Rumours from within the party say that Corbyn will be forced to step down in the next week and because of his stance on...

Rumours from within the party say that Corbyn will be forced to step down in the next week and because of his stance on Brexit, even the left of the party have abandoned him and McDonnell.

I don't know if I can deal with the smug fucking new labour liberals in the coming few weeks comrades.

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Oh shit, when did this happen?

I've been getting his newsletter where he has misinterpreted the popularity of Trump and is asking us to fight "Trumpism" when most working class people I've met like Trump because he's so cavalier and earnest compared to the typical slimey career politicians you get. It feels like he's virtue signalling and missing the point with his anti-Trump tirades.

Today, Journalists and MPs are tweeting about it.

non-bong here.
what exactly IS his stance on brexit and why is it a problem?

Corbin is not our guy.

This is just more bullshit coming from a biased media and eternally buttblasted blarites. I'll believe it when I see it.

Now is pushing for pro-Brexit stance because almost all Labour swing seats voted leave and are vulnerable to UKIP.

That being said, Young labour voters, which make up the left of the party, are highly urbanized, middle class and pro-remain.

Basically, by trying to save the party from UKIP, Corbyn pissed off his base to the point they now are abandoning him enmass.

Corbyn is not terribly enthused with the EU because it's fundamentally a capitalist institution. Also not terribly enthused with a tory brexit getting rid of what little social democracy the EU forces britain to keep. Given that the referendum happened he thinks the path forward is a left wing exit instead of the nonsense the tories will come up with.

He's a proper leftist so he hates it as a tool for bankers and the neoliberal trade elite. However, the people are retarded and only see the ideological sauce in which this exploitative institution is coated, and wanna be "united" with other Europeans and travel there for free and whatnot.

Wrong again you simple minded Blairite. It was Barbra Slaughter's outstanding speech to the populus at an anti-Trump rally that won the day against the bourgeois counter-revolutionary Labour Party. Another victory for the SEP!

after several years of nonstop propaganda against corbyn it wouldn't surprise me.
i have no idea who he is or what he stands for, i support him merely because the media doesn't.

One observation I've made numerous times, but it's been 100 fold with Corbyn is how disingenuous and the crazy double standards the media and liberals have towards the left.

honestly posting on /r/LabourUK and /r/UKpolitics is like stabbing myself in the dick. New Labour and Lib Dems supporters are so fucking disingenuous and smug it's crazy.

Here's an article catching the media out for going ballistic on the left and Corbyn, for doing like 1/100th of what the right did, while ignoring the right.

McDonnell is better, more intelligent, better spoken, and is a Marxist.

Hopefully McDonnell becomes leader

Of course he is, otherwise assmad blairites wouldn't be so desperate to oust him

he's an actual socialist and an actual anti-imperialist, what the fuck you on about mate

Just the british version of all the "enlightened" folks over at /r/PoliticalDiscussion who were taking the 90%+ chances for Hillary seriously and earnestly defending her platform as ideal.

All garbage, feel free to disregard.

This country disgusts me sometimes.

Too many Britons are just gluttons for punishment.

getting a soft Brexit that has some freedom of movement and access to single market

I'll vote Tory if they do this. Somebody pass me a Trot flag.

Trots will be purged from Labour again

I bet you like retarded and impossible to enforce policies outside of party politics too, right?

If they depose Corbyn I'll never vote Labour again, and that's a promise not a threat

Why is everyone so classcucked?

I find this very hard to believe. We've already been through this 'Corbyn will be forced out because of Brexit' thing, last year. He was re-elected with over 60% of the vote.

Alan Moore: “One of the things that upset me most about the referendum is that Stewart Lee, the comedian who I think is the funniest man in the world, phoned me up two days later seeking reassurance and cheering up. And I thought, ‘Oh fuck. Stewart lee is phoning me, with all my dystopian misery, because he wants cheering up!’

“He told me that he already phoned Chris Morris [writer of Brass Eye], and that Morris had said that he was practically terrified… that he looked out of his window, and he saw a wood pigeon, pecking about on his lawn, and thought, ‘That wood pigeon does not, and will never understand that we are withdrawing from the European Union.’ And he says: ‘And I took comfort in that.’ That is the most worrying moment, when you’ve got the best satirical comedian phoning you up for reassurance.

“I hadn’t realised how surrounded by idiots I was. That’s perhaps a harsh judgement [on the Brexit referendum], but it’s one that I’ll stick by."


Because muh reasonable centrism
Skip to 03:55 if you can't be bothered watching it all.
Corbyn catches Tories lying and they resort to crying about "muh economic plan" and "Labour bankrupted us all!"



wtf I love Grant Morrison now


huh? I'm just saying Labour will return to Blairism and crack down on the left

dubs confirm Moore is a shitty wizard

You can't purge party members because they hurt your feelings. Militant only got purged because they took over Liverpool and started breaking the conditioning.
If Labour return to Blairism they're finished long term. That was pure 90's boom ideology.