In your ideal society...

In your ideal society,should the average proles be permitted to own explosives or should those rights only be preserved for military experts ?

This is actually something I've been wondering about for quite some time. Explosives are dangerous, but it's impossible to wage modern war without them, and an armed populace is one of the key tenets of Marxism.

Damn straight they should. People's militia or no militia!


I challenge you to bring down an attack helicopter using molotovs and road-bombs. Go on, I'll wait.

Are you aware how easy it is to make explosives?

Modern guns are the result of centuries of invention and have hundreds of moving parts which are purpose-made and must be precisely engineered so they work correctly.

However, explosives are just the result of mixing some chemicals, and for simple explosives (gunpowder, dynamite, you know) the process can be made in your kitchen.

So it wouldn't make too much sense to control explosives, unless you're also going to control nitric acid, sulfuric acid, nitrogen fertilizers, cotton, glycerin, toluene, etc. Which are general purpose chemicals.

Okay this isn't true, sorry. They may have hundreds of parts but only a small fraction of those move. And bolt action rifles for example do not have anything near a hundred parts.


Oh yeah and matches. You can make a (dangerous) pipe bomb with them.

You bomb the landing pad you dumb rose.

Bullets are the most difficult to produce part of the arsenal.

Well if you have the SMG just use it that.
And if you accept a shitty dangerous pipe gun as acceptable firepower, you don't need it, just make a handcannon. Hollow cylinder, gunpowder, rocks, done.

Although at this level of low tech you are far better off using a hand-to-hand weapon.

hell yeah, everyone needs explosives

Read Luty.

That's way too small and unwieldy.
Think of the children you asshole.

1.Rig IEDs to cheap personal helicopter so small it doesn't require a pilots' license.
2. Video game teaches child to control chopper
3.Hail glorious revolutionary Kids Korps

The right to own the means of defense is an indisputable right as the right to your own body.

need moa' DAKKA

Maybe they'll throw pinocucks out of helicopters for a change

In my ideal society, I'd be Emperor and all the plebeians would be meek and disarmed. Seeing how that is not achievable and I'll have to rely on the rest of you cunts to achieve a better life for myself, I guess we'd better hand out guns like candy to better fight back against the armies of the state.

So what you're an anarcho-monarchist?

neither guns nor explosives are any good for defensive because more than half of them is owned by only 3% of society (in USA) which isn't enough to form any kind of useful resistance unless they all move into one place before starting to defend themselves…
i doubt you can hold off the military with explosives either. they'll just send in a suicide bot and blow you up.
do you have any example where anyone was ever able to hold off a government until it gave up?

common people deserve to own explosives and hacking tools and other shit not because of retarded NRA propaganda but because of science.

I'm a monarchist if I'm the monarch, and a communist when I'm a poorfag.

people should be able to privately own explosives, just not personally own them.
also no landmines: cheap, autonomous, lethal area denial is not something you need.


Public arsenals for people's militias

this guy gets it


I know that this was ironic, but anarchists will take it seriously.

Every adult should be given a mini-nuke when they turn 18. This would provide a very strong incentive for adequate mental health care, as well as assuring that nobody would enter into a fight lightly.

Yeah sure just waltz into a fortified compound and drop bombs on a wide open pad monitored by multiple people constantly

Infiltrate ?

Shotgun improvised mortar and pipe bombs. Che loved doing this with molotovs.