Let's check out the local college socialist club lmao maybe I'll find some comrades

What did we do wrong that these fuckers think they're welcome in a socialist organization?

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If they believe in workers emancipation and putting the revolution first what is the hang up?

Sounds like you have some spooks you need to work through.

2/10, OP please see me after class

Basically they are either huge hypocrites or our ideology unironically appeals to religious reactionaries

sad but true
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Lol what a fucking autist. I'm a "muslim" heading up the largest socialist org in my city. Sorry if I don't feel like changing my name to serve your Holla Forums-level sperg outs

Just as well, I don't think irl groups would really be better off with you in them.

you're the one having an autistic meltdown about someone's religion

yeah you're spooked boyo. you didn't think there would be religious proles?

Bait is better when it's subtle

Lmao literally the only socialist government worth a damn consists almost entirely of Muslims rn. Cry more faggot

We ALL on the /realleft/ I think can FUCKING agree that Islam is the second worst cancer of the world and yet these people share are ideology. Where's the fucking disconnect?? Is everyone lying to these fuckers?

Answer me this place leftpilled me so you better have a fucking answer

Islam isn't the second worst cancer of the world. Islam and all other religions are products of oppression by capitalism. Read a book. The most important one for fuck's sake. They aren't the enemy, it is a natural thing for the prole to be religious within the system.

Remember the whole "religion is the opiate of the masses" thing? It's meant to imply that working people are drawn to religions to cope with oppressive conditions in their everyday life. If anything, the more religious areas/cultures of the world are the ones most in need of emancipation.

That's assuming you're looking for a real answer and aren't just shitposting.

oh boy who wanna tell him about Iran

you must really be a LARPing faggot if you think people on the left will side with your edgelord "leftpilled" ass just because we don't like idpol

It's pretty amuzing that you admit you got "leftpilled" here (meaning your mind was changed on certain ideas by reasoned arguments) and you're unwilling to entertain the idea that maybe you're wrong on this one

It's idpol to tolerate Muslims where you otherwise wouldn't tolerate other types of facists

I saw a thread recently completely shitting on islam and all of a sudden everyone's saying I'm in the wrong??



Dude again read my response here

I'm honestly trying to save you some embarrassment here and giving you the benefit of the doubt on just being naive


that's unironically what Holla Forums is like

lel this


not wrong

No. Poor proles will be religious and we can deal with that after the revolution. Any retarded leftie who thinks we need to alienate the religious masses is deluded.

The Soviet Union dealt with the most fucking reactionary Orthodox Christians just as bad as any jihadi.

Have you considered there's a difference between saying a religion (which really isn't far off from any of the other abrahamic religions) is a spook and sperging out when you see followers of that religion in public? I'd be willing to pay a lot of money that you would never have that reaction to walking in on a group of christians no matter how fundamentalist their views and chances are these were some moderate muslims


Can you link me a yt video or a short article about it?

Also piece out everyone, I'll delete this thread after I get the material from this guy reading it over I came off as a bit hysterical but really I'm just passionate

Well the general sentiment is based on a quote from Marx:

Here's a general study describing some of the trends I'm discussing here

I have no idea why you freaked out on that guy, he's absolutely right and nothing he said was liberal (and in fact a liberal is unlikely to flat out say their religion is wrong). There's simply nothing special about Islam except that the regions in which it's most practiced are the ones that have most recently undergone colonial/imperialist exploitation. All of the increases in extremism and orthodoxy are directly linked to destabilization and general fuckery by western powers in the region that turned countries like Iran (who were muslim before and after) from modernized countries to theocratic shitholes. Muslims in a western county (like what I'm assuming the one you're in is) are much closer to western christians in belief/culture than their counterparts back in the middle east and are actually statistically more accepting of LGBT than evangelicals in the US.

Here's an article on imperialism in the Islamic world. I'm sure there's plenty more but I don't have time to do a more thorough search

Anyway I hope that even if you disagree you at least consider some of what I said and maybe have a new perspective on the topic.

Sorry for the confusion with the flag btw, I was switching between threads and was representing syndicalist tendencies to someone else.

Religion can be fucking cancerous, but it's totally retarded to think that proles who are the mostly drawn to religions would just give it up. It's impossible to be 100% unspooked, and spooks have to be eliminated only if they stand in the way of the revolution.

How did humanity last this long

Everyone needs to see this

Retarded image. Proper captions should be;

You do realise moderate muslims actually exist, right? not every religious person is a 100% fundamentalist


So you are putting all these things before the fact that they are members of a socialist organisation?

Probably it would be better for them if you didn't go back.

what the fuck even is this post

I don't think Cuba has any Muslims

There's a muslim in my socialist club too. His only problem is how much of a reddit hipster he is.

Don't delete the thread fam, its good for others to learn.

This is a good short article going over Marx's positions on atheism,



Every day this board gets a little bit stupider.