Daily News Thread 2/8

After Flawed Raid, Yemen Forbids U.S. Ground Missions

Angry at the civilian casualties incurred last month in the first commando raid authorized by President Trump, Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terror groups in the country, according to American officials.

House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Can’t Be Hacked

Republicans would make it easier to steal an election by killing the Election Assistance Commission.

Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader 'found guilty'

Russia's leading opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, has been found guilty of embezzlement, local media report. He had recently stepped up his political activity after announcing plans last year to run for the presidency in 2018.

Violence spreads in Paris suburbs after police rape accusation

Violence spread in Paris's northern suburbs for a fourth night and French police arrested a dozen people, police said on Wednesday, amid accusations that police officers raped and beat a man they were detaining.

Greece finance minister rejects IMF findings on economy

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos has said an IMF report on the Greek economy 'fails to do justice' to the country's potential. The Athens government remains deadlocked with lenders over its multibillion debt bailout.

Philippine President Duterte declares “all-out war” against Maoist party

Peace negotiations between the Philippine administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) abruptly broke down over the past week.

Activists Plan Emergency Actions in 18 States to Protest Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline

Meanwhile, on Monday the North Dakota House of Representatives approved four anti-protest bills.


Macron advocates austerity, law-and-order and militarism in French elections

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron of En Marche outlined key measures in his program, which he will unveil at the end of February, this Saturday in Lyon. He is proposing deep austerity, dismantling the Social Security system, draconian police state measures and close collaboration with Germany on moves to further militarise the European Union (EU).

Let’s Get to Work

“Salting” built the early American labor movement — and it can revive it today.

The New Face of American Unemployment

As the U.S. labor force crests again, a new complex of problems locks many Americans out of the workplace. Even at so-called full employment, some 20 million Americans are left behind.

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>implying that will stop them

Man reality is hitting USA fast

This should be a red flag.

Is this going to buttblast China?

Also OP thank you for these threads, they're a much better source of info than google news.

I didn't know Yemen had given permission in the first place. Hell, I wasn't even sure Yemen had a government in the first place.

wew lad


I seem to remember that when this started, all the statist communists were praising Duerte for liberating the proletariat from the shackles of drug lords while the anarchists were all saying that it was nothing but a violent power grab.

Good thing to see he remains a comrade.

Yemen has two governments, the one that's backed by the Saudis, and the one that was deposed last year that's mad as fuck and is invading Saudi Arabia.

Don't remember seeing this argument seriously held here, sounds like confirmation bias to me.

I very specifically remember making the argument that this was going to get a bunch of normal everyday people killed while the drug lords were going to fuck off because they had shittons of money, once the first one died.

I was repeatedly told by various flavors of marxists that it was an unpleasant but necessary thing to rid the place of its stranglehold by drug lords and users who were destroying society


This doesn't even make sense from a Marxist standpoint. I think you have found yourself arguing with a lone tankie and are being an opportunist.

I do. Like many threads, every day for weeks.

The Saudi backed government is run by al-Hadi which deposed the Saleh government in 2012. The Hadi government would love to see the US let up on AQAP because they're a major problem for the Saleh and Houthi forces.

Republicans know they're going to be completely fucked in the midterms, so they're taking steps to contain the loss.

I doubt it'll save them much though.


Macron will probably win too, the media is fully behind him and he looks better than Le Pen

But this is the French we're talking about, they're not as cucked in the brain as the Brits and Americans, right?

The far right candidate seems more sensible than the porky candidate. What a world.

The yemen ballistic missile is confirmed fake right?

They're one and the same, just different interests.

What makes the whole thing in the Philippines even more hilarious is that he is addicted to fentanyl.


Yemenis confirmed it, they even released videos from multiple angles. Turns out they targeted a missile base the Saudis aren't even allowed to have so it's getting buried. Not sure whether the Yemenis knew this would happen but it's a pretty savvy move on their part if they did.

The Saudis haven't acknowledged it but there is video and people who live in SA tweeted about it at the time.

T.J. Maxx Backs Away From Ivanka Trump as President Assails Nordstrom


what a mess. holy shit.

They're going to regret it when the economy crashes and Trump gets to pick the winners and losers.

I remember highly upvoted comments on /r/communism praising Duerte for his anti-imperialism

Seeing as reddit keeps its history, they could very likely be found with just a bit of digging.

When did it start? That's probably when you'd find the threads

I thought r/communism would hate Duterte because muh drugs


r/communism is tankie central, they probably hate drugs because muh decadency

Oh, really? I thought they would've been on the opposite ends, i.e. "the drug war is a capitalist conspiracy to keep people from reaching enlightenment, man *does a fat bong rip*" types


I wonder if this has anything to do with various states' National Guards cyber units being tasked with "monitoring" state election systems last November

Jason Unruhe has been consistently critical of Duterte to be fair.

good thing our vote never mattered anyway

At this point duterte is looking to completely implode his administration

Now now, that's an offense to tankies. /r/communism is more like liberals LARPing as tankies.

but that's redundant, all tankies are LARPers

The facade of liberal democracy continues to crumble.

He was never a comrade

Why would anyone think he was a comrade

Are they retarded

so I'm reading this

What the fuck are you supposed to do with these people? Sure, legalize drugs and all, but these people really can't get out of their own way.

Low-skilled manual labor used to be just the type of thing something like this guy could do

Now those job opportunities are either just not there, he's in competition with cash-paid day laborers, and the more cush union-type jobs he could get are incentivized not to touch him because of his record

If the French were that bright we'd have higher numbers for Melenchon or even Hamon and Macron would be polling in the gutter where he belongs.

Nah dude they're pretty fucking tankie. As in "Putin and Assad and the DPRK are all based because fuck the west" level reasoning

The trend in the development of the economy has been the abolition of those types of manual labor jobs. I feel like people without the cognitive skills needed to acquire the right skills for service jobs are just getting left behind. You can try protectionism for this if you want but it's just going to be a temporary bandaid.


This was an amazing read! Thanks user!

Thank you so much for these threads. In these turbulent and uncertain times, you are Holla Forums's Walter Cronkite.

that's cool, but it was fucking easy to get a job back then. now it isn't.