Alt-Right Hate Thread?

Alt-Right Hate Thread?

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Hello Clinton shills. In case you hadn't realized, this board is not reddit, we do not cater to liberals. Kindly fuck off.

Evening Holla Forums.


/p-pol/ was never alt-right, c-cuck.

Evening CTR

We have a bazillion "le nazis r so dum XDDD" threads a week that always include Anarkiddie fellation, people who are infinitely more counterrevolutionary than so called "fascists". You can take your shilling over to reddit.


Holla Forums you can do better…




I've been waiting to post this. The White Aryan Warriors of Holla Forums believe they are the victims of cyber attacks because their hard drives stop working. Of course, the Jews are blamed for their hardware failures.

Anyone who still references CTR post election is a gigantic autist

Metonymy, lad.

Literally who? Is this Holla Forums's new Soros stand-in?


Fantastic thread

Down-playing soros.

What did this faggot mean by this?

so are we implying altright is anyone with a swastika?

Yes, the less faggy thing is definitely to obsess about them instead.

I bet Soros and Brock are definitely funding anarchists and communists though, right?

well, that's what liberals are doing so I guess?

wow, what a great thread!
did you pull these memes out of the 90's?



Wow. Your memes are so much better. Please teach us your ways.



Is that American Dugin?

They're known to be friends. There are pictures of them eating together in some restaurant in Moscow.

Soros and Dugin?



I get this feeling that the attempts to divide the Alt-Right and Left is an attempt by porky to prevent us from organizing.

The more we squabble the more chances for porky's head to remain undomed.

The pleb alt-rightists are all hardcore capitalists though.
But yeah, we're all probably being played by the secret masters.

Found this gem a while ago.

looks a bit photoshopped


of course they are.
you are like a tryhard autistic newfaggot.
Holla Forums is big leagues, meme artistry you will never reach

of course they are.
you are like a tryhard autistic newfaggot.
Holla Forums is big leagues, meme artistry you will never reach

go use meme generator or something



don't you mean Palmer Luckey's memes?



Wonder woman was an excuse to sell bondage pictures to kids

It's like the actual embodiment of nerds getting mad that comics are no longer aimed at them.


That story is the best thing I've heard.

You mean the bourgeoisie? There is no grand narrative, just the exploiters and the perpetuation of their system.

Fucking cuck.

It's hard to tell when a Canadian is shit posting and when they're serious


Noncommie here, people who actually identify as alt-right are fucking gross.

I've never met a remotely pleasant Alt-Right fag.

I've had pleasant debates with conservatives and even fundamentalist Christians.

sargons ass goddamn
im not into bara but I would fucking smash that


dude, sargon is so god damn thicc


Holy fuck is that a Sargon nude?

Is that Sargon's butt????

Why am I just seeing this?

I both understand and do not understand their obession with how evil lesbians are, when not even all of them are feminists.

I know it's a double that there are women out there simply beyond not interested, in the territory of being attracted to the shape of another woman, the attraction for men just isn't there.

But what I find most fascinating is they embrace figures like Milo who, are themselves gay.

It's just so mind numbingly hypocritical, and the worst part is they don't even see it.

Lesbians are a double whammy for incels. In their minds, these women already have special status just by being women. It's only made worse for them that not only can they not compete with these priviIeged females, but they are precluded from the get-go by the very nature of their sexual attraction. With heterosexual girls, they might be in a distant last place compared to the vile CHADS, but with lesbians they're disqualified before they even hear the gun.

Milo's homosexuality is a non-factor for them because he's one less male to compete with. He might be a degenerate-blacked-gayboi, but he says mean things to feminists. To permavirgin incels his sexuality is a plus because despite his Chadishness, being a buttpirate makes him sexually nonthreatening.

Why do aut-rightists have such eminently punchable faces?


I know this isn't an alt-right cringe thread, but I figured I'd post this here anyway.

In a weird way, Shia's failed art project kind of worked. Though not in the way he intended.


Look at the shape of his skull. ==WAKE UP SHEEPLE==

FUCK. Redtext is 2hard4me.

Inbreeding among the European aristocracy.

This guy is a Tory faggot though and not alt right.


he got banned from twitter for sending nudes and porn to random people

gosh darn PC SJWs silenced him for that, can you believe it?