Original Version "Bring back child labor: Work is a gift our kids can handle"

This think tank is funded by the Davos family, Betsy Davos is the new education sec.


Is there a member of trumps cabinet who isn't a cartoonishly evil bloodsucker that deserves to be sent to a labour camp in Alaska?





Do it, leeches! If you get this overconfident, we'll see your heads on pikes yet.

We're gonna kill her and her entire family line, right?

So I checked the current article.

"Now I'm not saying kids should be allowed to work so we can have cheaper labor, but kids should be allowed to work so we can have cheaper labor."

The children don't matter in Industrial society anyway. Let them do it, let the children work in factories and in the cold, it only furthers people's hatred of Industrial society.

literally nope.

There is literally nothing wrong or untrue about those quotes.

Just a reminder - the problem is not the act of working, it's capitalist exploitation.

I'm there with you comrade

I thought teens could already work? I always held a job in the summer during high school, and I had friends who worked the entire year.

This thinktank is advocating for pre-teen labor, as well as the lifting of restrictions previously existing for all types of manual labor.

This is going to happen as America tries to compete with China for cheap labour. Capitalism as a whole at work here, always trying to gouge more profit.

You want those factory jobs back? Well you can get them, for a price.


NSA plz

Not that I don't want to, I just dont know where this bitch lives.

This is fucking insane. Nobody will buy into this willingly. Is she going to start cramming into education mandatory unpaid labour activities?

Anything is possible with the magic of ideology.

didn't Marx himself advocate for the "combination of education with industrial production"?

I think technical education is good but that's not the same as kids working in a coal mine

How has this woman not been assassinated yet

I might concede that nothing is untrue about those quotes exclusive of context. In the context of right-authoritarianism's conceptions of scarcity and abundance, almost any norm has exploitative ramifications, as pointed out by

They could, if there were employers willing to take them on and babby's first jobs weren't being taken by adults who have no better options available to them.

Having Erik Prince as a family friend, perhaps?

Somebody please preform a black magic ceremony to summon the demonic spirit of Big Bill back from the dead to smite these porky scum.

American leftists are all pacifists or ITGs, we don't have assassins. At best we have smashies and Betsy DaVos is neither a window nor a trash can.

When I was a kid our school gave us little jobs and actually paid us a bit. It wasn't a big deal, but it wasn't like we were working in coal mines or some shit like that. I'd say giving a kid a small job is okay as long as it's tied with some kind of obligation to study goals.

We're going to have so many jobs, you're going to get tired of how many jobs we're going to have. Of course you'll probably get cancer and get paid minimum wage, which might well get reduced or repealed, but at least you'll have a job.

t. Donald Trump


Only if we do it together, alphabets.

You know, the socialist state afterwards will use alphabets of its own. You can build up rep real quick. :3c

Where have I heard people talk like this before?

There is literally nothing wrong child labor. In a communist society, everyone will work including children.

b-but what if there isn't enough work to go around once porky stops handing out busywork?

in communism, nobody will work you humongous faggot

There is always work that needs to be done.

The only time you wouldn't work under communism is during your sleep. Other than that, the rest of your time would be spent in the gulags.

Not really. That's a Protestant spook.
Also, not really. Those are Stakhanovites.