As an lgbtbbq individual why should I support communism?

As an lgbtbbq individual why should I support communism?

At least capitalism tries to reduce the number of close minded bigots by educating people about sexuality, genders etc, yes they don't do it out of the goodness of their heart but that profits me with a safe existenc since it means I ll met let mentally fucked bigots who hate me for who I am and could even become violent if given the chance. At least capitalism often has penalties for hate crimes and supports LGBT rights.

Meanwhile communism means that if a close minded community like most dumb humans decide anything different is bad like in the past I am fucked.

And don't pretend like idpol will magically disappear, I ve seen threads here about gays, lesbians, trans etc or even fat people and most are still hateful and post negative shit about the existence of those instead of let others live and be who they want.

There is no unification of proletariat when the proletariat is close minded and fights among itself, and there has been no solution for it because minorities will always exist and majority will always fall to the "reeee anything different is mental I'll" trap

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laws of economics doesn't really care about shape/size/origin/name of your genital(s). Not really sure why you are feeling so insecure.

So, what you're saying is you're placated about wider inequality and oppression if Starbucks puts a rainbow flag on their website or cups.

Homosexuality is bourgeois decadence. You'll get the guillotine alongside porky.


*Every religion ever


I'd rather blame Reagan for not doing shit to contain an autoimmune viral epidemic.

Orthodox leftism in general is currently a bit of an autistic conundrum. The left will always be outflanked on the "left" in identity politics by the liberal bourgeois and their sjw fellow travelers and more imported immigrants and more gays and trannys means more identity politics and inter-sectional discourse and orthodox lefts have to grudgingly criticise policies that counter those issues because they score political points for the right wing or signal against them and alienate the "left" which is really what 90% of the population considers to be the actual left. So essentially you are stuck in a position where only faith in dialectical materialism and accelerationism will solve these things since you can't not accept 90% of what currently is the left and dismiss their idpol concerns entirely or else you would be just like regular Holla Forums making the situation extremely excellent on top of having to rationalise the crimes of previous socialist regimes and current ones which the "left" doesn't consider to be socialism when compared to say Sweden

Humans do care, you can literally just go anywhere and you ll find bigots whining about homosexuality existing, trans or whatever, and some will even get mad about sexual education instead of "don't tell kids different things exist, there's only one right way"

Hell you don't even need to look far, this very forum is full of it if you post an LGBT related thread, and I am not talking about the ones who just shout idpol and leave, I ma talking about autists like who use whatever they have been taught, from religion to political ideology and twist it in a way that it supports their hate for different people.
If you are lgbtbbq but not obvious or in some ultra liberal area you ll easily hear the bigotry by the idiots who think there are no lgbt people around them because nobody is obvious gay

It doesn't profit from it when it can use it as a tool for profit

LGBT bourgeoisie are enemies

LGBT workers are not

I swear is it just one person making these fucking threads every day or is it just a symptom of individualist rot?

It''s individualist rot

Nice spooks

OP is a faggot.

It's not nice to call someone a fag, you faggot.

Well, one of my coworker is Trans woman and I try my best not to discriminate anything. Although I do not fucking understand why would anyone impose such harsh transition to their own body. And if you don't waste everyone's time with id pol nobody will jump in to exert daily dose of autistic screeching.

Wrong flag faggot

If your sexual identity is your biggest struggle in life, you will probably end up on the chopping block when the revolution comes, so I guess it's not in your interest.

t. gay leftist

thrown into the bog

Honestly, from what I can tell most leftists don't care. Mind your personal business and fight the good fight and all that shit.
t. trap

is this the new spicy variation on the helicopter maymay?

That is what you do, that is no shared by most people. I was literally in a seminar where the topic came up and homophobes/transphobes kept whining about sexual education and saying how disgusting and immoral it is because they assumed everyone around them is straight and like them since I don't look gay or talk about it it much.

Many people think that way, unless you are in some ultra liberal area and simply avoid the topic unless they believe they are surrounded by mentally fucked homophobes that will agree with their autism.

And as to the trans thing, normal cis men don't have thoughts of being a woman or whatever for years, so the only other way is repression which never truly works or change.

Most people don't know about idpol being bad, or pretend they don't care about idpol until something controversial arrives and they happily jump on the hate train

You think that is big, imagine what will happen once cuntmen become more popular and known, most people don't even know we exist and their reaction outside the internet is almost always negative


We as in people who are also cuntmen, not we as in this board

is this the true power of bourgeois propaganda???

Oh, and next you gonna tell me that women's liberation was a result of protests too instead of economics, right?

crazy, I know

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Um, capitalism systematizes bigotry. It gives it an economic platform.

Why do you think red states pass those "freedom of religion" laws? Why do you think Republicans are trying to give businesses a free pass to be bigots in the name of practicing your religion?

If you took capitalism out of the equation, literally the only thing a bigot could do is call you a mean name. But in a capitalist society, bigots can fuck you over financially, economically. They can refuse to do business with you, they can refuse you a job, they can refuse to sell you goods. This is especially true of race, where banks have been known for a long time to refuse loans to PoC, or gentrify neighborhoods by foreclosing on blacks.

And worse yet, rich capitalists have a much easier time getting into public office. Look up most congresspeople. The vast majority of them were business owners, previous CEOs or other leadership in industry. The guys passing these controversial and bigoted laws are literally bourgeois. So ask yourself, what bred these people you call the enemy? Betsy DeVos in a billionaire who will do little to protect the handicapped. What gave her the platform to be nominated to her position? Do you think it was her money, her massive donations the GOP?

It won't but leftism can remedy the situation by taking away a massive weapon in the arsenal of bigots, money, class, and power.

Also another thing to consider too, when banks or businesses discriminate, there is often a profit motivation behind it. Not always, but often.

For instance, from my experiencing dealing with Asian-American liberal SJWs, an issue they have is with unfair representation and cultural appropriation in media. Look at the Last Samurai (starring a white guy) as an example.

Banks gentrifying neighborhoods is another example. They wouldn't do this if their wasn't money to make, and white middle class people who are more economically stable are a better sell for loans than poor blacks barely getting by. It doesn't even have to be inherent racism, its just good business.

I'm not saying the abolition of Capitalism will solve all problems, but the common method of liberal SJWs is to target a shift in attitude, which IMO is only a half measure. You are fighting a losing battle if you think you can change everybody's attitude.

No, no sane people mutilate their dick to make a vagina looking axe wound.


Human nature is let loose in communism, unlike capitalism which is cucked to a degree.



Communism has been going on for ages in the past, small shitty communities hunting and killing minorities.

It's time to stop user.

They don't.
(not 100% due to communist regimes but we do see a recurring theme here.)

And then we look at the West again. Whoa what a difference. Communist countries are focused on communal matters and are usually not focused on individual freedom, which is the antithesis of statism, one of the pillars of communism.


Exactly, fucking Castro hated gays

If you're a queer worker, then not only would communism benefit you as a worker, it would also benefit you as a queer person — because discrimination is less about some people being "bigoted" than them having power over you. Communism seeks to abolish these arbitrary hierarchies.

If you're a queer capitalist, communism won't benefit you — you will have to go.

This is a very recent development, more-or-less confined to Western societies. Moreover they're a result of liberal values, not of "capitalism" proper. Capitalism used to have no problem with brutal and cruel homophobia not so long ago.

I'm going to need a citation on the progressive credentials of the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia, OP

You should not, you not wanting to follow your "species-essence" will fuck up their economic planning, meaning you will b gulag'd

Join the anarchists instead

Communism is anarchist you dumb fuck

No fags allowed

You won't get killed and buried in a bog if Communism comes about.

Stalincucks reveal they are Holla Forumsacks

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because you will have free medical insurance. don't you want to treat your mental illness?

Ok but how is faggotry not mental illness tho? Why do you need a flag to make love? Why are faggots so insanely obsessed with sex? Why do you have to parade around naked? Why when normal people gets punched he got punched, but when a faggot gets punched its a hate crime and the worst thing that ever happened? Why do you want more rights than normal people? Why are you all useless good for nothing shitters like fashion designers, and never something useful to society? Why is spreading AIDS normal??? Why are you hyper promiscuous, filthy diseased flamboyant disgusting shreeking faggots??

Why the fuck should I accept ANY of this bullshit if I can bury you in a swamp and make my life better?

Holla Forums, nazbol is the shitposting flag, you used the wrong one

Holla Forums, nazbol is the shitposting flag, you used the wrong one

provide 1 study, 1, that associates homosexuality with a genetic factor.

i'm not saying hurr durr it's a choice, but it's obviously a mental illness. what bothers me is how it's pushed so hard, to the point where in the us it has replaced class struggle all together.

I'm not being moralistic here, It's a fact that lgbtsfrgretg+ idpol has replaced class struggle in the murkan "left". it's also a fact that there is no genetic factor linked to homosexuality. It's also a fact that the founders of the lgbt movement were pedos, I'm not making this shit up


Holla Forums at least try next time

So you are telling me all these are Holla Forums?

the fuck are you even implying here?

faggotry is a basilisk hack that ruins the minds of the weak.

no please, provide me with scientific evidence that homosexuality is linked to a gene, and not a mental disorder developed during adolescence or childhood. if you provide me scientific evidence, i am willing to admit you're right


this is all facts

honest to fucking god, if he posts scientific evidence right here and now saying that homosexuality is linked to some genetic factor and not environmental stimuli (like ideology), i'll change my opinion based on the new facts i was provided. you know, like a rational person

And we could provide data that founders of the modern lgbt movement in murka were confirmed pedos

k gimme a sec

Holla Forums isnt even trying, i told you to use the nazbol flag, you look too obvious witthout it

I am waiting for them to ask for data. Than we can start dumping…

But they never ask….funny….

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2 Holla Forumstards supporting each other's mutual delusion
How new, you are in the wrong board btw, this is /lefty/pol/ ;^)

Is there any faggot or a faggot supporter out there to address just a single question in ?
All I got so far is
Which makes no sense.
0/10 would murder a fag again

Studies comparing identical and fraternal twins suggest there is some heritable component to homosexuality, but no one believes that a single gene or genes can make a person gay. Any genetic predispositions probably interact with environmental factors that influence development of a sexual orientation.

You are an lgbt barbecue individual?


top arguments my dudes

w-what? it's just an expression you autist, I'm still waiting for that data

i do, decadent capitalist ideology and probably trauma as a child. And to be frank with you, i don't even care about adult consenting homosexuals if they can be functional people. But this umbrella term LGBTQ+ w/e has started to include mental illnesses like gender dysphoria, trying to normalize the tendency to seek castration and enforcing these barbaric practices on small children when it's been MEDICALLY CONFIRMED that gender dysphoria passes after puberty by itself in 98% of boys and 88% of girls. They are offering those children CHEMICAL AND SURGICAL CASTRATION, STERILIZING THEM. do you understand this? and on top of that, they also try to normalize this so even children without gender dysphoria become confused at a tender age when they don't even understand the concept of gender

you can clearly see what I just said was published in the DSM-V

no i don't. however, when someone is unable to perform one of our basic evolutionary functions (reproduction), this is clearly a disorder. I'm not saying I'm against gay people, or against their rights, I'm all for them even adopting children. What I am against is the normalization of a mental pathology through neoliberal ideology, and it's use as a weapon against class struggle. Also, there is an undeniable link between male homosexuality and pedophilia, I can post relevant studies if you want. Again, not saying all homos are pedos, I'm saying they have a tendency to be though, probably due to development of similar pathophysiological states. Gender dysphoria is where I draw the line, since it includes castration and sterilization of mentally ill people. You know who did this?

Ye nice strawman. I'm not even saying being bi is abnormal, I'm saying that being gay, aka not being able to copulate with the opposite sex, a process that's in our dna and should be natural to anyone, is a mental illness

so you're saying ideology can make you gay? if that's the case, why would we promote it as a society? you do know homosexuals have a higher depression rate right and generally more unstable lifestyle than heterosexuals right? If neither is right or wrong (stupid moralist concepts), why not accept the one that's better for the individual's mental health?

I can post relevant studies on everything by the way

here, nice nigger swastika

. >>he doesnt know what causes homosexuality
Educate us, please do….
We are not in make believe land…we have data. Please ask us for data.
Nope, we are not claiming that. Do you want to know what we think ?
thank you

nope, is user board.

This is theory. We asked for data.
Do you understand difference between theory and scientific data ? would you like me to explain it to you ?

let me guess…next "argument" will be that we are "homophobes" ?

hey Holla Forums

Sorry i cant help you with your close minded mental illness that automatically hates anything different, only solution for you is suicide:\

well ok you're shitposting

anyone that has any data proving anything i said wrong, please do provide them. I will be glad to change my entire view on the subject if data indicating the opposite are presented, this conclusion i've come to has been based on the fact that 1) the lgbt movement started with the rise of neoliberalism in the 1973, many of the original activists were cia shills diverting the black liberation movement of mlk from its class roots to idpol, 2) this continues today with modern liberals 3) there is no evidence that genes cause homosexuality, hence it is an environmental phenomenon contrary to popular liberal belief

if you can disprove any of these, go ahead

And thanks to the homophobes and transphobes that have confirmed OP's point.

op is shitposting m8

You've been shitposting with that flag in every thread, my dude.. You need to stop sperging out about things you don't like and attributing it to spooky anti-leftist things.

I knew this would happen, so i am not surprised since i said
This would happen inevitable and they are far too many to just be Holla Forums shitposters.

Some people on leftypol seem to try to want to be optimistic but lets be honest, reality suggests otherwise, and we are not even talking about reality in some right wing bigot safe space like Holla Forums, we are talking about his very board who is supposed to be about communism.

pic related

And only time communists were for lgbtqi…rights were in time of lenin. It did not last long on March 7, 1934, Article 121 was added to the criminal code, for the entire Soviet Union, that expressly prohibited only male homosexuality

OP, the whole *point* of Communism is to force everyone to become gay. Come on now.

Back to Holla Forums newfag, or lurk more.

There is absolutely nothing phobic about not wanting AIDS parading in your face. There is also nothing irrational in thinking that putting 400 pounds of lard on a human frame is healthy, virtuous, good in any sense or meaning of the word.

Normal people are getting sick and tired of walking on eggshells, and getting absolutely nothing in return. These leftists degenerates are getting far more annoying than all the porkies combined.



it is a truth.

Prove it then

The Communist Party abolished all Czarist laws and its subsequent criminal code in the 1920s did not criminalize non-commercial same-sex sexuality between consenting adults in private. It also provided for no-fault divorce and legalized abortion.[8] However, homosexuality remained a criminal offense in certain Soviet republics in the 1920s.

In 1933, Joseph Stalin added Article 121 to the entire Soviet Union criminal code, which made male homosexuality a crime punishable by up to five years in prison with hard labor. The precise reason for Article 121 is in some dispute among historians. The few official government statements made about the law tended to confuse homosexuality with pedophilia and was tied up with a belief that homosexuality was only practiced among fascists or the aristocracy.

The law remained intact until after the dissolution of the Soviet Union; it was repealed in 1993

The Hoxhaist regime in Albania penalized same-sex sexual intercourse with long prison terms, bullying and ostracism. Article 137 of the Crimes against Societal Moral of the Penal Code stated that: "Pederasty is punishable or up to ten years of freedom privation"

The People's Republic of Bulgaria retained the penal code of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, that criminalized male same-sex sexual intercourse over 16 years of age with at least 6 months of imprisonment. The Penal Code of 13 March 1951 increased the penalty to up to 3 years in jail.[50] The revised Penal Code of 1 May 1968 legalized male same-sex intercourse.

In North Korea, LGBT rights are very limited and the subject of homosexuality remains a taboo subject. While the government proclaims tolerance for gay people and has stated its belief that homosexuality is not a choice and rather due to genetic factors, it rejects the alleged "promiscuity and classism" of gay culture in the West

When the People's Republic of China was established in 1949, the Communist Party declared homosexuality a sign of bourgeois decadence.

Hmm it seems as if NK is against lgbtwtfbbq because of "muh West"

Hey look and the last statement needs a citation to that claim : )

Western gay culture is bourg af and absolutely worth eliminating. Despite Westerners' moist fantasies, the West does not define humanity.

I'm LGBT and even I can see that most of those things were due to early misunderstandings about sexuality. The science is coming out on these things more and more. People "want" to just be able to fuck most anybody they like and not be bothered. Instating Communism is the west will accelerate science to a whole new level and release many valuable LGBT comrades who will contribute from having to work for a living to raise the level of awareness and science-based treatment of LGBTs to it's utmost level. We're getting closer and closer to be able to rewrite genes completely. Do you not want state-funded sex changes on a ""genetic level"" to be available to all?

Gender neoliberalism? No thanks.

What does this even 'mean???'

Stalin was right

funny how haters are always the most stupid simpletons

Exactly, if you notice homophobes love generalizing and simplifying the world to fit it in their tiny minds ;^)

pls user

gtfo liberal

i dont even care about that man, i really don't. all i care about is that lgbt is overtaking class struggle, and they're pushing for castration of kids.

not that i defend jailing homos, but you're simply wrong about historical marxists

peak bourg idealism. there is actually no science proving that being gay is linked to a specific gene, hence it is ideologically connected and probably stems from childhood trauma associated from the father (there are studies for this too, unlike your claims i can post real science). go see a shrink mate, instead of trying to "normalize" chemical castration for children. you sick fuck

ok you're just baiting. why the fuck am i responding to this shitty thread, the only response you'll get from me is when u post any semblance of proof about sexuality being linked to specific genes

And by the way, here are your lgbt sexual liberators' decadent perversions in case you dont believe me

Alen Ginsberg

Because you are a terrible troll begging for your, I feel charitable, here

Or you are just insecure and are trying to convince yourself to believe the crap it says

might as well post some more "pioneers" of this "revolutionary" movement

Larry Kramer

ok bro, ill keep posting facts about the pedos leading the lgbt movement and you keep defending pedophilia :^)

Marshal Kirk and Hunter Madsen wrote in an essay

neither is eye-color you twat, you don't understand genetic science very well and neither did Hitler, that's why he thought killing people would get rid of the bad genes when he didn't even fucking realize the people he wasn't killing carried them as well, they just weren't activated or didn't carry the right battery of genes to result in an abnormality

another segment of their book "after the ball"


wow look at that, they identified 2 loci mainly responsible for that genetic trait, along with several others that are thought to play regulatory roles. turns out eye colour is purely genetic. you know, unlike your mental illness

top kek m8. i took mendelian genetics, advanced genetics and population genetics during my BA. got any more non-arguments?


uploaded full article too, citing similar finding in 5 other studies

Top fucking kek

you can't be this stupid right? if homosexuals are 3% of the population, in a random sample of pedophiles only 3% should be homosexuals. yet in this study (many studies even claim higher percentages), 25% had erections about boys and 15% more showed other symptoms of arousal. this clearly links homosexuality with pedophilia

nah brah, there are various correlations between homos and pedos, if it wasnt so taboo to hate on fags these things would be common knowledge

for example, it is not unknown for homo couples to adopt a young boy and sodomize him, there are quite a few examples of this happening

Your childhood?

man what is up with this board and one line insults, there's no discussion here, its either a single line of greentext or an insult or some other nonarguments every post
does anyone out there even care?

faggots are a menace to society and getting rid of them makes as much sense as getting rid of any other kind of disease that lowers the organism's overall survival

Bourgeois detected. You are delusional if you think it is capitalism that protects you. And worse you let your fellow humans rot and die to imperialism just so that you can live out this fantasy where you exist in a society that protects and values you. Open sexuality etc is characteristic of all late stage civilizations yet you give credit to the most destructive force in the modern world. Disgusting. Now, I can't speak for everyone especially not the Holla Forumstards who come here to troll I think the majority of the hatred for LGBT here is directed at the "community" for being a capitalist tool and not the individuals.

Now it's time for you to go to the /gulag/
or you know, stop being expoitive Bourgeois scum

It's still the internet. Atleast these comments don't get upboated unlike other websites

doesn't say that gays are more prone to pedophilia

funny thing is lgbt go hand in hand with catholic child rapists, many lgbt organizations are actually funded by the catholic church, one of the most reactional organizations in the world

easy there adolf. i didn't say gas the gays, there are homosexual men that, even while having this issue, still manage to live healthy lives.

what angers me is how liberals use these mental disorders for political gain, and "leftists" eat that shit up without doing any research. If you support chemical or surgical castration of children because of a dysphoria that like i said here passes after puberty in 98% and 88% of boys and girls representatively, you are literally supporting nazi dogma of castration of the mentally ill

read under "implications for pedophilia"

right but I am not advocating any nazi policy, nor am I advocating anything special really
I just want to make punching faggots a regular crime, just like punching a normal person, not a 'oh my gooooooooood this is the worst tragedy in the universe' hate crime bullshit
they should be fined for disrupting a public traffic for no fucking reason and throwing a faggot tantrums, they can go and parade somewhere where they dont disrupt the traffic
there should be no special laws catering to them, they should be treated like normal people

and when a normal person demands a flag because he cant stuff his orifices without one, we tell them to fuck off or put them in a cell for 6 hours to sober up and send them home..

When someone says this they probably are

Children haven't developed primary sexual characteristics so that hardly establishs a link between the two. Pedo's often like both. That doesn't make them the same as what is typically refered to as gay. "But wait user people who identify as gay are more likely to molest children than someone who doesn't " that's an astute observation, but I must point out that this is merely a correlation. Evidence has shown that people who were abused as children are much more likely to commmit abuse themselves. As it stands a link has been established between former abuse and molesting childern as well as former abuse and homosexuality, but this would suggest that the abuse experienceed in childhood is the source of both the homosexuality and desire to abuse children, meaning homosexuality is merely correlated.

It's pretty obvious that you have a special disliking for homosexuals.

There is absolutely nothing threatening the human organisms survival at this point. You can plot the exponential growth rate and death rate together in one graph for every life form in existence and except for specific bacteria or viruses, there is no other life form in existence that outpaces it's death curve more than humans. If anything overpopulation threatens human life in the longer term, meaning homosexs are a good thing to have around since they contribute to the species without breeding.

Unimaginable hubris.

Not really. You could kill literally two thirds of all humans and we'd still bounce back over the exponential death rate we are breeding so quickly and dying so little relative to other species.

He's not wrong. At one point in our history we became critically endangered due to Ice Age climactic change turning Africa, as dry as could be. On top of this, other forms of life were going extinct as well, the kind we hunted.

We died from malnourishment into a population of no more than 2,000.

Every single person on Earth today, is the progeny of no less than 2,000 individuals.

Perhaps bad shit will happen, but Homo Sapiens are tenacious.

The thing to keep in mind is organisms evolved different breeding patterns and birth rates to sustain their population in the ecosystem. For example mice aren't going extinct because even though they die rapidly they put out 20-30 pups. If only like 10% of their pups make it to adult that's 2 or 3 mice for every 1 pairing.

Homo Sapiens adopted a model that relies on slightly better survival rates of offspring, but we still could put out something like 8-15 children earlier on in our species' history. Now that we've hacked the entire environment and ecosystem to have a ridiculously high survival rate, even if you're looking at an average rate of 2-3 kids (which I think is close to the actual figure projected statistically) that's close to 99% survival rate.

The problem with human growth right now is we've pretty much completely gotten rid of our offspring dying easily and early. Most mammalian species don't have this luxury. It would take a ridiculous cataclysmic atmospheric change that would make life on earth extremely hostile to human life to change this in any meaningful way. Even a huge series of multiple serious epidemic diseases, or multiple wars with fatality rates of WWII at this point would barely make a dent in our overall population.

That's why I said "catastrophic"

but in this study (and many others) the subject had distinct different reactions while viewing female and male children, teens and adults. the sex preference remained the same

observed fraternal birth order effect was not really an artifact of parental age.
The linear regression analyses of phallometric data were a sensitive means for
showing that sexual orientation correlates with number of older brothers among
pedophiles as it does among teleiophiles. These analyses did not, however, show
whether homosexual pedophiles (conceived as a discrete group) have more older
brothers than men in the general population, or where heterosexual and bisexual
pedophiles stand in this regard. Another analysis was therefore carried out, using
the already-mentioned gynephilic control group.
In this analysis, the full group of 260 Toronto and Campbellford pedophiles
were divided into three groups according to their offense histories or self-reported
erotic preferences: 152 heterosexual pedophiles (men with offenses or self-reported
attractions involving girls only), 43 bisexual pedophiles (boys and girls), and 65 ho-
mosexual pedophiles (boys only). These were matched with an equal number of
gynephilic controls, bringing the total number of subjects in this analysis to 520.

out of the 260, only 43 were bi though

that's what i've been saying all along? All I said was that a) you aren't born gay, it's very often the result of abuse and trauma during childhood and adolescence, b) male homosexuals have a higher rate of pedophilia (not saying one causes the other, but this is useful for example when screening gay male couples for adoption) and c) homosexuality is used as a political tool today by liberals and being pushed hard in school. you can also read what I said about people with gender dysphoria. in addition to that, i do believe that the medically ethical thing to do would be to allow research on psychotherapy for treatment, without it being branded as "taboo". People should have the choice to be better, maybe then depression rates wouldn't be so high among homosexuals.

well ye, like i said they are used by the neo-liberal ideology machine as a diversion from class struggle. same shit goes for racebaiting (liberal and right wing)

you should maybe read the whole paragraph before responding

It's not about the birth rates mate, it's about the normalization of id-pol as a valid material thing. people are asked what gender they are, this is peak liberal post-modernist idealism. this stuff is taught in fucking schools to young impressionable kids. do you ever wonder how americans, even the ones that are "leftists" on this board, always tend to take one side of the 2 capitalist parties when arguing about american politics? they unconsciously prefer one over the other, despite being at the very least class conscious. that's what american neo-liberal ideology does to people

You're talking with someone who eats pusspuss

I'm not going to stop you'll have to take out my tongue, sorry.

tell me something, have you ever read any theory at all?

Yep. Have you?

You are stopping the revolution by engaging in same sex cunnilingus, cease immediately

tell me what you've read please.

I've read your mom up and down lmao

ye i think im gonna filter you. you always shit up every thread you post in and i've never seen you post anything remotely resembling discourse, or even an argument on this board


You didn't have one either, m8.

i've post a ton of material and discourse on this thread alone you gynormous faggot, all you do is shitpost

filtered, into the trash

didn;t have one what mate? i've posted tons of material in this thread, did you just scroll down to the bottom?

"You're no better than a pedophile for eating this poon" is not actually discourse and it distracts from actual fucking issues.

Your understanding of class is so mind numbingly stupid I have to assume you're new.


i read the article mate. i also wrote my opinion a few posts above

I'm really not reading some bullshit unrelated to class issues that why I feel love for the same sex and nobody else is an ancient evil taboo that distracts from class struggle.

It's 4:30am and I have higher priorities. Most people have higher priorities.

Yeah lol, why should I ally with people who want to bring forth a system full of people that hate me, all the anti lgbt comments here are many, not all are Holla Forums.

This very thread proves the OPs point that even here people are full of idpol while saying they are communists. This status quo is better for gays than one full of the hateful bigots like the many in this thread

I'm fine with that.

Oh fuck off. The people here are being edgy because its the internet.

You didn't read shit you faggot

Advanced shitposting.

no one hates you, or claimed to hate you. unless you're bourg filth

only facts have been presented, no comments. hard facts backed by evidence, maybe if the truth triggers your little pettit-bourg existence you should gtfo back to tumblr

you're the one supporting idpol, which stands for identity politics. you're making an identity out of mental illnesses, and trying to shape politics around said identity. you're literally a liberal shill, or a shitposter of the maximum caliber

it most likely is, judging by your tone you're either shitposting under 10 blankets of irony or a pettit-bourg liberal.

kek why so salty? did older bro touch your no nos when you were little? :^)

this means that pedophiles show their sexual preference more in adults than in kids, most likely because of what user said, that sexual characteristics in a child aren't developed enough

the fact remains that 25-40% of that group of convicted pedophiles identified their adult-oriented sexuality as homosexuals. the fact that straight pedos would fuck boys too doesn't have anything to do with the fact that homosexual men show a statistical disproportion in the random pedophile sample

to make it simple for you

i) pedos have preferences for a sex in children (most for girls), but are aroused by the same sex as well
ii) in this sample, 25-40% of the pedophiles showed increased arousal for adult men than for adult women

those are 2 separate observations, capiche?

Will this bitch stfu

even though its wrong?

its not wrong tbqh fam

wtf i love communism now

Remember to ignore the sodomites and wretched.

but there is no scientific evidence that links homosexuality to a specific set of genes, but there is plenty of it that links it to early childhood abuse

the idea of the "gay gene" was self-admittedly a propaganda strategy put forward by Marshal Kirk and Hunter Madsen in their book "After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s".

like i said above, they clearly state the following:

the 10% myth also came from the same book

they literally admit they made up arbitrary numbers and "genes" .

Do you think the brain is that simple you fucking idiot

Turned me on

But there is evidence that links it to a specific set of physical characteristics and the ability to perform certain mental exercises (which are in turn, based on the physical structures of the brain.) Are you seriously going to argue that a persons physical traits are not determined by their genetics?

There are more important things than you liking dick up your ass tbqh.
I like dick up my ass every now and then but I'm more concerned with severe social alienation, mental illness, and warring nations.
Capitalism at large is flexible as long as you're a good worker, and some people will have power here and there that don't agree with the general consensus and will use that power against you.
Also you most likely live in a first world country, which may or may not stop being so down the line.

Communism, I'll admit in theory, has you as a vital part of a community which is respected as an individual life in all its characteristics.
With the death of alienation, compassion as a common characteristic will largely return.

You have to admit that these are the convicted ones, ignoring the possibility that pedos who fuck boys are simply more likely to be convicted.

link study. I am not making any assertions here mate, if you can provide me valid studies opposite to my views ill gladly change my opinion

mental performance is largely affected by environmental factors. the fact that homosexuals show a specific pattern in some cerebral activities might just show that whatever trauma caused their dysphoria also caused some other changes

the brain isn't static.

t. neuroscientist

why? most of them in this study fucked girls anyway, only 65 out of the 260 were fucking boys only. and like says, their sexual orientation sex-wise was determined by their teleiophilia. homosexual pedophilia was linked with heterosexual pedophilia, aka ye i fucked a boy but girls turn me on too

the point here being that they weren't branded homosexuals because of they fucked boys, but because they exhibited homosexual teleiophilia

however there is also this, so idk

ok let's see it might not be garb-

top kek man. so i guess neets playing vidya all day were just born that way :^)

your meme thing aside though, there are probably some genetic predisposition. that doesn't mean though that anyone is born gay, as much as anyone is born to be addicted to games in this case

Just like that "peaceful ethnic cleansing" ;^)

That is why communism will always fail, because you dont care about an end goal, you care about forcing your beliefs on others when you get the power of the majority instead of live and let others live.

You dont want to live and let others live

So lesbians are the same straight men

is this pol pretending to be tumblr? Either way, you bring up a somewhat interesting point.
I won't even try to defend a lot of the attitudes people have here toward homosexuality and really anything of that sort because a lot of people here are just reactionary, frankly. That said, I'm not sure the conclusions you've come to about capitalism, communism, or homophobia really make sense.
First, capitalism doesn't. people do. Second, I tend to have trouble with this liberal narrative that racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are simply superstitions that come from a lack of education, as if you could cure racism by repeating some of your favorite John Oliver quotes to a bunch of "le ignorant rednecks." These so-called bigoted beliefs of theirs come from a self-interest according to the world as they've assessed it. This is, what's meant when we say "racism (or the other -isms) is structural," there are structural factors which motivate racism.

In the case of homophobia, this is perhaps kind of a guess on my part, but I'd imagine a lot of homophobia stems from the gender division of labor that has been a backbone of the economy, a central atomic building block of society for a long time. There is a sort of cold responsibility in the modern traditional family to where people who perhaps married young out of a sense of obligation, and have lived according to a strict traditional division of labor within the family, may view less traditional life choices as irresponsible. It seems to me no coincidence that in urban areas where women have begun to permeate the workforce much more, issues like gay marriage seem more acceptable.

The phrase "homosexuality is a choice" I believe gets to the heart of this resentment. People subjected to a ruthlessly traditional family structure may feel that they had little choice in their own personal lives. they look at a group where all the rules they live by no longer apply and can't help but hate them.

It seems to me that the economic significance of the family and gender division of labor should be issues of major significance to anyone hoping to address homophobia. And I would argue communism provides a reasonable answer to both.
but that's true in any society. you're rights are upheld by those who support them. communism, I would say at least, can roughly be understood as an attempt to align the individual will and the general will. It is a matter of easing mass conflict and resentment in our society through restructuring.

im not responding to your shitty b8 anymore m8, fuck off.

interesting study, even though with flawed methodology. let me break a few points down for you though

prenatal androgen exposure is the only genetic marker they've managed to "link" with homosexuality. So this study shows that they couldn't identify differences in cognitive behaviour based on the only genetic marker that's been correlated to homosexuality

what did they find though?

CGN means childhood gender nonconformity

how is this measured though? and how do they know it's genetically linked?

of 12.

This is the definition (Bailey et al., 2000) give, the study given as citation for the claim that

We can already see something fishy here. (Bailey et al., 2000) define childhood as "up to age of 12", while (Hassan & Rahman, 2007) claim that the change is "either genetic, prenatal (before birth) or post-natal (during infancy).

Let's see what (Bailey et al., 2000) had to say about CGN and the genetic factors at play. Keep in mind that (Bailey et al., 2000) were the first study to study twins in a truly double blind controlled environment

Dont worry, most dumb people are wrong most of the time, you arent something new, most people lack any self awareness to find the real reason behind the "arguments" they make up ;^)

How the hell is this thread still going?

Homosexuality can have origins in behavior or biology, with possibly some undetermined genetic factors as yet undiscovered. The idea that an organism's entire existence is defined by it's genetics only is deeply flawed.

Sorta, actually.

Plain and simple, medical science is far too primitive to properly determine what's due to genetics, or gestation, or upbringing. To say nothing of other factors, like epigenetics.

Hasn't digit ratio been debunked in forever?

Don't ally your self with people who hate you for your identity, race, whatever. But those people exists in most sphere's. In fact in the USA capitalists have to have 2 seperate parties because they hate eachother so much. Comunism isn't any different in having a mixture of supporters and while I would argue that we are generally more tolerant than your average capitalist, there are still people, especially on Holla Forums, that are not. The point is that you screw over everyone (including billions of people who take part in your political process) by choosing porky and imperialism when, under comunism you would still be able to support a more tolerant government just like you can under capitalism. All you have done so far is justify the exploitation, displacement, and murder of the majority of the human race with a straw man argument. Now if you are wondering why there is such hostility to towards "idpol" you need look no further than the occupy movement. Friction between identities was purposefully escalated by external powers in order to fracture the movement. There is a reason Billionaires are bank rolling these identity based movement. They have found that identity is the most effective way to splinter their enemies and convince voters to compromise their morals. If it wasn't identity they would just use what ever was effective.

fucking stop. I hate leftypol's views on social issues more than most here, but honestly it takes a new level of sheltered to believe that status quo liberal trash is the answer. the last election in the US and the rise of right-wing populism everywhere else should be pretty definitive proof of that. But of course in the aftermath of these events, this bigotry and resentment clearly directed at the neoliberal establishment, every centrist fuck sticks their heads in their ass and screams "AHHHHHH BIGOTS, KILL THEM ALL I HATE THEM I HATE THEM FUCKIN POOR REDNECK WHITE TRASH!" yes these people are bigoted. how'd they get that way? do you honestly think that smug centrist condescension is going change their attitudes?

You shouldn't. Once we are in a post revolutionary area your degenerate kind(among many other groups) will be excluded from civil society

You have no idea how modern capitalism works. The LGBT movement has been commodified to remove political tension, just look at the Christopher Street Day, if that's not late capitalist consumerism then I don't know.

It's in the economic interests of capitalism to shape political movements into apolitical commodities people can consume like Che shirts.

Too bad modern communists think once they read Engels they know everything about cultural oppression, but guess what, capitalism today promotes LGTB and women's rights to make money out of it and justify itself. Many communists have underestimated the ability of capitalism to adopt, and you are one of them.

fuck off. honestly. you need to stop

Mental illness is a vague term but once you define the norm homosexuality is pretty much a mental illness. They only removed it from the ICD-10 because of political correctness.
There is a lot of stuff animals do that would be considered a mental illness amongst humans.

Have you read your own doctrine?!

How the fuck can you call yourself a christian commie, you're probably some shitty Calvinist as well. Just accept the fact that queers, Jews and niggers will be the first to go when the revolution is done, we cannot live in the same civilization as them

but fat people are disgusting and they will have no place in a workers utopia
hello Holla Forums


previous studies studying the heriditability of homosexuality lacked extremely in methodology

So what they found was the CGN was indeed heritable, but only significantly correlated with adult homosexuality in men. They also admitted the flaw in CGN, since it's self-reported.

Keep in mind, that this doesn't mean that children who exhibit CGN tend to become homosexual. It means that homosexual adults exhibited CGN as children. (only men, which indicates that female homosexuality is an entire different mechanism).

finally, we come to the juicy part

orientation, childhood gender nonconformity, and continuous gender identity. Furthermore, for both men and women, genetic factors were implicated (though for men, they were only marginally significant). Environmental factors were important, but appeared primarily to be of the NONSHARED VARIETY. This is generally consistent with research on other personality

so what does this mean? basically, the rundown is

a)while male homosexuals tend to exhibit childhood gender nonconformity as children, the impact this has on their continuous gender identity and sexual identification is clearly affected by environmental factors of the NONSHARED VARIETY. I will be coming back to this point in a bit.

b)female homosexuals don't have a statistically significant tendency to exhibit CGN, but some genetic factors (among environmental ones) might be involved in women that do exhibit continuous gender identity becoming homosexuals.

in the end

MZ concordances were 20% and 24%, respectively, for the strict criterion that is most similar to those used in prior studies.

meaning that for monozygotic twins, concordances (both being the same) were 20% and 24%. That's for people with the EXACT SAME DNA.

So there goes your "gay gene" argument flying out of the window. I would also like to add that (Hassan & Rahman, 2007)'s methodology was extremely, and they tried so hard to statistically manipulate their results into showing correlations with (Levy et al. 2005)'s findings that they even went to "correct" other papers that found different results from (Levy et al. 2005). This, along with the extremely small size of the sample groups (20-20-20 people), the self-reported character of many variables and the lack of a "conflict of interests" note in the full pdf makes it extremely poor. Plus they themselves admit that there haven't been found significant differences in the areas of the brain that handle the cognitive processes they studied between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Lastly, I would like to make a marxist analysis on the phenoma.

As I've demonstrated in the huge chunk none of the idiot liberals have the intelligence or attention span to read, environmental factors are mostly responsible for homosexuality. Specifically, the nonshared variety, as in nonshared between monozygotic twins. Assuming parts treat the children equally, who else is there to influence them?

The answer of course, is neo-liberal dominant ideology. And that's exactly what they're doing. Since splitting the proletariat into religions and races apparently was not enough, even further division was achieved through the invention of new "oppressed" groups, new identities, anything to keep you away from your first identity as a worker. And how better to spread this identity than impressionable children? You normalize idpol, make it part of liberal ideology, of the ideology that neo-liberal capitalism is the "natural order". What better way to alienate the workers, not only from the means of production, but from each other?

So remember comrades, every time you accept idpol as something normal, you are playing into the hands of liberal ideology. Remember to always uphold the immortal science of dialectical materialism in your critique.

Homosexuality existed before idpol and capitalism did as concepts dumbass

Social reactionaries get out. A lot of the culture may be hedonist, but that will change after socialism.

and it was practiced by the decadent ruling classes. again, the environmental factors existed. decadence just wasn't used is an identity

It was actually most prevalent amongst military grunts. Especially in Sparta.

I wonder if no one chronicling the lives of peasants, serfs, and slaves might have something to do with that.

I wonder.

So? Reading was "practiced" by the ruling classes, but it was also done so by the poor who could. What's your point? Many people are gay that are NOT part of the ruling class and you wouldn't fucking know unless they told you. The decadent culture that AROSE from capitalism WILL be dealt with. There is no reason why homsexuality should prosecuted as a whole though.

you mean thebes. and you forget that even soldiers were ruling class, when women constituted the middle class and slaves were analogous to today's proletariat

ye im sure slaves were given plenty of leisure time to contemplate their sexuality

in ancient greece? what are you talking about lad? before the print, only aristocracy owned books

my point is that lgbt movements are used by neo-liberal ideology to remove any radical character that might arise from worker discontent. this created a normalization of homosexuality and worse than that, gender dysphoria. They push these things into impressionable youth, by forcing them to "choose their gender" and "choose their pronouns" at school.

The concept of gender itself is the zenith of liberal idealism, the concept that your own genitals and chromosomes don't defy your sex, but you get to defy it. You can also invent other identities if you're not comfortable with this one, its even better since that will alienate you even more from society. Any identity will do other than proletarian.

Do you understand what I'm saying here?

You say it like it's a crime. Homosexuality shouldn't be illegal, but people should be given the option of treatment. The enemy is not the homosexual, but the liberal capitalist that creates new identities to divide us, by pushing gender issues into the mainstream.

The epitome of liberal barbarism is of course the castration of children with gender dysphoria. Children, whose gender dysphoria statistically passes after puberty like i said above (in 98% and 88% of boys and girls representatively), are being chemically and surgically castrated under the cheers of the "progressive"

this is where the reactionary agenda of lgbt idpol leads. and if you read some of the statements i posted above from leading figures of the lgbt movement, you'll also get an idea of what is to come.

The other day I had some Christian trying to convince me that Christians literally cared about me because I was gay more than Muslims because Muslims all have death penalties for it.

I just chuckled and shook my head. I get where you are coming from OP. Buuutt I'm not sure what to say. I support full Leftism because I hate Republicans, and Leftist theory is the only thing that's going to help counter them going forward because Democrats are retarded.

It does not. It's always an assessment on what is more profitable. If hating gays is profitable, capitalism rolls with the gay haters, if lgbt is more profitable, capitalism rolls with lgbt.

But the best thing is, when it can do it with both.of course. This is the ideal. That's why gay hating USA allies itself with Saudi-Arabia, where being gay alone nets you an execution. The key is in OTHER interests, that makes lgbt issues irrelevant in comparison.
On the other hand, having the SAME politics as the Republians, but being LGBT-FRIENDLY is enough to declare the Dems as a left-wing party.

Can you see the absurdity in this situation?
I'm a lezzy btw, so don't try the "you don't understand" card on me.

You are correct, and the thread is even more proof that communists will never accept you or treat you well.
The truth is you can only trust yourself and only yourself, work hard, get a lot of money, and let the world burn since it is obviously full of close minded hateful idiots, you only have yourself to trust.

Tell them to read Arthur Schopenhauer.

Doesnt look like it fam

how on earth can you be all those things at once?

weak troll

I just realised, that my index finger on my left hand is longer than on the right hand so I have conflicting results.
Is there something similar with toes?


You cant do that in communism

I barely even lurk here anymore and even I know this is a copypasta. gg /leftypoo/

cant help myself. the ritalin doesnt help either

this was very interesting. Thank you for that.

Maybe their commanders. But the average footsoldier? Not really.


Fucking Nazbols


I'm familiar with my doctrine. I suggest you familiarize yourself with your own. "so.cially con.servative but economically left-wing" is a meme spouted by angry children who are afraid of books

The bible is a book and says faggots are trash.

You can't really be a Christian and deny the bible

Stop making sense


not necessarily it doesn't. paul denounces "arsenokoites" at one point, which many have interpreted as talking about gay people, but the term itself is ambiguous and could easily refer to other common practices like pedophilia or male prostitution. a couple centuries ago, people interpreted it as a condemnation of masturbation. It's a more complicated issue than you're making it out to be. Either way, keep digging your grave, my dude. Yet more proof that tankies are not communists.

It literally means "man-bedders." And Paul would have been quite familiar with the concept of homosexuality, as many of the Greek cultures loved themselves some boybutt. I dunno why you'd believe that Paul, a Jew trying to proselytize among Greeks, would not have spoken out against something that Judaism had always been opposed to and which was quite known in Greek culture.

all the other practices I mentioned were common in ancient greece as well. leave with this trash to be honest.

Instead of looking through this shit thread read Sherry Wolf's Sexuality and Socialism, published by Haymarket Books.

Somewhat outdated since marriage equality and the like have gone national in the US. Still the most definitive guide on marxist/diamat take on LGBT issues.

wew user

I happen to be greek mate, ἀρσενοκοίτης literally means "he who lies in bed with other men"

kindly get your spooks and gtfo, you have no place among socialists

Consider suicide

The concept of homosexuality then has no bearing on how a present-day concept of homosexuality fits into present-day society. The power relations were more prescribed back then, in that it was far more reprehensible to catch than pitch. The conception of woman without reference to man hadn't been popularized by then in the West.
Can americucks do nothing but act out plays someone long dead has already written?

This thread is a let down.
I'm not seeing intelligent discussion, i'm just seeing shitposting, infighting, Holla Forums trolling to enable even more shitposting and infighting.

This entire issue is a giant weakspot of the board that needs to be worked on and made iron clad one way or the other.
It's literally a giant breach that allows Holla Forums to step in and destroy any semblance of discussion.

This thread sure is a let down. OP reads as if LGBT culture were naturally bourglib and as if that were okay.
Most other liberal spooks in general lead to the same shitfest. It's a predictable consequence when bourglibs aren't forced to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down and speak only when spoken to. They simply cannot function where they must subordinate themselves to those they deem their inferiors, as judged by reverence of liberal dramas. If liberal spooks are on-topic, libshits will flood the zone with their toxic norms of discourse.

I posted a ton of metarial and explained in layman terms the neuroscience behind the findings

Not much more i can do really. Enjoy your idpol

I happen to be greek as well. I also happen to know that this is the first known instance of the word and this most biblical scholars will tell you that its meaning here is ambiguous.

im greek as in i live in greece and greek is my maternal language, not murkan "i'm 1/8th greek and i ate souvlaki once in mikonos"

I don't care what reactionary "scholars" try to make their bronze age reactionary "holy text" read like. scholars will always interpret scripture the way it suits them, so that they can stick to the claim that their reactionary ideas can be compatible with today's world.

I still don't understand how you claim to be a christian and a socialist. It's an oxymoron itself, you should really either decide to do flag related and get rid of your spooks or embrace conformity and live out your life like another lumpenprol. What you're doing now makes no sense

don't give a shit
I don't care what reactionary "scholars" try to make their bronze age reactionary "holy text" read like. scholars will always interpret scripture the way it suits them, so that they can stick to the claim that their reactionary ideas can be compatible with today's world.
I'm telling you that the word's meaning was ambiguous when he used it. the fact that you disagree with that cause you're greek and your allergic to academia doesn't really matter to me. Words change in meaning over time. It doesn't make sense to project the current meaning of the word backwards especially given that as I understand it they didn't really have the same conception of sexual orientation that we have today.
you're retarded.


no it's not ambiguous, it has 2 synthetics, one meaning man (ἄρσην) and the other being lie (κεῖμαι) plus the suffix της, which is used for males. It literally means menfucker, and it's meant that since 5 BC

ye they are as academia as islamic mufassirun are

They didn't have the conception of anal sex in ancient greece? That's where the word first appeared. So you're saying the meaning changed from homosexuals to something that can help you justify your shitty reactionary dogma around the time the new testament was written, and then it changed back to the modern version. The kind of mental gymnastics you have to play to maintain your spooks is amazing.

you're the one that holds bronze age spooks as his cosmotheory. Your ideology is in it's core idealistic, hence not based on reality. The fact that you also claim to be a dialectical materialist shows you have no idea about marx's dialectic. Please do flag related. Or despook yourself with some lead

??? you were the one being confrontational. I was just responding.
it has something to do with both man and sex, but once again, it's not necessarily gay sex. Anyways I'll gladly take some dumbass on an image board's word for it when it comes to what words meant when paul used them.
no. sexual orientation. anal sex they knew.
No I'm saying that the word was likely made by paul. it's the first known instance of the compound as I understand it.
where did I claim that?
OOOOOHHHH I PUT ON A FLAG I MUST READ GUYZZZ XDXD LOOK AT ME. People who use that flag are consistently the most cancerous users on this board and yet somehow you've taken it to a new low. I honestly don't think I've met a single person more retarded on this board and that's really sayin something. Your knowledge of modern greek slang does not count as reading. fuck off.

X is bourgeois decadence is a meme
RAFBfag, cloverfag and one user. Probably 3, not the highest Holla Forumscancer in one thread, but it's not our best day. You missed the LGBT thread from a few days ago though.

"gender" does not exist. It is make believe word.

also, this

You didn't post anything but situational examples and ignored all kind of opposition by repeating yourself, you are a close minded fuck living in the Middle Ages while pretending he is right because he uses examples that rpoftis his close mindness.

The issue is in your brain, your inability to accept others, you are a prime example why communism can't work as long as you exist


Did you expect anything better? That is what happens in all topics where lgbt stuff appear

stopped right there. You will go to the gulag.

All we seek is to redistribute the means of production among the workers. We wish a secioty with true meritocracy and where the imposed divisions that the bourgeoisie try to hold over us are removed.

Anyone who says homosexuality is fun is probs some weirdo tankie and they should be disregarded. I mean Lenin decriminalised homosexulity after the first revolution, and in many places in the west it was many leftists governments that have acted in the interest of the LGBT community. I don't care what two consenting comrades do in a bedroom.

Because there is nothing to discuss. Leftism is by definition universalist. Whenever someone say "As an lgdtbbq person…", the answer should be, "Silence! You are a human, that is enough for us."

Humans dont work that way, you have seen the vast amount of homophobes and people crying about how anything you dont like is mentally ill.

YOu cant unite when people like that exist

OP is either retarded or trolling.

Communism doesn't seek to make everyone homogenous and without individual identity. That's like every inaccurate anti-communist reactionary story. Everyone should just know that the part of their identity that links them together with other people is class consciousness.

Forgot to get rid of my shitposting flag

Again, there is nothing to discuss. They are wrong, and that is all there is to it. What else is there to say about them? (not being snide, I just don't know what you want to discuss about them)

Gender dysphoria is a mental health issue though, I wish people weren't so spooked by the label.

Basically what I meant.

Liberals? Yeah, they're a problem.

The problem is you cant unify people by telling them "you are wrong, that is the end of it".

Just look at this thread.

As in the issue arises from the mind because the body isnt fitting? because the only real solution is transition, you cant repress it.

Normal men dont have thoughts about being a woman, at least not chronic ones for years, which is a problem that is only solved by one thing

And yet capitalism left jim crow going for decades. Whatever factors are leading to attempts to reduce bigotry, they're not capitalism itself.

I'm trans and it sucks. The older I get the less I want to do the transition but I'm broke as shit and can't start the process easily. I would give almost anything to just go back to the moment I was conceived and just flip the switch the other way.

Honestly I miss the days when fucks wouldn't care about muh fun just because I like other ladies. I don't understand how that's a fucking big deal. Not only will it destroy civilization as we know it, apparently class revolution as well. Despite how many working class homosexuals exist as well.

It feels like Holla Forums subversion shit.

If you want real fun just flock over to /d/. Eating snatch is some vanilla shit

But above all else, you should consider artists, leftist critics, and communists all suffered much from the AIDS epidemic, a joke it may have become, simply because the Reagan Admin refused to do shit to curb a highly contagious autoimmune death sentence of a pandemic. Thousands of radical leftists, thousands being generous, died. We took a chunk of our numbers away, from that pandemic. Gay or not, views or not, we lost powerful support we could now be using. The idea its "bougie decadence" is Holla Forums and tankie larping.

Like it, don't like it, the radical left would have been stronger today were it not for that. Consider your priorities.

OP is a retard for thinking Capitalism gives a fuck about him, and a large chunk of people in this thread are retards for pointing out idpol more than class.

Human nature

And idpol is sadly part of human nature because human cucks will ALWAYS try to create a norm as a way to psychologically feel in control and tell themselves they understand and know what to expect and thus result in close minded individuals who become negative and push away anything that is outside their obviously false and limited world view.

In other words the human mind will never be able to truly comprehend the word, the only solution is to remain flexible and open minded but human nature pushes for cemented beliefs and simplicity

And as a kid growing up when you are being bombarded with straight relationships it is easy to jump to the conclusion that only straight relationships exist, the more they believe that the more concrete it becomes and when he is faced with the truth that different people exist oftentimes close minded people like that will lash out, call it evil, immoral, enemy, mental illiness etc

I just hope the internet will fix this since kids can no longer have the truth hidden from them by their parents.


That's backwards; the body is perfectly fine, it's the mind that suffers from an affliction. I think the material should trump self-perception, though I'm aware that's not a popular stance.

To say "thoughts" is to underplay it I think, it's a genuine conviction that causes real suffering. As points out. The best way to cope seems to be transitioning, and that should be made available to people and covered by the state.

AIDS is still running rampant in Africa, but by all means, keep focusing on the upper crust you yourself are a part of.

Do you think I don't know that? It's just because of post colonial meddling, Africa is in a near constant state of confused strife, with Western NATO allied countries funding and giving arms to all kinds of reactionaries even after the Cold War.

Don't assume the worst of people. I know, and it's awful.

I'm saying because of the HIV epidemic, one that was preventable and could be nipped but was suspiciously not, a lot of Rad Leftists questioning Western morals died.

A lot we could use. In the greater sense, which could have helped the very situation you're laying out.

This always struck me as CT. How would they have, short of quarantining a whole lot of folks and waiting for them to die? If the gay crowd didn't like Reagan before, they'd have screamed bloody murder if he tried that.

It's not that, it's that they slashed budgets into containing it, and as opposed to actually using the CDA to go into complete and total action for an autoimmune disease fairly easy to transmit, it wasn't nearly fast enough. In fact, years went by. Nothing happened.

A lot of leftists we needed now died.

What's worse, them screaming bloody murder, or our comrades dying? The fact of the matter is a lot of those deaths were radical leftists, and a lot more were in poverty, like you said.

On a national and international level, the Reagan administration did not work their best to contain an autoimmune disease that can prove as contagious as it was fatal.

Other viral outbreaks were not treated the same.

One has to wonder if this two pronged consequence was intentional. I don't believe they caused HIV in some lab somewhere, I think they just saw who it targeted, and turned a blind eye.

*and as opposed to actually using the CDC

I posted scientific studies, and explained the scientific consensus behind my opinion. I also responded to every single thing posted, no one sufficiently disprove anything that I posted.

You are a prime example how the left in america was turned from worker emancipation into "capitalism with a friendly face"

kindly gtfo

*mental gymnastics intensify*

"sexual orientation" is a post-modern creation. he did not mean "homosexuals" in the modern sense, as in men that exclusively fuck other men, he meant "sodomites", as in any man that fucks any other man. you cannot possibly interpret it otherwise

do you know what socialism is? you're claiming to be a socialist, yet don't know the basic philosophy behind it?

im neither being sarcastic, not shitposting. You should honestly read some fucking books, starting from marx, engels and hegel. you clearly use the word socialism without understanding shit about it.

then again what's the point of discussing this with a retard that believes in bronze age spooks. tell me how jesus made water into wine man.

fucking dipshit

ye, we should totally castrate children man. and im sure that for the adults that dont get over it after puberty, mutilating their genitals will fix the underlying mental disorder.

but you can never be a woman. this is basic materialism, you can cut off your junk, you can wear wigs, you can take hormones, but your chromosomes will always be XY. the notion that you can change your sex is bourgeoisie idealism

I would like to point out there are different interpretations of communism / socialism on this board.

I would say some of you do not know what communism really means….how it works….

To some of you communism / socialism was sold as something that it is not.

Talking about yourself again, fam?

Are you saying that opinions on social issues are not in fact inherently left or right, but entirely culturally and historically relative?

What a shock!

well ye to you obviously

Man your trolling really is low effort now

just off yourself liberal baby

Woah let me post statistics from too ;^)

When you are a bigot you always choose sites that are biased towards you instead of neutral ones ;^)

You just know death2gays and westbroo baptist church has the most accurate gay statistics

He isn't lying though. Young kids who report gender confusion really do grow out of it at least 80% of the time. Which is why transitioning should wait until you are an adult. Not unreasonable!

No that statistic is purposely posted like that in order to suggest trans is a puberty issue, even though most times the past years, trans people end up taking actions when they are adult or close to it.
This my 5 year old is a girl thing is a relatively new phenomen and he tries to use it as somekind of anti trans "proof"

well I've explained before that many suggest suggest it had to do with pedophilia or boy prostitution. Anal sex between men was a purity concern with the jews (hence they called it an "abomination" which they generally called other purity concerns). Purity concerns did not really extend beyond the ethnic jews. If we're being consistent, it would not make sense that this one would either. There is ambiguity no matter how many times you say there isn't. Once again I do not give a shit. Stop with this bullshit until you have a better argument.

Now tell me again "IT LITERALLY MEANS MALE AND BED YOU MENTAL GYMNAST XD." This is not an argument. a "chairman" is not a man made out of chairs nor does he cease to be a chairman when there is no chair around. Compound words will often mean something other than the sum of their parts. Your argument does not make sense here and no matter how many times you repeat it, it will not make sense.
because you keep saying so. that makes it true.
You know that Marx and Engels were not the only socialists, right? You realize that not all socialists are dialectical materialists.
I didn't say you were. I'm saying you're not actually as well-read as you claim to be, which is to be expected of anyone with a "read faggot" flag on.
You should honestly read some fucking books, starting from marx, engels and hegel.
I've read some marx and some engels. that doesn't mean I'm a marxist.
based on what? I can't worship god and want socialism? how fucking dense are you?

I actually agree with you but your post reads like a Trump tweet.

That was on purpose. This is a heavy subject, with people who experience real suffering, and no easy treatments available. Some levity makes it digestible.

Quoting from the "Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline", an extremely "pro-trans" source:

Might want to reread the post

here's a source which handles the terms rather well.

hmm really makes you think

they are anti-trans for that exact reason. half the people itt are liberals, the other half are shitposters i swear

this board is far too infected with liberals to have any meaningful discussion. i guess /marx/ is the only leftist board for that

oh look it is Holla Forums being a newfag when it comes to communism.

Godamnit i know you want to troll and bait but fucking LURK MORE!

He quoted percentages about people for whom it resolved after puberty, those were alleged false, so why not talk about the child percentages?

As for the number of suicides those numbers are common knowledge by now. If therapy in stead of transitioning could help half of people, I don't know.


I intuit from your use of "Holla Forumsack" that you are in fact the fascist, piggy.

hey Rafb fag ;^)

Squeal away, you have already been found guilty.


You got a source for those quotes fam?

repeat after me
"tankies are not communists"

Like it or not porky is right, bigotry will never be stopped. Your best chance is to work hard and get a lot of money and power to be above bigots so you can fuck with them while they cant fuck wtih you.

oh torahiko :(

Holla Forums pls

It is. Name any former or current communist country that didn't have statism.

Those stats are anti trans because the position was already to make trans people look bad in the first place. It's the typical pseudoscientific bullcrap. I don't think you have the knowledge to really have an in depth discussion about complicated matters.