How will Fat people be dealt with in gommunism?

I get Unlimited Burgers?? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

we have special "exercise camps" for the LUMPens

What about this one guy who developed a 150 pound tumor and was chair bound and subsequently became obese

will i make it bros


Staggeringly compelling argument.
His tumor should be removed, along with Porky.
If the operation kills him, he will be a martyr for the revolution

Food will actually be good instead of "plow in as much sugar and fat as possible because that's the best return on investment"

wow great system you got there fam


there will definitely be infinite barbecue because communism is where we get free money from rich people

lol if you think infinite texas barbeque is anywhere near what capitalism considers "as much sugar and fat as possible."


Eat the fuggin salad :DD

*sweats* fug it i'm ancap now ready for the barbacue(trademark) wars

You don't make friends with salad.

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talking about yourself hoochie?
you're just fat

The pig just got longer all of a sudden.

This is Manuel Uribe, who died in 2014, he was 48 years old. At his peak weight he was 1316 lbs.
He died weighing 869 lbs.

Do you really want a communist/anarchist society where morbidly obese people like him exist?
Why should you be sympathetic to morbidly obese people?

kys with feels liberal

I don't actually care.
I just can't believe that people are so lazy and stupid to get morbidly obese.


okay what happened to his legs

thats not just obesity for it to rest at that angle… is it?

this is what pure ideology looks like

His legs are forced to be in that position, as he was too morbidly obese to even walk.
Plus there was some bacterial growth on his legs and thighs. Being that morbidly obese also means potential fungus growth.

Still, Manuel Uribe probably got more sex than OP has.

because his feet seemed to have been pushed towards an awkward lateral angle?!

them thighs, tho…it's like thesis and antithesis in there

I dont have any puking gifs because I thought the internet desensitized me to everything

but oh boy do i need one now