Ron Paul look like Che Guevara. Not to mention they're hardcore copcucks too.

Fuck South Park and it's reactionary faggot creators.

A wet bag of shit is more intelligent than le argument man, that's no compliment.


They constantly make fun of cops in the show. I don't think you could really derive a coherent political position from South Park though. They just make fun of stuff usually shitting on everything.

That's really fucking good

Hey guys seriously

Save this video to share with libtards

Pretty sure they're Ron Paul brand libertarians.
Also South Park is shitposting in televised format. Stop trying to see it through ideological lenses you fucknits.

Bush & co. start an imperialist war, killing or displacing God only knows how many millions. No mockery in South Park.

Al Gore makes a sanctimonious documentary asking people to pollute less. We get "Manbearpig".