What you doin in a draft?

What if Trump reinstated the draft? What are you gonna do?

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shit my pants

An unheralded genius.

Run away to Mexico cause I sure as hell ain't dying for imperialism

Laugh because I don't live in the U.S

I envy you T_T

Can't draft a veteran.

Well, I did have to flee my country of origin precisely because U.S wouldn't stop bombing the shit out of it

plead mental illness

True, glad you made it out safe pal, hope you're in a safer area.

do what Trump would do, dodge it

Are you the same anarcho-feminist who claimed proudly that she had abused some kid in highschool and enjoyed watching him suffer? If that's the case then it would be quite easily to plead insanity for you.

Time to become a political agitator.

Kick back and accept the state's murderer welfare funds

Nothing because I'm not in the US.

Won't happen
We just use missiles and drones now

They will find a way to put you in the battlefield, even if it's something as ridicule as putting people in mecha-suits or some shit like that.
War changed.

I would just shrug because I'm not american.

Pretty unlikely that I'd be drafted into a combat situation, since I'm a skinny muh privileged PhD pursuing STEM-lord. If I did get drafted into something not cushy, I would resist the draft, and in jail I would RP as Gramsci.

Probably spend several years in Leavenworth for doing drugs or desertion or some bullshit

actually i just put it up as a shitpost flag because feminism triggers people here usually and i was conflating it with mental ilness

I'd probably resist.

In the Iran-Iraq war remember Iran sent waves of school kids to run over land mines and into machine gun fire. They even had kids on bikes throw hand grenades before they were gunned down. After the Iraqis wasted all their ammo and gunning down 14 year olds the professional army and revolutionary guards would come and wreck you. Iranians were nationalistic and religious zealots who were absolutely rutheless. The Shia tend to be much more effective in terms milltary and strategic actions compared to your average Sunni country/millita who have to rely on foreign advisors, weapons, mercenarys and still can't fight for shit.

If it wasn't Iran I'm not going to die for some rock in the South China Sea or whatever poor country Russia is bullying either. I'd only go if I'd be fighting actual terrorists like ISIS, Al-Qaeda or whatever their equivalent is elsewhere.

Sure you would. Just like all those draftees in Vietnam who somehow found themselves knee deep in a rice paddy. Now if any of you "brave souls" said go to jail, I'd believe you. But that's also a scary thing for someone who hasn't experience things as awful as combat or inner city living. But its more feasible than "resist". Sorry user, just keeping it real.

Most of you would probably be drafted and go do your tours, and hopefully come back and use the situation you found yourselves in to your advantage. As a veteran, there are a lot of things you learn in the military. It hardens you, and honestly makes you grow up in ways most adults don't even fathom. I would hope you'd come home, sobered up and ready to organize into a new, harder leftist organization.

you cuck. Dying for porky. Take your armchairs comrade.


people did not understand the meaning of “voluntary,” the Makhnovists issued a clarifying bulletin:
Some groups have understood voluntary mobilization as mobilization only for those who wish to enter the Insurrectionary Army, and that anyone who for any reason wishes to stay at home is not liable…. This is not correct…. The voluntary mobilization has been called because the peasants, workers and insurgents themselves decided to mobilize themselves without awaiting the arrival of instructions from the central authorities.

No that's me

We are too technologically advanced since WWII to need a draft

You're right in reality I'd just go and try not to get killed. Every leftist Vietnam draftee probably thought he was gonna hide out in churches and run to Canada but in reality 99% them just went and small minority went AWOL or whatever.

You'd either have to be a Trot (muh ISIS is anti-imperialism stand with them) or a leftcom (you need to let capitalism ruin itself!) to not support Rojava in even an passing way

Every other reason just outs yourself as a retarded liberal

I'm pretty sure I have enough conditions they wouldn't want me

I'm dodging that shit

wait.. do some trots support ISIS? I just think the problem is thinking rojava is some anarchist place or some kind of paradise. I don't mind if someone supports rojava just overly praising them like they are the messiah.

You morons call yourselves revolutionary and you wouldn't take free guns, training, comrades and experience paid for by your enemy? Just go AWOL at a convenient time or do your tour and consider it the first theater of your revolution. I hope there is a draft, veterans make the best cadre.

redpill me on rojava

Picture me surprised.

feels good man



No branch of the military would want me (chronic health issues) so I'm safe

Dodge or go mia. No way I'm dying with a bunch of meatheads for capitalist bullshit.

pro of autism:
can't be drafted

Trotsky was never in the military and he wrecked some shit
Fuck that.

I'm good.

As a non-Burgerian I'd be very pleased, actually. The current form of the US army is there because massive protests took place against the Vietnam war, made possible by the draft.

If you burger fuckers actually care about the rest of the world and the left in general, campaign for the draft. Until you stop fighting your wars with hired thugs and mercenaries, until your stupid fucking population doesn't feel directly involved and directly responsible for the atrocities your country commits against the rest of the world there's zero hope for stopping US Imperialism.

Oh, and another thing. The draft could provide a legit tool of dismantling capitalism as well: youtube.com/watch?v=MNVKoX40ZAo

mfw I live in a country with no army

You're not Trotsky



Like I said in the last thread, nothing.
I'm too old and too broken down physically to go through basic.
The government would have to be in some kind of make-or-break end of the world scenario to think I was fit for service.

kill myself but I'll probably do that anyhoos

The draft isn't coming back dude. Voluntary enlistment fuels the empire well enough without creating the outcry that accompanies conscription: this is why they can wage wars forever.


The draft is a good thing. We should always have a draft because it teaches democrats how to use guns.