How important is environmentalism to you?

How important is environmentalism to you?

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The main priority.

I don't see how you could think it isn't important unless you're dumb enough to be a climate change denier

It must be inherent to any socialist movement, but it also must be human centered and not preaching self denial. Only collective action focused on positive development for nature and the people living in it can actually change anything. Liberal enviromentalism shall never be confused with socialist/communalist enviromentalism and its important to bring that destinction to the public.

Depends how you define it.

Immensely. If we allow Porky to keep burning up the planet for profit until there's nothing left for him to destroy, humanity is lost.

Do you want to end up like these fuckers?

shit nigger now that you mention it

Not important, because we are fucked anyway, it's too late now. May as well die in bliss.
Future generations will hate and curse us for this. Thank God, God didn't curse us with immortality or we would have a lot to answer for. #YOLO

what are you, a cat?
unless something is done, hundreds of millions of people all over the world will be displaced by rising sea levels, the fish industry will collapse due to high water temperatures, hundreds of millions more will be displaced by wars about clearwater access, meat becomes illegal,…

You have no idea how resilient humans can be.
They may bitch and moan about it but they get the job done.
This may sound like a positive feature, but it also enabled slavery, serfdom and caste system. Instead of fighting it or at least commit sodoku, because these inhuman conditions were unacceptable, they clang to life even if it was devoid of quality.

of course. not sure what to do about it, but we oughta do something

Climate change isn't real you idiots

Its hippie bullshit in my eyes. Nuclear war is the biggest threat humanity faces atm.

From fucking who

We are closer to ending up rather like Venus than Mars.


It's a big deal.
That is why genetics is the key.
You will be able to seed currently dilapidted earth with microbiota that will transform it to whatever you design. You will be able to extend life. You will be able to crush the microbes that invade animal bodies and cause pathology.

It is a bright future.

you forgot your anarcho-transhumanist flag

Nuclear War is at least preventable. With Climate Change we're reaching the point of no return.

Optimal, long-term efficient use of finite resources is only possible in a rational system.
Ergo socialism.

One does not exclude the other, user. Unless you're literally mentally deficient, I'm sure you have the ability to consider more than one issue in your life.

environmentalism good, ecology bad

post-apocalyptic post-scarcity anyone?

seriously? what?
Ecology is a Science, environmentalism is a "political" position, what the fuck do you mean.

It's kinda a big deal for me.

Really important

sort of but I hate most environmentalists

ofc we should protect environment but this climate change pseudo science business is selling too well.

Never change, Porkyposter.

Oops I got them mixed around I think

But as Zizek said, ecology/environmentalism can act as ideology and is the "new opium of the masses". Some people fetishize Mother Earth and get sentimental about living in 'harmony' with the Earth etc. To the point people advocate human genocide and antinatalism to 'save' Mother Nature. Things like veganism, primitivism, druidism are petit-bourg through and through.

We should only care insofar as it is useful for us. What the present day bourg is doing wrong, is that it isn't sustainable. But if scientific advancement made it sustainable lefties shouldn't shy away.

Every scientist that isn't a hack or ideologue knows that directed genetic engineering of humans is inevitable.

It's obviously very important but I'm not going to live like some vegan hippe or whatever.

Fixed that utopian thinking for you.

He never said that about environmentalism or ecology, he said that about the over veneration/idealizing of "nature." Which is a human concept that only started existing after modernity. The argument actually didn't originate from Zizek it started as a post-modern critique of leftism from Bruno Latour and Zizek adapted it in his own work. He makes clear in most of his talks he thinks climate change and broader ecological problems are an important thing to tackle. He also makes clear he thinks technology will be a necessary component to tackling these problems, which was something a small amount of environmentalists mostly conservative leaning "conservationists" and prims opposed.

Vegetarians and vegans are overly hated here. So are opt out boycotts, buying ideology like he criticizes is rightfully seen as stupid with all the brand charities and causes on a consumer product. Not buying shit though is not buying shit, it isn't the greatest form of activism that exists but it does directly hurt porkies pocket and continuation when you stop buying their products.

nope nuclear winter is a meme and blowing up the worlds major cities would be good in the long run

Protecting the environment is of great importance to myself, and I intend on eventually cataloging several new fish species across this country while doing some train hopping. I'm hopeful it'll allow me to score some tendie points with some Game and Fish Departments to further my interest in being a game warden.

If any sense of justice exists in the alphabet soups in this country, it's within US Game and Fish.

Also, most of the current "pro-environment" folks are just a bunch of yuppies who don't give a shit about the environment and just want to do Burning Men year-round.

I actually remember posting about this a few months back, and people accused me of being a DAPL shill.

If you guys need any more info, feel free to ask.