The guy believes he's genetically superior


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He has taken the bogpill. Soon he will ascend.

hell yeah

and by saying that you are permitted to use violence against him.


The guy's 63 years old, anyone who's not an obsessive fitness nut is going to look shit at 63

well then why isn't he an obsessive fitness nut? What is he? A beta cuck?

And of course the willing CNN zombies will not provide a shred of evidence to actually support this claim

no hes a fucking hardcore politics geek (and likely a Holla Forumsack) who hijacked the job of advising the president of the united states. im 99% sure hes the one behind most of these executive orders. trump is handling the business and branding side, while bannon is basically doing what he wants, and trump just signs his name.
reminder: bannon has read more political theory than you. he is apparently a huge admirer of lenin and is likely more well versed in socialism than you.
im not defending the guy in any way, but i am saying that he is in a position of extreme power right now, and people need to know more about him and his motives. if you want a good idea of the trajectory of the presidency, it would be wise to learn as much as possible about him

Hes an opportunist who made money shilling sensationalist crap to neckbeards and then jumped on Trumps anti immigrant bandwagon. Please do not pretend he is some kind of arch villain

insightful thread

t. Steve Bannon

No shit Washington DC deserves to be nuked regardless of the "party" it represents

Where do you think you are? The place where we give white house politicians hugs?

That's for Holla Forums

Both my parents are over that and they look fine. Oh right, burgers.

It loos like he has an uncontrollable alcohol fix and uncontrollable psoriasis all at the same time, and hasn't moisturized any part of his body in at least 25 years; let alone washed his face.

Better body horror than The Fly

And where the fuck are his lips

He ate them


Violence against the right is always justified.

The only question is it constitutes a viable strategy.

"I'm not a white nationalist"

t. Steve Banennon

Yes, violence against Antifa muscadins is definitely justified. :^)

Why was muke hugging that furry?

Its clearly not muke, hes a bit darker.

Don't lie Muke, we know that is you cosplaying as reddit fragility.

They're not even remotely similar.

I see the dioxin is taking care of that.

retard, he isnt a socialist, literally just a retard who because he liked that Lenin replaced the government he thinks that makes him a leninist, he is a nazi tier idiot

The place where you should learn from other's retardation if you want any power

He was making a joke you sperg

Nah but self defense always is.