If you had full control over the United States for 8 years what would you do? Nothing you do can be rolled back

If you had full control over the United States for 8 years what would you do? Nothing you do can be rolled back.

Put all the Amerilards into death camps and give the land to people who aren't such irredeemably classcucked retards.

Drop the nukes

All of them

a full eight years without being killed or impeached?

Reveal the UFOs to the public.

honestly id declare war and emargo the shit out of every single country and cause them all to collapse. id use economic dominance to essentially meld the economic and political elite with the US's, the id instiute global left anarchism

Podasadism 4 life

Call the Chinese and tell them to stop their experiments with human germline modification or I will nuke them. Nuclear war is less dangerous to humanity than what they are getting up to.



Marx never devised an economic system, he just pointed out all the flaws of capitalism and how political economy was a veil to keep people from realizing how crap the system is.

I would literally go full Mao just for the laughs

The American people aren't deserving of socialism

Pretend I said socialism

t. Third worldists

Government sponsored Gfs for all Incels

This, even if there ARE no UFOs, tell everyone there is and watch the resulting chaos

I'm pretty sure there's something, even if it was a big psyop.


a full eight years without being killed or impeached?
Good luck

Deport all illegals. Repeal 65 immigration act, stop all immigration bar some caveats. Reintroduce Gold Standard, make paper Gold trading illegal, freeze all Assets of Google, Apple, Microsoft and break them up. Take owed tax off them. Enforce 2nd Amendment no exceptions.

>Declare private ownership of land, resources, and essentially anything Marx defined as the means of production by private individuals illegal.
>Remove all laws and existing references to laws that define things like 'obscenity' of artistic materials as illegal. Any imagery, artwork, and similar creations are protected from censor or legal action as long as they meet the standard of not depicting actual physical or mental abuse of a real individual either living or dead.
>Define any individual who wishes to practice their religion in public or private as someone who is required to devote their entire life to religious study of all currently known religions. Any individual who refuses to meet this standard must rescind their rights to practice their religion and identify as non-theist or agnostic.

With enough time we will reach fully automated anarcho-communism with burger characteristics.

We're not in europe, muslims here are less radical on average than evangelicals, have better views on LGBT, etc. Waste of money tbh


Also all the foreign policy means well but you'll have to maneuver more deftly to not get fucked at every corner.

How much non-secular writing is actually written into the constitution? I thought it was mostly just interpreted in ways to allow for religious discrimination/exception through loopholes by evangelicals but isn't explicitly religious in any context


One more
>Massively downsize the military by requiring training of the use of arms for all legal citizens who meet a sufficient mental and physical standard, with issuing of a personal weapon or set of weapons determined to be of sufficient technological advancement by the current military to be used in the case of invasion with regular basic training in it's use. Every one citizen in the republic who is armed and trained in this way will mean one member of the current enlisted military will be removed from their post until the entire standing army of the US consists of citizens who work and live there. Declarations of foreign wars will be conducted under the existing constitutional standard requiring the approval of congress.