Why is this allowed?

Why is this allowed?

Why wouldn't it be?

More proof Marxism is a religion, this is their Bethlehem, their Mecca, their Jerusalem.


Por vous

Then why Stirner doesn't have his house turned into a museum?

Some less shit affinity should occupy the place

because stirner is almost entirely irrelevant

He doesn't need it. I remember him every time I have milk.


It would be irrelevant because the whole world was his property

Stirner is a poor mans Nietzsche

Idolatry is a spook

ikr? They christlarp like liberals. They act out all the liberal dramas. They try to emulate their figurehead regardless of how much the relations of society have been tumbled and changed to incompatibility. I strongly suspect false consciousness.

Why were they allowed to kill Rosa?


So when did you realize you were mentally deficient?

So when did you realize that your mommy lied and that liberalism actually makes you a useless human being?

This is why Stirner was right.

False consciousness is a Marxist concept numbnuts.