This is the perfect solution tbh, removes more brain dead Trump voters

This is the perfect solution tbh, removes more brain dead Trump voters.

We need to make this happen, we need to send an email to the moron president saying how islamic terrorists are having a party in yellowstone park and that daddy Steve Bannon says he should use a nuke in it to stop them from spreading their dangerous religion everywhere with that party.

the worst shitposter

So America can fully become a liberal hellhole? Yeah nah, I'll take a redneck disillusioned in the system who is one step from becoming woke over a hundred wannabe leftist coastal Starbucks aficionados any day.

Hey Holla Forums, America is a shithole since the pee pee man became president, this will just make it literal


I'm so glad you fags don't have IDs

kys my man

i'm from one of the meme closeminded redneck zones and tbh the only thing that's stopping rednecks from becoming progressives is decades of hardcore propaganda

a lot of them literally take like a fish to water to extreme leftists ideas until you tell them they're leftist

they don't realise what leftism is, they just hate liberals

Yes, do it mr. Revolutionary. Make Stalin proud.

This is your brain on idpol, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Kill yourself

Not complete, but killing all people who supported trump is a good way to improve the world

Kill all intelectuals.

That leaves you with brain dead Holla Forumstards who follow shit like religion and other close minded bigot tier ideologies ;^)

Republicans are fucking retards. They don't even believe in science (climate change). Why does leftypol continually give these dumb ass fucking hicks a pass while shitting on liberals 24/7?

republicans are liberals you cuck

economically liberal sure. not socially

Fuck off back to Reddit if you don't intend to read a book you ignorant brainwashed yuppie

This, some morons here are so retarded and emotional over liberals they literally support right wing retards

You sound like the braindead. Trump is egotistical and stupid and hasty but not that stupid.

You will be surprised what he does for daddy bannon

isn't that where most of our food comes from?
Oh well, it will probably be fine, most of it corn or some dumbshit that's just made into Ethanol or sugar, we can easily feed ourselves with the land that's left if we just change priorities a tiny bit. Even if we couldn't we could just use our position in the GLOBAL LABOR ARISTOCRACY to import rice and corn from other countries.

Is that a map of Yellowstone going off?


xd drumpf btfo

Social liberalism is nothing more than market principles applied to human relationships. kys libcuck

i say this as a west coast wagecuck, you need to fuck off with this shit

That's because liberalism and communism are diametric opposites and, due to liberalism's cancerous growth imperative, cannot coexist. For once the right might just help us beat liberalism down and be free of your stuffy, useless metaphysical discourse so that we can eat in peace for a change.

This is a really shit attempt at posting, Holla Forums



Get on my level.

Because liberals also say dumb shit like
Go kill yourself, socdem cuck.

Reminder to use the Immortal Dialectic of Saging, Hiding and Reporting in all Social Liberal Threads.

Nice, imagine a US owned by California where people spread and follow liberal teachings, it would be beautiful