I thought this was leftist politically incorrect

Not "leftists who ban anyone who uses a naughty word or have an ideology that makes my butt hurt".

What do you expect for a board who advertises on reddit for rapefugees to increase "muh post rate"

There's a difference between having a differing opinion and acting like a Holla Forumsup autist.

You acted like the latter

This is what I expect tbh.

This is a chan you dumb faggot. People use that kind of language on chan's. Even if it's just shitposting.

hey OP you forgot you are not on Holla Forums
fucking moron, kek

Have fun turning into /r/socialism.


So you admit you were shitposting.

Hence, why your were banned.

That's what people do on anonymous image boards. Not every post should have to be serious. Funposting should be allowed but apparently it's not allowed here.

Shitposting ain't a crime, lad. Shitposting without moderation is the problem.

t. not a Nazbol


Fun posting is allowed. You acting like a raging retard isn't

No this isn't a safespace for racist cucks

t. Reddit

Thanks for the confirmation. Drop the code and start yelling the same racial slurs in public and maybe I'll think you are brave.

Honestly, getting rid of the damn Nazbol's is long over-due.
Personally, I will be glad to see the back of them; They are all horrid shit posters anyway.

damn you're right, BTFO tbh
why would anyone want to stay here after that? you should probably leave this place sucks so hard

You're allowed to call someone a dumb nigger here if you want. But there's a difference between image board banter and being a polcuck dipshit

This is not a reddit board. Redditors should be disallowed, and banning people for "racism" and other irrelevant opinions (which I don't mind hearing) will just turn this place into r/socialism. Nevermind the 50,000 wordfilters.

Off topic shitposting and low-quality content like

Should all be banned, including the "not-r9k" threads whinging about "muh bf" "muh gf".

BO hired plebbit-tier retards who can't moderate for shit, one of those cretins gave me a two week ban for "sperging out" because I called him a hotpocketing piece of shit for deleting half of the posts in some thread, thus making it unreadable
Fucking ridiculous, the new mods are actually more sensitive and incompetent than prickly

Agreed, but that doesn't preclude faggots like OP being purged as well

This is a chan. People say the word nigger on chans all the time. Except for on SJWpol apparently.

Agree comrades.

Go back to plebbit then if words offend you.

Shit like this as well.

You're the only cuck here that's offended.

If you can't handle l words like nigger and faggot, then I recommend you to fuck off to tumblr.

You seem to be pretty assmad yourself.

People are calling you a nigger in this very thread you mincing autist. Weird it hasn't struck you that maybe you were banned for other reasons

"Strassershit" is not a legitimate ban reason you dumb faggot.

Shockingly, there is more than one person that disagrees with you, you mongoloid

The issue is that nazbols will derail any discussion into idpol. The FAQ states that larping as an idpoler will get you banned. I'm fine with this. I'm sick of every post devolving into race politics when the nazis show up and then the new people get fired up about it.

Nigger. :^)

Cuck should be banned because it is offensive to cuckolds.

It is an extremely valid ban reason.
Your vile ilk belong on Holla Forums.

So now you two admit that it was never about language censorship and "mean words"? Fascinating

Et tu, Howard?

ban racists

its offensive

Hope you get perma-banned this time you fucking nazbol.

Feel free to quote the part where I said that
you can't

Back to reddit cuckboi

Can't tell if trolling or retarded


sage your own thread faggot, i suggest you kys for being a dumb nigger,, who cant sage properly

I agree.

Racism of any kind is distasteful and offensive towards minority groups.

Allowing it will allow Holla Forumsfriends to subvert here.

They are not welcome.

I wanted you to quote the part when I stated it was not about the ability to rudepost

10/10, you even included the reddit spacing
being ironically a cancer is still being a cancer

So you can't admit it wasn't about his ability to rudepost even after he abandoned the position himself? I can't believe you think that validates you

I don't care about him, but about the overall ability to do that, I recently got banned for rudeposting too, probably because I shat on a mod

Well I keep saying our mods are too heavy-handed and this babies our user base and keeps them prone to be baited.

True, I've been seeing too many reddit fags people reacting emotionally to some random Holla Forumslack shitposting about le happy merchants

I fell your pain OP :(




bunkerchan is run by NSA agents or fanboys.