Radicalize Jimmy Dore 4 the LOLZ

You know what would be a fun team building exercise Holla Forums?

Let's radicalize Jimmy Dore and watch him slowly lose him mind.

To do this, let's send loads and loads of our favorite Holla Forums literature to his management. We don't need to spend a lot of money. Let's just send lit we have lying around, or from free libraries, maybe fax entire books (that's what I plan on doing), or email Alex ebooks directly.

Who knows maybe he won't lose it and he'll be the catalyst the left has always needed. 😆

Alex Murray
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
9150 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
[email protected]
Fax: 310.275.6180

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I totally would but I like all my books and want to keep them. Ill just send a bunch of pdf's.

#opradicalizejimmy dumbest fucking thing I've heard in a while. i'm so doing this. but yeah like i'm gonna email PDFs.

Yes yes a million times yes, I am so on board with this.

Just send bookchin. According to his followers he's easy to read, and isn't full class war now edgy.

You know what needs to be done.

Jimmy looks and behaves like Stirner tbh

wait, who is alex murray?


I second this

My guess: he becomes a tankie.

I should have clarified. Alex Murray is his agent. I couldn't find Jimmy's home address.

* * * We could try and dox him so we can just send him shit directly. * * *

That would be the surest way for him to lose his audience, that's for sure.

Is he ready?

Top teir OC m8 I r8 8/8

Jimmy is ready the world isn't ready for his internal ever blazing diamat.

leftypol and Max Dore will change the world

Every spook has its price.

Damn if this had "spooked" instead of "spooks" this would be perfect

Honestly, go to a 2nd hand book fair and pick up a bunch of socialist books for like $10.

I literally got all of Marx's collected works, all of Lenins Collected Works and Bakunins Collected works for like $5

Emailed the bread book, not my favorite, but it's an easy read

If you autists all spam his inbox with a billion books there's no way he's not just going to delete all your spam.

Im sending "Dialectical and Historical Materialism" by the man who dindu nuffin


Found his email [email protected]

for bonus points I put "for the interest of James "arm the poor" Dore as the subject line.

I sent him my manifesto of autism

Then I sent another email that just said read Debt:The First 5000 Years.

kek. Lets flood this guys inbox hes gonna have no idea what is going on

Bumping for the night crowd.

Jimmy doesn't have time to read a ton of theory, you need to keep things light and concise.

As someone who is reading it now, there's no way in hell you're going to get someone like Jimmy to plow through that monster.

Now when Jimmy IRL turns into Stirner2.0 we'll know that meme magic is real

Stirner reads pretty smoothly, don't you think? A guy like Jimmy could probably relate to what he's saying… mostly.

Stirner is also a meme. Don't sent him that shit.

did anyone send stirner already?

But we're literally trying to turn him into Stirner reincarnate.

Now this is the OC I've been waiting for my whole life

I just sent him some Wolf'si stuff on Stirner. I think his works are poetic and concise. Hopefully he reads them.

^holy fuck, I can't type


Wolfi Landstreicher

I misplaced some of the last letters in the other post :/

this, for example

Stirner's not a meme, though.

Bumping this

People better be following through on this, we need to Jimmy "beating stalin's high score" Dore to radicalize all of the TYT or stage a radical takeover of it. That can only happen if we feed Jimmy some radical pdfs (or even just copy and paste sections essays and books and email that to him).

[email protected]

He was a lazy doodle used to strawman an idea that Marx disagreed with. He was literally the first socialist meme


mind blown

Who has actually done this? Why are more people not trolling him with books?

I want to radicalize Sam Seder too. He's not nearly as close as Jimmy (in fact, him and Jimmy have a feud going on) but I think it's possible.

He's also very responsive on Twitter to his fans. If you shoot him some book recommendations in a non-condescending manner, I'm sure he'll respond.

He's probably more radical than he lets on.

I would like to know more.

Sam runs a daily show as part of the TYT network too and Sam seems to hate Jimmy because Jimmy voted for Jill Stein and therefore is to blame for Trump's presidency because he probably convinced a lot of his fans to vote for Stein as well. Or something like that. I don't know, it's a lot of bullshit, but Sam sometimes has decent guests on (writers for Jacobin, etc.).


Fuck Sam. He's everything we hate. A liberal technocrat so stuck up his ass he can see the world for what it is. Right now he is arguing that the anti Trump protestors just want a return to the status quo. That's ultimately what he wants. Status quo with a little better tax policy and slightly less war.

Fuck him.

If you're listening to Majority Report and you're not listening to This Is Hell you're failing at life.


Similar guests, better analysis, long form interviews, humor, alcoholism, and an anti-capitalist world view.

OC edit.


You know this faggot will be booted from TYT once they realize he is a commie, he was about to go after he spat in the water filter salesman's face


He's too much of a lazy stoner to read, link him audiobooks.

I don't even know where to find audiobooks :P


Yeah TIH is the best god damn podcast, period. It has been around for like ever (98). Helped get me through 911, the Bush years, the Obama election, the Obama years … and now Trump.

he seems to be doing pretty well by himself…

If Jimmy keeps dropping heat that hard, climate change will be irreversible in a matter of days.


Based Jimmy

Jimmy "I'll make the great leap forward look like rewiring a house" Dore


This has to be satire, right?

I like his approach. To him it seems the quality of a statement depends on how free speech it is, and how free speech it is depends on how offended leftist cucks and normies are. It's complete moral decadence. The alt right are amazing.

I couldn't finish it. The alt-right cuck was too boring.