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I can't wait

I haven't seen the trailer but I am I seeing so many people angry about it?

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Literally 80 seconds long.
Just watch it. Tell me what you think

looks decent

hopefully if it turns out alright then we'll get more mature action animation in the west

I just hope Genndy is no longer required to waste his talent on embarrassing shit like Hotel Transylvania and work for stuff he actually likes.

Hey, Hotel Transylvania isn't that bad. It sure is a fuckton funnier than any of the cowshit Illumination has been making, that's for sure. Plus, it's one of the few films where I can honestly say Adam Sandler is actually GOOD in. THAT's a fucking monumentous accomplishment right there.

Genndy is God.

Everything Genndy touches becomes high quality. And that is his problem.

He made Dexter's lab great and gets shafted around making stuff like Symbionic Titan, because his bosses wanted a show with toyline (disclaimer, I don't actually hate ST, but the intent here was more than obvious) or Hotel Transylvania and somehow manage to keep Sandler (who is notorious for meddling and rewriting scripts) under control. But storywise it was mediocre.

Meanwhile the guy who actually ruined Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls (before the reboot) gets to make his own stuff with maximum creative freedom on Nick.

Hotel Transylvania wasn't meant to have a great story, though. Its focus was its comedy and animation, and it fucking KILLED it in both departments. They weren't aiming for Pixar levels, guys, I mean, come on. Genndy is God, but he's not GOD…

… right?

Oh Jesus fuck, who is this particular bastard that runs amuck on Nick to this day?? I MUST KNOW IMMEDIATELY.

this shit right here was my childhood. I have never been more hyped for a cartoon before.

Post some gommie gartoons :DD:DD

What the fuck happened to Nick?
The last animated show I remember them having was Korra and it lost me after the first season
Not to mention it got shafted to online only at one point

The Loud House and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are literally the only good shows left on Nick these days, and the network doesn't have enough faith in them to air as many new episodes as they should. Harvey Beaks is okay, not nearly as good as the previous two, but a hell of a lot better than the rest of the shit they have on the air.

As for Spongebob, I hear Steven Hillenberg returned to the show after the second movie, but I have no idea whether or not the show's any good from that point on.

Loud House is mediocre. It's episodes are more miss than hit. It's the waifus, that keep the show running.

I'm so fucking hyped for Samurai Jack season 5

Toll the Giant
which the estonian folk metal band Metsatoll used in

mfw fucking "muh culture" fags don't know that the SU allocated money and resources specifically for cultural development



Poverty breeds innovation and experimentation

I have no clue if it got any better but post movie spongebob was so bad I just stopped even trying

Damn right

/a/ stands for re/a/ctionary shithole.

Post-movie, sure, that was fucking atrocious. But post-sequel seems to be a mystery for the both of us, ain't it?

I love this meme.

Everything wrong with Holla Forums right here. this and Holla Forums fags


Many of these reflect stagnation or slow-downs in the 70s or only discuss the 60s.


If TLH was released 15 years ago it would not have stood a chance.

The only reason why people consider this "good" is because everything else on Nick is shit by comparison. TLH is really a child of it's time.

It being made by Chris Savino of all people should be the final clue why it will never go beyond mediocrity.

Where did you find this picture

Look this up dude.

It's the Treasure Island made by the Soviets. It has a bit of live action in it, but I love how frickin weird it is.

Makes me cringe when people say the USSR had no creativity

Theme of the thread

Maybe I'm late to realizing this, but I just figured it out. Spongebob's character aligns with millennials to an uncanny degree. I stopped watching the show when Stephen Hillenberg left (around when the movie came out), so I don't care if later parts of the series refute this. I'm going by what appeared in the "early" or "original" version of the show.

In "Help Wanted" we see he was living in the Pineapple since before he started working at the Krusty Krab, and in "Home Sweet Pineapple" he almost has to move back in with his parents when his house is destroyed. Even though he has the means (through his parents most likely) to be a homeowner, his greatest aspiration in life is to be a frycook. In some episodes, such as "Boating School" we even see that Spongebob has a very large personal library in his house, suggesting that he's highly educated. Still, the best job he can get is frycook. This is the situation a lot of millennials are stuck in - educated, but unable to find work that would put their education to use. Spongebob is just stuck with the most stereotypical version of this.

Although he doesn't seem to have emotional problems or depression, Spongebob lags behind when it comes to life's milestones. Already suggested above, it seems like it took him an abnormally long amount of time to get a job. And then even after years (of real-world time) he never gets a better position. Squidward makes this explicit in "My Pretty Seahorse" (42b): youtube.com/watch?v=2eXU2p982GQ
For another example, Spongebob never learns to drive. This in itself is a parallel with millennials, who often don't have the money for cars or gas anyway but still are much less likely to have a driver's license than older generations. The many episodes where Spongebob is in boating school also tie back to the general theme of lagging behind what's traditionally expected of someone at a certain age - many of these episodes are a vehicle for stock gradeschool plots. "The Bully" (43b) deals with a schoolyard bully. "Procrastination" (37a) is about Spongebob trying to write an essay. And so on. This sort of content emphasizes Spongebob's childishness, as do his general immaturity and his many childish hobbies. Speaking of which…

Spongebob has numerous hobbies and interests. They include but are not limited to: various sports including Karate and weightlifting, blowing bubbles, artistry, board games, fandom (particularly for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy) and most notably jellyfishing. Being thoroughly alienated, millennials and Spongebob seek out activities to distract themselves, and the market is happy to oblige. Remember, this is a TV show that started airing in 1999, almost a decade before this kind of shit hit the mainstream and started getting so popular. Spongebob (and Patrick) apparently have enough disposable income, through parents and/or NEETbux that they can regularly blow it on nonsense that they get into for an episode and never comes up again, like Glove World from "Rock Bottom". Many of the hobbies have staying power and appear multiple times, like Karate or especially jellyfishing.
I draw attention to jellyfishing because it's Spongebob's favorite activity. That's hardly surprising since he lives in such an artificial world, and Jellyfish Fields is a rare natural environment (Goo Lagoon is the closest other major example). Spongebob feels the call of nature so strongly that he spends an entire episode ("Nature Pants") trying to go native. Jellyfishing is itself an interesting subject, but to keep this section from getting to long I'll put that in another post.

(more next post)

What clinched it for me is that Spongebob's character design even conforms to this pattern.
First, let's consider the clothes. Spongebob wears exaggeratedly formal clothes most of the time. His default ensemble is a collared shirt and tie, some kind of shorts, with a belt, and shiny black shoes with high socks. He works as a fry cook but dresses like a stereotypical professor.
There's more - the sponge itself. Think about his relatives. His parents and his grandma resemble natural ocean sponges, round and a sort of brown color. Spongebob is very uniformly square and bright yellow. It seems kind of odd that he'd look that way naturally. Maybe he doesn't. In "Scaredy Pants" (season 1's Halloween episode), he gets Patrick to shave off some of the sponge so that he will be the right shape (round) under a sheet for his ghost costume. The same episode ends with Spongebob saying "It grows back!" as a joke, but taken at face value, why wouldn't it? Real sponges grow back.
What I'm saying is that Spongebob's yellow square look is akin to hipsters having bizarre haircuts and unnatural dye jobs. To complete the hair parallel, I'll link this video with clips from "The Smoking Peanut" and "The Sponge Who Could Fly": youtube.com/watch?v=cAWSKdDEwlw Maybe Spongebob has been shaping and dying himself all this time.
To top it off, Spongebob even has the classic "hipster glasses" that he wears now and then in the early episodes.

Does Spongebob still have such an influence simply because it was ridiculously popular for so long, or does it resonate with the millennial generation who reference it fucking constantly?

And here's the bit on jellyfishing that I realized while writing these posts:

It's subtle, but jellyfishing as a hobby has a continuity in the show. In "Jellyfishing" (Episode 3a) Spongebob and Patrick introduce Squidward to jellyfishing, which is obscure enough that he's never heard of it even though both of his neighbors do it regularly. A bit later, in "I Was A Teenage Gary" (13b) Spongebob has Squidward watch his pet Gary because he and Patrick are attending a jellyfishing convention. The episode portrays this as something new (Squidward is surprised and excited by the idea of a three-day weekend without Spongebob), which implies that the hobby has grown in popularity. Later still, in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" (30b) we see Spongebob actually attending a jellyfishing convention, complete with a crowd of hobby "journalists" doing a press briefing with Kevin C. Cucumber, a jellyfishing celebrity (who it turns out is cynically using the hobby for shallow reasons). In a couple of seasons we see Spongebob's favorite hobby change from a pastime driven by individuals to a cash cow complete with celebrities and mascots promoting an image.




I guess you could say that jellyfishing is a function of the spectacle

i was going to call you retarded but that made a surprising amount of sense

Would you say that squidward is a disaffected leftist even xer?

Oh, you better fucking believe it, buddy.


There's a full version :)

I can't tell if Appleseed is supposed to be communist or fascist.