If you had an easy opportunity to become a powerful billionaire would you take it?

unknown distant relative just died and passed on an unfathomable sum of money to you

Yes, so I can finance socialist revolution.
inb4 soros

Obviously, why would I not take it.

But if successful wouldn't they then take all your money?

Who cares.

Anyone who wouldn't is a lifestylist retard.
I'd probably build factories in africa for maximum accelerationism.

Sure, I would take the money, OP. Is this supposed to be some epic gotcha moment? Imagine we are both slaves, and I ask you whether you would rather be a slave or a slave owner? If your answer is the second option, does it make you pro-slavery? Nah.

Money doesn't have any value, so no.

yes, I could then live not being exploited and not exploting anyone, just cycling, drawing and reading.

Jokes on you I've embraced Stirnerism a long time ago.

mother fucking hookers and blow my dude

yes and start co-ops and fund based groups such as YPG/PKK

Yes, I'm not a larping faggot.

leddit larpers this is not how this game is played. So you just violated all international laws financing armed rebel militia groups while CIA, Interpol, NSA and everyone else monitors all financial transactions and paper trails and wheelbarrowing cash money to terrorists is not an option either.

Congratulations you got yourself caught, but since you're a billionaire you're now a CIA asset. Pedo porn in computer is planted, semen on corpses is sprinkled, relatives harassed, photos fabricated, ready media stories are printed, bloody severed horse head in bed is placed.

From now on your fate is trafficking children for elite bourgois de-generate parties financing Hillary Clinton campaign events, hosting Drump fundraisers, finding breeder babies for MK-ULTRA and organizing eyes wide shut type satanic orgies.

Checkmate cucks I win again.

tbh I would use my large cash donation and sick lawyers to open up the case for UK support of YPG maybe I'd have to hide my power level on PKK.

I think with a lot of money it would be pretty easy to convince the British people that I should legally be allowed to send funds to a group fighting ISIS

I'd bring on the ex soliders who have been there, you know how the population loves a soldier. He'd say some bit about how the YPG are fighting for muh freedumbs and demograzee, which they are. At the same time I would pay all of the legal funds for the returning soldiers who are facing legal struggle, and I would use money to fund humanitarian efforts in the region.

Basically, even If I went to jail, I would make it so porky look like a fucking huge cunt.

Also if I had billions I would pay people to shill on the internet for me like Trump did



Who cares. I'd just kill myself you fucking retard.

But as Stirner highlights in my book, The Ego and its Own, greed, while being an aspect of the egoist shouldn't fully consume my personality as that would limit my uniqueness and the power I can exert with my Ego
Therefore I wouldn't go out of my way to get a billion bucks, but I wouldn't reject them

My ego and its own is more a guide to being an effective jerk off than a unifying philosophy. I like it.

Yep. I'd take it and then probably support capitalism. After all, my ego and I would want to be able to enjoy our newfound wealth together.

Of course

If I was a billionaire I'm pretty sure I could figure out some way to send money to people without getting caught, ya know like all the tax cheats do but a little different. I could hire the slimiest accountants and lawyers around to set up a trail of shell companies and so on for me, and if they question it, I'll just tell them I'm an intelligence asset, and if they question that, I can just make them disappear.

I don't get why people think Stirner is a philosopher. He's just the spirit of freedom made manifest.