Who /agreewithphil/ here?

Who /agreewithphil/ here?

Why are weird twitter so quick to trivialize pedophilia among elites?

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Too horrible to believe.

It's one thing to believe the ruling class has a lot of pedos and quite another to buy into a Holla Forums cuckspiracy that refrences to a pizza place is organizing child fucking.

This. Greaves has a weird hateboner for anyone who doesn't subscribe to his paranoid worldview.

Nobody said there are no "pedo rings" in the capitalist class with the ability to use power to cover their crimes.
However, the problem isn't capitalists having pedophiles too, but their ability to exploit and break the law constantly on all levels because of their class status.
Pizzagate is a retarded conspiracy smokescreening the real issue and driving attention to a supposedly morally bankrupt minority within the capitalist class.

Take a wild guess, who is promoting such ideas? Does it sound familiar, no?

Daily reminder that there's literally nothing wrong with pedophilia as long as it isn't acted on.
If anything, the hysteria over pedophilia is why secretive groups might be motivated to use child abuse as an initiation ritual. It makes for great blackmail material.
If humanity treated the problem in a more rational and solution-oriented way, it would actually be harder for them to get away with it.

I think there are a lot of (non-exclusive) pedos everywhere. Estimates put it at around ~1-2% of the population. The people who end up in power just tend to be the less ethical, more evil types, so the ones who are pedos are more willing to act out their desires.

jesus fucking christ here we go


Because Pizzagate is an obvious counterintelligence operation meant to be as ridiculous as possible to deflect attention from the fact that the elite really do engage in child sexual abuse. Given the far-right deep state elements backing Trump it should be no surprise that this sort of thing started on Holla Forums.

I really really really really really hope it isn't true. Like my heart says no. But my head, my head tells me (not pizzagate) but something very similar is going on. There is sooooooo much pedophilia among a class who are constantly followed by cameras. I refuse to believe loads of people did not know about Jimmy Saville or Epstein

Google Marcel Dutroux

They found that rich people feel independent from society and thus not beholdent to law or even just common decency.

Fuck off PissPig, go back to occupying Arab land Zionist scum :DDD

I know, but there's some evidence for this stuff, I think it was proven to be happening in Belgium.


People think pedophilia among elites is the result of 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'

It's actually how the deep state blackmails them.



There were other whistleblowers who said that pedophile rings were set up to recruit politicians via blackmail. i.e. they rose to power BECAUSE they were pedophiles and could be controlled, not the reverse

It's not rocket science you dumb commies

top kek

Great shilling dude

Literally all of the somethingawful mods are pedophiles, google aatrek

The New Left and its cultural penumbra has a lot to answer for imo
Allen Ginsberg = pedo
Samuel Delany = pedo
Danny Cohn-Bendit =pedo
Libertarian-left = waaah stop opressing me & let me fuck kids

Wilde, was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me you see. Straight up pedo that sucker was…

'But Fryer further claims, this time controversially, that Douglas told Gide he was looking forward to seducing Wilde's nine-year-old son, Cyril, as soon as he got the opportunity. It is not suggested that Wilde raised any objection to this sort of talk; nor does Fryer himself raise any objections. Unlike most of Wilde's friends, Douglas didn't have to pretend to be decadent, and most readers will sigh with relief that the relationship between Wilde and Douglas ended, however terrible the circumstances, before little Cyril could face the potential consequences of the latter's advances.'

Fuck off, /liberty/

Porkys commit crime all the time but even if pizzagate was real it should come as no surprise or be seeing as anything special or new

I really don't care if it's true or not, it drags their names through the mud and demonizes them in front of the proles. Libel campaigns should become more frequent among the working class against these politicians and corporate cocksuckers.

It's a pizza place owned by a guy who is friends with the most powerful people in the world, named one of the nation's top influencers, and is also oddly built over an old underground rail system and of course has instagram pictures of them digging holes deep into the ground

also said guy is a faggot, has a lot of weird sexual imagery of children on his stuff, has a profile pic of some statue of a roman kid who used to get fucked by an emperor

He even had a drawn picture of a map to a pig farm that turned out to be owned by an anesthesiologist


Post their instagram

I'm moving to Ancapistan.

It's curious that all these ostensible child protection laws were enacted right around the time the DLC took over the Democratic Party. I suspect that the phenomenon of the child as precious state inventory was due to the DLC creating problems for the people and offering solutions for themselves.

Don't forget Horatio Alger = pedo. Why do Holla Forumssters love those stories, anyway?


Believing this is like believing that COINTELPRO operates through sending each other rubber duckies in the mail

You can believe conspiracies and crime exist without believing they exist in the most autistic way possible

Has the pizza place owner said, "The freer the market, the freer the people?" Then it's a conspiracy. He's not a pedo

Lots of liberal performative shaming in here.

Just because you heard the word pizza and cringed doesn't mean you know what it's about

The guys who owned the place were all gay and posting gay porn and made cryptic jokes about eating babies and bizarre sexual innuendo when discussing children on their instagram (before the conspiracy theory started) which they deleted. They bring drag queens in there and do weird shit with pigs blood. That's not a normal children's pizza place.

And all the democrat politicians went there, why?

I have yet to see any convincing evidence of any "weird shit" going on at that place that isn't a gigantic leap in logic. And I'm just posting a reminder that when pedophile rings ARE ousted they end up having a fucking ledger with names and way fewer code words and satanic imagery than this kind of thing. Just literally "yeah we paid X for these kids to go to Y"

The common thread between the coven seems to be support of neoliberalism. I seem to remember Sens. McCain and/or Graham implicated in it.

Logic? You sound like a bourgeois television-watching liberal watching their future as beta bull circle the drain. Nobody owes you a worked proof. This is intelligence work. Probable cause is enough.



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go back to ancapistan

weird-twitter is full of goons and goons love pedos
it's not complicated OP