Seizing the Means of Reproduction

Our mission is clear: develop the seizure of the means of reproduction.
What is our symbol of unity?
The idea that is represented by one unmistakeable symbol.
To unify everyone who despises the atrocities of the current established order. To gather everyone against the status quo?
Post your plans and ideologies here.

I plan to get a gf but I haven't seen any opportunities.

seize the mean of reproduction

You can't unite homophobes with gays, transphobes with trans, simpletons with different kinds of people.

Imagine the butthurt of a close minded person if he met a man with vagina

Given that person isn't aware mental illness is a thing.

Uh… Uh… socialism?

Thanks for proving my point, good luck getting these bigots and different people to unite.

You need to remove idpol from people but they will never do that because their value is based on idpol close mindness

The Red Flag


Cutting off body parts is what I consider a mental illness

send straight people to the guillotine

mandatory gay marriage

All red for a flag seems out of context.

Not content with a mere beta uprising, you are now calling fro the Great Beta Revolution!

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, but there is no need to be spooked about it. It doesn't make a person in any way "lesser".

How does mental illness not make someone lesser?

Does the having the flue make you lesser? No! You treat it (in the context of socialized medicine optimally), and move on. Illness is just that, it's not a reflection on the person afflicted with it.

How do you plan to cure people who want to cut their genitals thinking it will make them feel more real while when they do it they feel more ill?

I think you have been misinformed on the subject. Surgical transitioning is a scientifically established approach for some cases. Others manage to cope with only therapy and/or hormones.

The idea of "feeling more ill" (based on the suicide statistics I take it?) stems from the fact that people who have the surgery are a self-selected group. Of all the people with the illness, they have it the worst, hence the elevated suicide rate.

Transition is not some sort of "self realization", it is the current "best practice" approach to a sub-group of people afflicted by gender dysphoria. I recognize that the more radical wings of the movement hold other views though, but they don't have much institutional pull right now (i.e. in the medical community).

Ideally, at some point, we'll come up with a chemical that takes away the dysphoria. That would be the least invasive kind and most total kind of treatment. Not there yet though.

Ah so forced medication to make them "normal".

Where did you get that?

If we get state-issued gf i'm in.

Unlikely. This isn't an booty from war to distribute.