Saudi Arabia and Israel fascist?

So I've been torturing myself by watching Richard Spencer so I can dissect his arguments, and I notice he often points to Saudi Arabia and Israel as model ethnostates. It makes me wonder, isn't Saudia Arabia basically green fascism anyway? Also, depending who you ask, Israel seems to be getting there if it's not already.

They are both racialist regimes but they aren't fascism proper.

I'm weary about referring to anything but the historical movements as fascist. Even the ones that are consciously "fascist" are better categorized as neo-nazi etc unless they actually take power.

Saudi is an oppressive, despotic monarchy and Israel is an apartheid state, but neither are necessarily part of the mid-20th century movement reacting to a wider fear of communism, crisis, and weak liberal government.

isn't Saudi arabia full off guest workers from India, Pakistan and indonesia?

Also Israel is like 20% arab and the jewish part of the population is hardly homogenious

I don't get why that's his standard then, I don't know.

Japan, south korea and maybe some homogeneous european countries like Poland and Iceland, would probably be better examples for them to use.

Japan is filled with a racial admixture, so I don't even think that would be a good example.

not even close to as much as the racial admixture the "white" american population has

Its more about a the laws of the state than how homogeneous the society is. Japan doesn't have racialist laws, Israel and the KSA do.

Likud is legit fascist. It was pulled together by Fascist forces like Irgun and other smaller groups. In fact, many of the major players in Likud literally sided with the Nazis in WW2 in the fight against the Palestinians and British.

Reminder that the IDF awards a official military decoration to people who were in the '40s part of the Lehi paramilitary, a NazBol-inspired terrorist group infamous for the Deir Yassin massacre during which they teamed up with the Irgun to slaughter dozens of unarmed Arab Palestinians.

Slaves. Theyre slaves. Theyre illiterate and made to sign contracts holding them for life.

Which is just a beaurachratic compromise since open slavery was banned in Saudi Arabia in 2007

hello smolani

this is like calling nayone who wants to give back the territories back a "nazi"


Yep its fascism.

By that definition, the USSR is fascist.

Judging by the comments in this thread Spencer doesn't want a racially homogenous state but a state that enforces discrimination beatween groups

Fancy word for defacto slaves.

He's just trying to be edgy since everybody knows that Saudi Arabia is a fucking horrible place to live.

I can't believe I found a good opportunity to post my shitty OC.

Israel isn't fascist. I find it weird how few people realize a very simple fact: Israel is the world's last colonialist country. The have two Bantustans full of dirt cheap labor right next door, which they're slowly but steadily eating away with racialist settlements, all the while putting up the farce that they're an independent country for the sake of legitimacy. It's plain old colonialism.

Saudi Arabia is just plain a skid mark on the underpants of mankind. They're arguably the most reactionary, anti-humanist state after ISIS itself, and have been so since Tibet was annexed by the PRC.