He only speaks one language

He only speaks one language.

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Who cares, some future version of English will become the world language anyway. It might not be fair but it's true.

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I see it divided up into spheres, instead.

There might be as many Chinese speakers as English speakers but those are mostly peasants with no real impact on world culture, English has Hollywood, the NYT bestsellers list, most of the internet, probably more great works of literature, music, screen, than anywhere else, and is still the main audience for consumer media of all kinds. As for Spanish I don't know much about that.

Is Cantonese widely spoken as a second language?

Thats because the internet originated in the anglosphere
that becomes less and less true as more places start using the internet.
You overestimate english. 'ENGLISH ONE WORLD LANGUAGE!' is mostly a meme peddled by people who want it to become true.


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Obviously there are many great works from other places, not saying English has a complete stranglehold, but I don't think there's any one other language that can rival English other than maybe Latin etc (which hardly counts). I'd like to know if you could suggest anything.

And yes the internet is from the Anglosphere, that's the point. Of course China is kind of developing their own internet but it doesn't have the same penetration of the 'wider' English internet.

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Well my guess is the coastal cities will continue to lead china in tech and such, and so it will replace mandarin as the dominant language
It's pure ideology guessing, tho

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I'd like to know why you think english probably has the most besides maybe latin. Im inclined to think any language with as many or more speakers historically is likely has as many if not more great works. I supose from that, I'd say, Chinese, Arabic?

French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
You just know about the English ones because that's what literature courses teach

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okay, I'm probably biased, I don't know much about great literature in general so I'll just back down on that one.


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I can read/write in 3 and speak 4. But the shitty thing is my dad can speak 7 languages, making me feel inadequate somehow.

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