Valentines day is coming up and I don't have a communist gf

Valentines day is coming up and I don't have a communist gf.

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I have a PROC gf but she's not very commie

seize the means of reproduction just like you seize means of profuction

hi I'll be your gf(male)

she's still gonna have a penis.

IMO if you're not willing to put out and date within the cause you're a class traitor whose probably fucking porky for clothes money.

Vaginas are capitalists.

Found the problem.

They're a means of production

You still have us.

Her names Anastasiya Kvitko, she was born in Russia. She's an instagram model.

How will communism cause women to grow larger breasts and asses?

You say that like it's a bad thing


All holidays are capitalist holidays

>T R I A B A L I S M
This is flaring up my autism something special.


Whoops! Gotta fix that. Thx

By BTFOing chimp-butted white chix. Also, cleaner food with less endocrine-disruptors. Also, fewer bourg women's magazines selling impossible photo art as achievable goals.

I read "tribadism" for a good few hundred milliseconds and wondered what the cheerleaders were up to.


Sorry I triggered your autisms. Here is a fixed version

dating a girlfriend is reactionary

Your mom is reactionary.

plastic kitsch

Caring about Valentine's Day is as bourgeois as it gets. I have a girlfriend and we're not celebrating it because being forced to pretend like a day is special just to buy shit is as bourgeois as it gets.

too high test

Women adhere to the views of the strongest man in their lives.
If you can't stand next to their father and shine then you are probably not it.

Problem fixed, you're welcome

Such big boobs and asses suck. Btw it is gender stereotype which is profitable to capitalists

Not a fan of this "thicc" crap

It's like you want to have a vegan #Imwithher petit bourgeois girl.

low test detected

Is this your girl?

Get on tinder and label yourself a socialist.

The hits are few and far between but there are definitely leftists on there.

I am over her but still,




People's Republic of China, dingus


The future is traps and you know it.

t-that's a trap?

I can't get into traps unless they have cute little tiny cocks.
She's hot but if she had a 8 inch dick that'd turn me off.


not me for me


Imagine it up your butt.

It's no fun if her cock is smaller than yours.


traditional saudi values