Iran is just trolling the U.S. now

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‏BREAKING: Iran has test-fired another missile

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What are the odds of an American land war in Iran within Trump's first term?

Good, it's nice to see someone stand up to an American president for once.

Probability 1

Those guys typically don't last too long.

Well, that's his problem.

The sad thing is that nobody can do anything about him, because people who voted for him will never admit to being fooled by lies. People are too proud to admit that they've been taken advantage of. They will just say that it was some other reason why they voted for Trump, not the one that's been proven a lie. Repeat till infinity.

The terrible consequence of this is not just Iran going nuclear itself though. The "MAGA" campaign showed people in power that there are even fewer consequences for lying than they originally thought. We truly will be going into the "post-truth era" and "alternative facts" will be everywhere.

During the campaign Trump said repeatedly he would be very tough on Iran rip up the Iran deal and that Israel is the Greatest ally.

That would be a brutal war. Iran is no fucking joke.

Really makes you think



Trump needs the plebs to feel great again about themselves so he's picking fights with middle power countries like Iran instead of Russia. He will get Btfo by Iran in Yemen and will achieve nothing, since Iraq controls the most combat ready militia in Iraq they will just order a pull out and let Mosul get cucked and destroy Trump's anti-ISIS strategy humiliate Burgerstan even more with Russia Syria and Iran consolidating their gains while Trump will be forced to put boots on the ground which he won't since he's a fucking pussy. Then he will move on to North Korea and get BTFO there and achieve nothing of value, then he will move on to Cuba get BTFO there and achieve nothing of value finally they will clinch their ass muscles and start making a move in the South China sea get BTFO and achieve nothing of value


Trump wasn't elected. He lost the majority vote.


I hope war breaks out. It's highly unlikely this will be the war to end civilization for good, but a war is better than no war.

this is what happens when people view earth as a garden

What do you mean? I just deeply dislike civilization.

it involves weeding, keeping the balance of things, putting the right plants in the right place to create the most pleasant sight

there's a reason the nazi's were the greenest of regimes

The position of "Supreme leader" isn't like dictator m8, it's more like a Supreme Court judge. He has the authority to axe any bill passed by the legislature that he thinks violates Islamic principles. Oh and he is appointed by a democratically elected body.

Iran's been under Western financial sanctions for years.

What's that mean, exactly? Liberals have made such a corporate mess of the term that it's little more than a bourg seal of approval anymore.

It would actually be pretty funny if Trump did try to "free" North Korea, only to get stuck paying the bill to pull that backwater out of the stone age.

The refugee situation would easily be 10X worse than Syria.

Well idk how much influence corporations have in Iran, all I meant is that it's closer to a constitutional theocracy than a dictatorship like Western media/leaders portray it as.

They do if they come from Iran. See previous Iranian presidents and politicians in general, all making fun of Burger government.

Are you seriously buying into this bullshit about "post-truth"? We have been living in the "post-truth" era for decades, ever since MSM exist.

Khamenei is an anti imperialist

Shia Islam is not a religion, but a revolutionary socialist movement. May Shia Islam dominate the world. It's time leftists recognize this.

Inshallah brother.

t. americlap

This is a joke post right? I was raised shia and I recognize it's potential, but I really would not go that far

So I was raised sunni in the west and feel no particular loyalty to sunni vs shia doctrine. I always hear shit like this and have always been curious what this means. Do you really think shia specific doctrine has particular emancipatory potential over sunni doctrine (not wahabbism obv) other than just dealing with more historic persecution? Any reason why the split should be focused on at all?

No. There's the fact that originally ijtihad could be done by anyone, not just people who studied for like 30. But I'm fairly sure Sunnis have ijtihad too, I'm just unsure of it works for them

One thing that is unique to Shiism is mu'tah, and it's an excuse for young shia in Lebanon, SE Asia and the West to date each other and legitimize it

Thank you religion of peace, truly my greatest ally

In my experience people just do that anyway then justify it later, but that's interesting that they have such a specific workaround.

Also ijtihad for sunnis isn't as confined as you describe it and the practice was only restricted after a few centuries because it had a practical legal bearing while with shias it was considered a more theoretical exercise (at least that's my understanding) of what the absent Imam would have done. Therefore less need to restrict.

Oh, did something being political trigger you? Are you on the right board user?
Thank you politics of economic justice, truly my greatest ally

Religion is not political you dumb cunt. I prefer what you said now significantly more

Interestingly enough, it's more tailored to short escapades than actual dating. Basically how it works is you and your partner agree to be temporarily married till a certain agreed upon date

Spoken like a true liberal. Insofar as religion is not merely your private snowflake identity but a collective way of life it is political.

didn't realize shias were actually SJW-tier

Trump won the majority vote in enough STATES to become president. It is call the United STATES because it is a union of many STATES. Changing it to pure majority vote would mean no one would even bother with the concerns of people who don't live in high population areas.

we all know how the system works, doesn't mean we have to agree with it

yes, very spooky stuff indeed. I'd rather not open my ass for the priest daily just so I can go to heaven when I die.




If the US electoral system was what happened in Venezuela or something all the international watchdogs would be falling over each other to call it corrupt and undemocratic

No kidding. But that's not really an indictment of the American electoral system.

He's right in the sense that the US is actually not homogeneous economically, culturally to an extent too but economically especially, and that under a majority vote nobody would ever have to acknowledge the real circumstances of anyone who didn't live in California– which is, to be fair, exactly what Californians want.

It's a real concern– even accepting the premise that democracy as the best form of government, there is absolutely not reason to assume a simple majority vote is the best way to decide elections.



Not even close to true. Even if you combined the populations of the top 10 most populated cities in the US you still wouldn't reach 10% of the total US population much less a majority. The narrative that simple majority vote would ignore everything outside the big cities is just a lie propagated by the GOP for obvious reasons.


literally Holla Forums-tier logic

Iran lets people be trans though if they are gay.


Why would he though? With Castro dead, there isn't a dictator left in the world that Trump hasn't felated.

The top 10 cities by metropolitan area have close to 25% of the US population.

lol, i bet CIA tried a new strategy to start ww3 which is to send a shipment of cocaine to iranian leadership.
i bet it was also iran who gave those missiles to houti, one of which was used to attack that military base near riyadh.

Because he's an idiot.