What do you think of centrism?

Discuss it here.

It's the thinking man's feti- I mean ideology.

Also for cucks.


complete nonsense

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centrism doesn't exist

The most rational movement.
People are different, not everyone is going to agree on one thing.


Centrism is a form of compromise where the worst elements of two opposing sides are combined and called a "solution".


I just call them liberals and they don't like it, liberal.

Centrists should be banned along with polcucks

Centrist confuse apathy with stability

I sometimes think of myself as centrist.

And then I run into the right at full blast and I wonder why exactly. It's like, the stuff that repulses me about the mainstream "left" is that maybe they list off "isms" too much, but on actual policy matters and even intentions, they tend to just have better ideas than the right in general.

Centrism does not exist. It simply involves surrendering to the prevailing economic system and ideology, which is presently liberalism. As such, centrism is right wing.

Basically this, most centrists I know are smug idiots that want to take a safe position socially.

this tbh

nice spook nerd, every political position must have a goal, and obstacles to deal with.

is this chart supposed to be serious or are you memeing

I considered myself centrist when I still associated leftism with neo-liberalism and socialism with social liberalism. Turns out I was a socialist all the time.

I think it's more like they have the cause and effect mixed up. They think apathy causes stability and it's really the other way around.

Communism is the Middle Term

To call for the overthrow of the existing order
May seem a terrible thing
But what exists is no order.
To seek refuge in violence
May seem evil.
But what is constantly at work is violence
And there is nothing special about it.
Communism is not the extreme outlier
That only in a small part can be realized,
and until it is not completely realized,
The situation is unbearable
Even for someone who is insensitive.
Communism is really the most minimal demand
What is nearest, reasonable, the middle term.
Whoever is opposed to it is not someone who thinks otherwise
It is someone who does not think or who thinks only about himself
It is an enemy of the human species who,
And, in particular,
Wanting the most extreme, realized even in the tiniest part,
Plunges all humankind into destruction.

The dumbest meme of the 20th century.

I think it's more like they confuse being uncontroversial with being reasonable


bourgeois ideology

What the hell is up with all the shilling lately?

I'm struggling to express your retarded thought process, so greentext you get:

Yes, some people do have a tendency to avoid conflict by saying retarded hippie shit like "the solution is always in the middle, and understanding" (specially normalfags who are self-trained to hold nerfed opinions)
Here we are talking about people who actually sustain opinions that would be considered centrist. Eg. random anons that people shit on for not going to either extreme.

>random person dislikes a side of the argument, and dislikes another side of the argument, and prefers something that happens to be in between
>accuse him of choosing not just any in between, but "the middle", hinting that his choice of ideology wasn't reflected on
>accuse him of not holding a legitimate political opinion, just wanting to be in "the middle"

well fuck you

Yes, your exposition of centrism is shit. The problem is when you start calling centrist ==FUCKING EVERYONE== who doesn't agree with either extreme in an insignificant matter
That's strawmanning, man

Also, some OC I did (only last panel)
If some other memer want to add another panel, even better

Does redtext fail at random for anyone else? How can this site be so broken?

Glad you called out your own strawman. No one else was saying this about centrists.

No, newfags just can't redtext.


I thought that was triforcing

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Well meme'd

Say what you will about this chart but the fact Left/Right/Center are coloured appropriately is nice

They're pussies and I hate them


t. radical centrist

Any radical centrist is a potential fascist or a betrayer.

"Centrism" isn't an ideology. To identify yourself as a "centrist" means you're all but outright taking the "lol the least controversial opinion is the correct one, strong, outspoken convictions are for losers" stance.

Pure market fetishism, therefore hard-right, therefore future wall candy.