Just fuck my country up fam

Just fuck my country up fam

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Fucking liberals

Can't wait.

Canadians should want nothing of Trudeau after he's turned his back on the only two reasons he got elected

I will break the nose of anyone I know that will continue to support this libs after this

I thought there was only one.

But that's what they should be doing.

What's even your angle here other than perpetually going "fucking liberals" at everything?

Get out.

grow up an realize virtue signalling is literally anything

Um, it's not. Get out.

So basically, no one should ever, ever stand up to anything a US president does, because there are political and economic consequences? What a radical and socialist position!

You people are turning into herd in your attempt to signal how non-liberals you are.

what two reasons?

Stand up for what exactly? And why? Even if you can find a good reason (you can't) it still isn't worth the harm to the Canadian citizen and economy. He did stand up already by offering to take in more beloved refugees despite Canada having very little to do with the destruction of the Middle East. Refusing to work with your neighbor and biggest trade partner is completely retarded especially when Trump is talking about renegotiating NAFTA. Fuck off if you are baiting me, I can't tell anymore.

Honestly you saying "protect our economy at all costs" is liberal as fuck

"majority of people (as demonstrated by this poll) want x"

"stop virtue signalling!"

it's ridiculous and childish

"lets fuck up our country because trump temporarially banned travel from some middle eastern countries and also that dudes a total mysognist, like, not O.K man"
Im not sure whats more retarded, trumps nativism or the rest of the worlds reaction to him.
If this is done in the name of 'muh racism, hees FACIST!!' and it has bad consequences, people will blame it on what they see as the left and turn to the right.

pffft he won't.

I'm not sure where you get out being this liberal without much say on this board to worry about the fucking economy in one breath and accelerationism in the other

electoral reform and legalizing weed

We MUST keep selling oil to china, plz let us build pipelines america-kun

t. totally not a liberal

lol. Obviously you agree with most of the shit Trump has done and intends to do, so at least own up to it and fuck off with your "muh liberals" talk. And stop trying to give pseudo-technocratic reasons for your retarded political views.

I'm not canadian, so im not terribly worried.
im calling them retards, not desperately opposing this for my own self interest.

found the liberal


trump's brand of capitalist insanity is going to be good for the canadian west but not that great for the east.

So, le economy is more important than anything else?

Yes, he's on the mirror.

It's definitely more important than trying to shame Trump.

what if we are all liberals pretending to be communists in a simulation?

The amount of mental gymnastic a "leftist" needs to go through to arrive at a position this stupid is unfathomable.

You're just doing this because this board crying liberal at most mainstream leftism(rightfully) irritates you, right?

Theres nothing important they're "standing up to." If they were gonna stand up for anything that mattered, it wouldnt really be about trump, and they wouldnt have waited till now to do it.

maybe they're not really "leftist" at all my friend

getting into a trade war with our biggest trading partner over "muh refugees" while our economy is shit is a fucking brilliant idea.

Because you're a liberal for carrying so much about the fucking economy when this could mean nipping the Dakota Access Pipeline in the bud.

If you're for that abomination I can safely say fuck you, you're a liberal.

It really isn't. After all the economy works both ways. If Trump can get away with any shit and maintain most of the political and economic ties the US has cultivated intact, what does this say about our hability to stand up to anything? We'll be able to do fuck all if the rise goes crazy.

Somebody pls nuke Alberta and Sask pls.

Wrong, you don't think there's anything important they're standing up to. If you agree with Trump, that's on you, but you're in the wrong board.

let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark plz

It's just more disingenuous liberal bullshit. They want a trade war with Trump because he grabs pussies and doesn't want refugees, but they'll keep diplomatic ties with the Saudis even though women are second class citizens and they've taken zero refugees.

The worst economic reasoning of ANY leader in the world today is Trump's, and what happens in the US has global consequences. So even if you're going to keep your autistic liberal obsession with muh economy, think the fucking long term.

Your kind are the reason we had Harper for ten years.

No, im not for that. I'm going on the idea that what they think they're "standing up to" is shit like 'hate'. So they're making their conditions worse for petty crap.
If this was about anything that mattered, I'd support it. But if it was about anything that mattered, it would not have waited till now. So I laugh at them.

I don't agree with trump.

I'm surprised that the Liberals still haven't passed a marijuana legalization law yet. The election was October 19, 2015. It is now February 8, 2017. That's 1 year + almost 4 months.

As for electoral reform, it doesn't surprise me they are dragging their heels on this. The next election isn't until Fall 2019.

It basically shows that Trump is not in charge of the US administration.

He may be the president, but what good does it do to you, if nobody treats you like one.

Saudis Arabia would be the last place I'd want to go to as a refugee. They're functionally a slave economy.

the reason we had harper for 10 years was suburban ontarios love of lower taxes and the liberals inability to to actually present a decent opposition but keep blaming the people who never get a say on how the election turns out do to population

Everyone keeps ties with the Saudis.
It's just blatantly showcases what is wrong with Western democracies and why their good guy stick doesn't fly.

Protip: Steve Bannon is the President.

This is like when people were boycotting Apartheid and all conservatives were asking "well, why not boycott Russia or China?" which reflects a complete inability to see the forest for the trees.

The US has hegemony and an informal empire that not only has the influence to turn its policies into global trends, but also rests on a certain degree of reciprocity. The hability of Canadian, or European or South American diplomacy to influence the Saudi is non-existing, but the same isn't true about their relations to the United States.

trudeau just said no election reform at all because both the ndp and the tories wanted proportional representation

So now it's no longer Putin?
Can we stop repeating liberal bullshit?

It's a good thing you guys don't get a say otherwise we'd basically be Texas.

Trump is literally not reading the executive orders that Bannon gives him to sign, lel


It just mirrors the relationship Bush had with Cheney.

Ehh, they said they'd pass the Weed law in spring 2017 and it appears that they're sticking to it. Might be shitty legalization though.

Just filter her tripcode

manitoba and sask used to be the center of the canadian left for decades before neoliberalism. the reason the pulls to the right is because any viable left alternative has been suppressed to the point where the sask ndp are orange libs

*the west pulls to the right

The tories want PR? LOL. Why? They benefit from first-past-the-post

I think its because they think it would fuck the libs more. the only major parties that would gain from PR would be the NDP and maybe the Bloc if they aren't dead forever now

The Greens would benefit from PR too. Maybe even some of the smaller parties too. Depending on the "cut-off" used. If there is a 5% minimum threshold, the Greens may not get into parliament.

The Conservatives actually benefit the most from FPTP. Because all the right-wingers vote for the Conservative Party. While the "left vote" is split between the centrist Liberals, third-way classcuck NDP and socdem Greens.

I voted for the Greens in the 2015 federal election because the Liberals only really give a shit about social issues. They aren't all that progressive when it comes to economic issues. They're just not as bad as the Conservatives. The NDP chased the centre in the last election with their third-way classcuckery.

The Greens were the only ones (outside of the Marxist-Leninist and Communist Party, which didn't run in my riding) that had a progressive platform. They want to introduce a $20kCAD/year UBI. I'd happily collect a $1,666.66CAD cheque every month to live a NEET lifestyle and maybe scrape together some cash to see a hooker once a month.

The US is going to war with Canada, yes that sounds like something that happens

Are the Greens a thing outside of BC?

Last election my riding was the crazy Tory lady who hasn't been beaten for like 15 years, some NDP guy who was decent enough but didn't ahve a shot and, some liberal who didn't even campaign

No they are not a thing outside BC. They just run nationwide. The Greens got around 2% in my riding. lol. I did it all for the NEETBux tbh. Not one single Canadian party has a solution to restore the working class to glory. But the Green Party advocates for UBI and I figure that collecting $1,666.66CAD/month from the government would be enough for me to feel complacent and not want to pick up a gun and start shooting people.

Accelerationists would say this is proof that socdem kills revolutionary potential. But the truth is that only a small number of autistic lone wolves like myself would be willing to pick up a gun and kill when rock bottom. The vast majority of poor Canadians resort to drug use and suicide instead. Opiate deaths are on the rise in Canada, particularly in British Columbia. It's common to find homeless people passing out on the streets in BC from Fentanyl overdose. They generally go and buy Fentanyl right when they receive their monthly welfare/disability cheque.

If it's a pissing contest that potentially hurts people in their country? probably not.

I just want the NDP to re-adopt the Regina Manifesto with some updates for enviromental stuff.The lets be Orange Liberals shit doesn't work and just unifies the right when their half measures fail.

Hopefully NDP will pull left again, it's looking that way at least.

Also if O'Leary becomes PM I'm moving to Nunavut to become a hermit.

At least we don't have Harper anymore, that cunt tried to turn Canada into a capitalistic shithole and he sorta succeeded.


Dude, I grew up in rural Alberta in the heart of the oil Industry. They took over, family farms are dying as the kids run to the patch too.

You have no idea how much big oil has cucked the rural population in Canada.

Its happening in Sask as well. Family farms are dying because everyone wants to work the rigs. Hell even the potash mines are starting to hire foreign labour because they can't find anyone.

Did I say otherwise? I was objecting to you saying Harper 'turned' Canada into a capitalist society.

To add on. My favourite thing is when the falling price of oil drags down grain and other commodities fucking over everyone.

Now you get to look forward to more Fentanyl and cocaine in flatland. OH and don't forget them strippers too!

Seriously though, rig niggers are the worst kind of people usually, I grew up near Hardisty and you can just smell the cancer as they roll by on their overcompensating lifted trucks lmao.

Maybe I should have said that he made it MORE capitalistic, not to mention the benefits and tax cuts he did for porky.

I remember one time when the conservative government tried to push for private healthcare in Canada, thank god it never went anywhere.

Government banned strippers so its just Fentanyl and suicide.

People here think accelerationism wont effect them.

Here's how the right in Alberta have reacted to the first left-leaning party in 44 years.

Is the Alberta NDP even that left? All I ever heard about them is Notley getting shitty about the LEAP Manifesto and the usually rightist meltdown over trannies.


They're pretty left, but pretty reasonable on the most part. They kinda have to still shill for oil or else all of the uneducated cucks get buttmangled. I'd still rather have them then the cons, or god forbid the Wildrose party

The Wildrose party is basically like the Saskatchewan party, but with more cancer and Trumpism.

Nope. Barely left at all, dont deserve to be called so

I have family in alberta that are pretty into Wildrose. Talking to them gets wierd fast.

the Sask Party is pretty much the PCs with a new coat of paint after the PCs fucked up bad in the 80s/early 90s.

Is that one reason "not Harper?"

Give me one scenario in which the use of "virtue signaling" isn't virtue signaling?

That's basically a carbon copy of Alberta PCs tbh

Only it came later…

Can someone explain how the NDP lost the last election when they were previously the opposition? Was it all JT's smug liberalism or…?

NDP socialists want the moderates out.


they ran to the right of the libs trying to be "respectable"

No one had any faith in Mulcair. If Layyton was still running he might've had a chance to win.

Every single vehicle on the road or a track can be electric and oil still wouldn't be going nowhere.

To be honest, the NDP felt kinda weak against Harper during the election, and they seemed to make "Half promises", they seemed a little spineless to me for some reason.

And I know this is a meme, but a lot of people liked that Trudeau said he was going to legalize weed, not "consider decriminalizing". People are sick of the war on drugs and it only made things worse for us.

He attracted the younger crowd a lot easier too, and basically became the Anti-Harper this election because FUCK that stone-haired cunt.

I might vote NDP next election if the Liberals turn out to be working for Porky too.



Relative to these cock manglers, yes it does.

Trudeau has a foundation which seems to receive donations and with donors getting what looks like political favours. :^)

The Liberals are porkie shills who take donations in return for political favours, have a pro business agenda, and obey imperialist US foreign policy commands

They also just went back on their election reform promise which would have made it substantially easier to start an anti-capitalist party.

The LPC are fucking cockroaches and JT is a self-serving liar.

Are only hope now is slick entryism into the NDP to return it to its former glory.

Based Tommy Douglas


NDP are literally controlled opposition. I hope they win just to get exposed. Conservatives are beginning to pivot away from dumb social issue battlegrounds; depending on who wins the leadership it may change but for now I predict them to win.

Looks like northern mexico gets to pay for a wall too.

Yeah let's just turn this one step closer into the Handmaiden's Tale, that's a really good idea

Agreed. Women belong in the home taking care of the young.


Are there ever hints of such a thing actually happening? Or is this entire debate happening in the realm of the hypothetical.

American Anschluss of Canada when?

:^) It's going to be glorious when we finally kick the royal family out of North America and destroy the porky-SJW tories in Canada. Make sure that Trudeau personally gets tarred, feathered, then guillotined.