ILM — Internet liberation army

remember some months ago when we tried to take over 4/pol/? That didn't went right
I propose a different aproach: any sort of political, social or historical discussion that you see, post it here and leftyAnons will jump to trash talk and debate those people until we beat he spooks out of them.
We will win neutral ground before being able to take on Holla Forums

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Wait, so we collectively argue to BTFO out of some rightists? I can get behind that.

Organized shitposting operations

There is already a word for this. This is meme magic.


When you represent the mainstream people on a counterculture site will probably ignore you. Blatant orginizing shilling doesn't help see TRS


It is

This is actually really good. We need this. Are we talking about just on 4/pol/ or any site?

How so?

so why don't we start this out by raiding Holla Forums, I'll make a bait thread and you can bump it

Good thread here.

Let's actually make this something good.

Link me to it please, it's a good start.

any NEET/wagecuck threads on r9k are usually ripe for this shit. although pol shills on that board a lot now

Any site but chans are just the easiest target since they don't require accounts

it is when you think Mussolini was a centrist

who else is having fun here?

It was good while it lasted

that is fucking retarded

no u

lol y r u such a fag lol




Could we perhaps get our Nazbols to spread around "non-Jewish" communism?

We might be able to at least show that communism isn't a bad idea and get more people interested in it.

Worst case scenario we just get more Nazbols but that's still far better than Holla Forumstards

Your post makes no sense and you know it

c'mon it could be fun and maybe work out
Its getting intense