Socialist Gun Thread

Hey, faggots, if you're looking to get armed you can get this right fucking now. It's a good weapon, and while it might not be the best to dump lead in full-auto, you don't have that capability anyway, so get this:
Five hundo, bitches. Socialists get armed!

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Buying a gun isn't illegal, dipshit. Nobody is telling you to go shoot people. Just have it for self-defense against reactionaries.

I would if it's legal to own an assault rifle or even any gun here.

It's not an assault rifle, fam. Assault rifles are select fire. This is not. However, there is a petition to repeal the NFA right now. Might want to sign that if you want a machine gun.

The problem is I don't live in Burgerland and the gun laws are restrictive as fuck.

Ah, I didn't get that from your post. Anyway, are you at least getting fit?

data collection

What data collection, you lunatic? The NSA doesn't need to make a thread to collect your data.


Questions for buying first gun:
-Should I get a handgun, rifle, or shotgun?
-What one of the above is cheap and reliable? I don't wanna spend more than $300. I was leaning shotgun because the ammo is cheap and it's going to spend 95% of its life in a closet anyways, I don't want something I have to oil or clean every week or else it'll explode in my hand or something
-If a hand gun will a .22 work? I know gunfags laugh at anything that isn't a 9mm for self defense but I live in texas and it can be hard to get due to insane hoarders who buy an entire store's stock at a time
-Should I buy used or new?

Also, why not a nugget?
True revolutionary weapon, if you cant get an auto AK.


Rifles are easiest to learn, handguns can be carried in more places. Shotguns are kind of useless in modern combat.
That's not how guns work. Regardless, if you only have $300, you can get a Canik TP9 for that much, and it comes with two 18 round magazines and a holster. It also comes with a cleaning kit. You only need to clean it if you shoot corrosive ammo, which most 9mm is not, and not oiling it will cause it to malfunction and jam, not explode. Learn how to clean it. It doesn't take more than a few minutes. Learn the safety rules. Too.
9mm is dirt cheap, and you should buy online anyway. That shit gets shipped right to your door. No, .22lr will not work very well for anything other than a training or plinking weapon.
Used involves knowing more about what to look for and being sure of your purchase. Most new weapons come with good warranties. The one linked in the OP comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nuggets are for larpers and idiots, and so are AKs, now that they're more expensive than better quality ARs.

First would be handgun because you can CCW it.

A shotgun is alright. I don't know any of the above weapons.

Don't get a handgun in .22, it is too small.

Buy uses of something known to be as unkillable as LLBean backpacks.

Because while the Mosin Nagant is a great rifle, the ammo is not something common in the US. If shit hist the fan you want a gun that uses ammo you can find anywhere.

Honestly I Just want a gun because I like weapons, something to have if theres revolution or in case of right wing death squads is just a bonus.

t. FBI


Invest in a nice long-range rifle, famalam.

Daily reminder that the second amendment was explicitly intended to allow the general population to rise up if the government got too tyrannical.

Daily reminder that this, without a doubt, includes socialist revolution.


Being restricted to only 5 rounds of ammunition out of a bolt action mechanism will put you at a massive disadvantage when fighting for your life.

Mosin-Nagants used to run around $90 and you could grab a couple hundred rounds for less than that. . Now the rifle alone is over $200 (often $250ish) for one that isn’t beat to hell, and ammunition prices have skyrocketed. It’s a good $90 rifle, but a crappy +$200 one. In addition to the aforementioned massive disadvantage in fire rate and magazine capacity, Mosin Nagant actions are prone to sticking and jamming up, require lot of force to get mobile again, and the ergonomics are shit.

You’d be far better served by saving the money it’d cost to get a decent Mosin and putting it towards an entry-level AR-15. Prices have plummeted, a basic AR15 can be picked up for between $400 and $450 and is far more likely to save your life.

My advice for arming your self relatively cheaply is stock up on East Bloc Cold War surplus. SKSs can be found in Canada for $250, and $450 in the U.S. Ammo can be bought from surplus stockpiles, about $300 for 1500 rounds. Chinese milsurp ammo vests and steel helmets are available for under $15 combined. Other military helmets can be found for under $100 from east bloc countries (best options are Czechoslovakia, East Germany, and Bulgaria). Gas masks are similarly priced from Russia or Czechoslovakia.

Shotguns are also good to have, I would recommend the Mossberg Maverick 88, it's mechanically a direct copy of the Mossberg 500 but made with slightly cheaper materials. It can be had for about $300. Pic related.

If you are willing to spend a little more, you'll want to get something in a NATO cartridge, since it will be much easier to keep your weapon supplied. Here you have two options, 5.56 NATO or 7.62 NATO, also known as .223 Remington or .308 Winchester respectively. Both cartridges have pros and cons, 7.62 is more powerful, more accurate, and has a better range. 5.56 is lighter, more common in the military, lower recoil, and easier to handle.

In the U.S. for a 5.56 your best option would be an AR-15, they're the most popular rifle in the country for a reason. In Canada it's a restricted weapon, so a better option would be a VZ-58, that way Mounties won't be breathing down your neck, and they have adapters for AR mags.

For 7.62 you are spoiled for choice in the U.S., you can get FALs, G3s, M1As, SCARs, etc. In Canada you are far more limited, with only one real option, but it's a good one. The Dominion Arms SOCOM 18 or Norinco M305, both of which are copies of the M1A, but are made with Chinese slave labour so they're much cheaper. SOCOMs can be as little as $500.

Stay safe comrades.

Top priority right there. Truly Lenin succeeded through his peak physical condition and immense skill at personal combat. read a book

Reminder that if you want to look aesthetic get that sweet East German surplus

If you're not going to be Lenin, then you should get fit. Lenin didn't exactly fight in the war, did he?

Anything other than an AR isn't really worth it in the US anymore. I mean, the rifle linked in OP is $499USD.


This is why the left is so ineffective.

Shotguns are good for soft targets (civis) and survival, rifles for military combat (most) pistols are good for civilian use or as a side arm

22s are good practice weak offense guns, my suggestion is a 9mm if you want to hit the target, 10mm or 45 acp if you want to ruin the targets day

only against armor, in cqb conditions against unarmored opponents it will fuck them up

Unfortunately shotguns are long as fuck due to legal shit. A carbine is also more controllable and you don't have to manually cycle it.

False. It was explicitly intended to allow porklets and "respectable people" to put down slave rebellions and socialist uprisings.

Lenin was known to be fairly /fit/ and would regularly take long hikes with his two bitches.


On his two bitches or his exercise? He went hunting as well.

Get fit, nigga.


Lenin's other girl

Here Kollantai talks about Lenin hunting and going for walks in the forest.

Get an SKS and one for each of your friends.
Ambush a police/paramilitary convoy
Congratulations, you all have M16s.

Reposting this because it helped me learn about guns and is accurate even in canada.

Excellent advice comrade. I allways get disheartened when Canadian comrades complain of a lack of guns without realising that though our gun laws are obtuse they allow for more than people expect.

Also for Canadian comrades looking for a good side arm may I recommend the NZ85B by Norinco. It's basically a exact clone of an CZ75B but is only like 390$ on Canada Ammo.

Whoa, can't believe this shit had been written 2 years ago, time does fly.

Getting into practical shooting, rifle long range, carbine, and pistol, as soon as I get a proper job with some income and a home.

That's just liberal propaganda. Read the federalist papers.

if 1-5 you're a fag 6-0 you're a chick

This is true for most shotguns, but the cheap mossberg pistol grips are a good length

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Damn this is tempting.

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Used to be you could get a crate and arm a dozen people for under a thousand bucks. I agree, it was a great rifle for the price. Now that it's almost as pricey as the SKS, there's no real reason to get one aside from the historical value to collectors
This, really. The huge amount of standardization and aftermarket support is a big asset

Gee whizz that is a great bargain. Like really good it's got all the features.


I live in the Netherlands. What the fuck can I even do in case of global revolution?

hunting permit, hunting rifle

Chemical weapons dog

Get some castor beans

That's just as illegal if you refine them to where it could actually be dangerous, probably more so. There's also a significant inhalation hazard and very little "personal defense" utility you can get out of it

Train in martial arts if you're in a noguns country. The more dominant styles in MMA are a good place to start, even though competition fighting doesn't translate perfectly to personal defense, it's still a wealth of useful data.

Krav Maga seems a bit more down-to-earth as martial arts go. There are eight studios in the Netherlands. I'm not even close to /fit/ enough to practice but the principle of combining defense and attack seems useful against potatoes.

Don't you require land to hunt on? Basically relegates all guns to porkies.
You aren't allowed to shoot intruders either

Please don't use oppressive abelist slurs.

you'd be better served by an MMA gym or just learning regular boxing

lel learn BJJ or train at an MMA gym.

It's like beatboxing, "nuts and face and nuts and face and nuts and face and nuts and face and nuts and face and…"

Read the anti-federalist papers.

The Federalists were liberal porky cucks who wanted to neuter the American Revolution.


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