So the Brexit Bill has passed through the Commons with no changes

So the Brexit Bill has passed through the Commons with no changes.

In your opinion is leaving the EU good for the left or not?

the faster it collapses the better

can't way for nationalists to pave the way for the left

well not under the tories

This is what I'm thinking at the moment. They're concenting too much on reactionary immigration shit they are gonna stick the important economic stuff to the sidelines.

I hate these threads tbh. With the left in its fractured, ineffective and sickly state what the hell does it matter whether Brexit happens or not. What does it matter that Tories or whoever the fuck are in charge?

How will they pave the way? Its like opening a door for a quadriplegic person. You can put a red carpet down and plead with them, but they still will not literally be able to walk down that door.

As it stands, people involved in leftist organizing have no idea how to conduct themselves despite having every tool available. Brexit won't do shit for the left, because in order to take advantage of these happenings there needs to come a time where leftists actually establish themselves as something more than ineffectual splinter groups that people just ignore.

Sage because I guess I'm taking a tangent.

Good for the Labour party? Almost certainly not. Labour is going to get squeezed from the working class leaver side by the kippers and from the urban left-liberal remainer side by libdems. Especially now that Corbyn unsurprisingly chose to go with the leavers Labour might alienate a bunch of young, left-leaning EU supporters. And I don't think they can stop the haemorrhage of the working class vote to the kippers. I predict Labour will get destroyed in the Brexit election.

Good for the left? Maybe. A bunch of urban left-liberals will likely leave for the libdems, holding their noses after the university fee betrayal. A party split is also possible. Good riddance one could say, but it would decimate Labour as a political force.
Likely post-brexit economic hardship and disappointment in the reactionary parties should radicalise people afterwards, so maybe it could pave the way for a new, more left-wing movement. Or England will go full nazi and throw pakis in the sea.

The Scottish question is also very interesting.


Caring about the state of the left more than the state of the world is maximum fun

In terms of being free from the massive corporatist power grab that is the EU? Yes, that was a ship sinking and it's only going to sink faster with the Germans being utter retards about things.

As for the left it is a little in disarray but Labour needed a shake up anyway, general leftism will benifit because trimming the fat always leads to more efficient use of resources, especially in a country like the UK.

No one would be having the conversation without Brexit.

The problem with alienating young people is that it's not a very good election strategy in the long term. They'll still be around in 30 years.
Not like I'm particularly fond of urban liberals or the Blairite party, mind.

Half of them are unbearable cunts who value their own asshole more then the general well being of the nation



*half of them are unbearable cunts who value their own asshole, the latest iPhone and the next season of Game of Thrones more than the advancement of working class interests*

nation is a spook, fam

Game of Thrones is a shit show.

Yes, but its not the politically comatose you are describing that will be alienated.

The supposedly left-wing Labour party just voted to give the right-wing government absolute authority over how brexit takes place and what kind of deal we end up with. I don't care whether you think brexit is good or bad - that is fucking retarded in either case. They literally just voted themselves out of having a say on an issue which is going to define the next few decades of British history. This, above all, is proof that Labour are fucking incompetent. It's the fucking icing on the fucking cake after they voted for increased surveillance.


Like 90% of leftists are functionally retarded

But so, too, are markets.

will the people get another vote on the deal they get in the end?
or is that too much democracy?

Brexit means brexit*. Isn't that enough democracy for you?

*as defined by the conservative party and their friends in big business