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Capitalist shills


hahaha yeah.
or he's gay.




Pretty decent porn, but I like my Asians.

I didnt really give a shit whether there was a black guy or not until everyone everywhere else started projecting really nasty shit onto it. Then "white man with white woman" porn became uncomfortable and offputting.
Stuff with black girls is still fine though.
JAV is still the only 3DPD almost as worth looking at as 2D, however.


British propaganda, would have decent reporting if not for the constant shilling for porky and US imperialism. At least they cover major world events.

In terms of non news, they overpay celebrities by a fuckton and seem really short on ideas sometimes, channel 4 usually are a lot more adventurous which is sad. They seem to feel like they have to compete with ITV et al with talent shows and shit when they should just make good and intellectually stimulating content

Thats the ONE flaw of even decent JAV, which is why it still doesn't compare to 2D.
But you can turn the volume down or just watch movies without so much of the screeching.

jimmy savile

Oh sure, you let one guy rape hundreds of kids and try and cover it up and they never let you forget it

tbf Western porn is worse with the AWWWW YEAH FUCK MY PUSSY HARDER UNF overacting


Some good shit but mostly crap programming.

I still don't because I watch porn to see a bitch get pounded, choked, spanked, tied-up, and all sorts of shit. The dick is just a prop as far as I'm concerned, I don't care who it's attached to or if it's a dildo if the girl is hot. But most burger porn is trash and it seems I have to watch eurofag shit or JAV to see anything good with few exceptions.

SFM animations can be pretty good in some cases.

2D wins again

Are you guys retarded or something?