Ideal leftist UK?

Holla Forums, if (the area currently occupied by) the united kingdom were to somehow go left wing, would you prefer a republic/anarchy/whatever socialist govt. model or would you rather the monarchy still be wedged in there somehow?

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The monarchy would have to go.
Shame, I like the Queen but the whole supplicant mentality of monarchists is anti socialism

Socialist English Republic with chartist tricolour, other parts of the UK can fuck off

A confederal socialist republic

Very decentralised except for defence policy

Monarchy obviously has to go

yeah fuck you too



I wonder if, even under socialism, the royal family can still be "kept" by retaining celebrity status and religious significance. Spooky, I know, but I think they're too cool for their heads to be chopped off.

How do we deal with the English disease, i.e people like


no, it's just the disdainful way you refer to the other countries of the UK that pisses me off

sneering Anglo superiority complex

Whether or not the sheep shaggers, the heroin junkies and the bogtrotters want to be a part of the UK would be up to them. Can you imagine how much the NI loyalists would sperg the fuck out in the event of a revolution? England would be better off being divided up into semi autonomous regions the way Scotland is semi autonomous now. I'm thinking North West, North East, Midlands, South West and South East. London would be entirely levelled and the Capital relocated to Liverpool.

I would want the royal family to be executed Romanov style. Not for any particular political reason, I'm just bitter, vindictive and edgy like that.

I'm not disdainful in the least, I just don't want political union.

I was more irked by his flag obsession.

Hey, we didn't decide to be this way

If this hopefully happens could the (former) crown dependencies become gulag islands?

Britain can't afford to be lefty any more. They can only carry on selling what remains of the family silver and hope it fills the gap.
It needs a 20 year plan to do properly.

We should turn the Isle of Man into a gulag, like in Children of Men.

this is why nobody likes you, Trots

go flog your newspapers

lmao the left is so fucked



but where will we hold the IoM TT?

tbh the uk flag doesn't really translate well to socialism

UK is a meme country aside from Corbyn your ideal should be the gulag.

Here's one that I found a long while ago. The author apparently wasn't a okay with a bunch of crosses on a communist flag.

The monarchy is cool if has 0% political power.

Do you think the monarchy would allow that to happen though? I mean, they could totally use military power to stop any kind of revolution or, in the event that a leftist party actually wins an election, could choose a prime minister other than the leader of the winning party.

Does the crown actually have the power to do that? I thought that power was just nominal.

Or else what? Perhaps the to-be-deposed royals still have enough standing abroad to borrow some foreign soldiers, having no kinship to the locals, to put down some folks. Perhaps the royals don't, and they'll depend on the support of their supposed subjects, which may not be forthcoming.
It's an iterated game.


daily reminder to all devolutionaries that corbyn will never win thanks to devolution

As a Briton I prefer the monarchy mostly because I believe parliamentarianism is the best model for the UK; and even a ceremonial presidency can be corrupted (see: turkey). As for government, I think a powerful central legislatures with decently strong regional executives would work the best. I doubt Scotland would be a part of this, but Wales is v Unionist atm and fuck-knows with NI.


devolution allowed the scotnats a platform to blame everything on the turries, spend goodies, promise independence as a solution to "austerity" while ignoring the fact that they're only able to give away all those goodies because of the barnett formula.

Eh, there can be a labour government without Scotland; just as if Ed Miliband had won every seat in Scotland he would have still not won the premiership. I think Scotland is set to depart from the UK, which could benefit all. More seats in England and Wales means more possibility for localised labour seats, and Scotland is perhaps the only anglo country where a proper socialist government could be elected.

they could, but it would be extremely painful

execute entire royal family including babies, wean retarded brits off of their rich celebrity fetish, move fat worthless welfare leeching women to the farms, demolish all non-historical places of worship, turn dr. who commie

you ok?

Ayyy fellow Welshy

One thing I always found funny about Kr UoB was that it is literally the government of Gaddafi's ideology put in practise.

i don't see how there can be a labour government without scotland, it would require a landslide of which there aren't any signs. conservatieve seats have more inhabitants than labour seats, so if anything, constituency redrawing will benefit them.

Faced with the choice of either following the orders of a republican socialist government or those of the monarch, I would be willing to say that the armed forces would side with the monarch.
Ofc it all went a little bit differently in 1642, so who knows…

Well if we have 600 seats distributed between Eng, NI and Wales it would yield interesting results, but saying perpetual tory government would occur is ridiculous; for starters there have always been more Lib-dem tory marginals than lib-dem Labour ones, and they as a party are resurging. Heck, I am pretty sure every labour majority government still would have been a majority without any scottish seats since 1945 (bar 1966).

There is a political realignment occurring int he UK regardless, and Scotland leaving would cause further change that we cannot predict, but worry not: a demsoc labour government could still happen and would do so.

Fun fact; there were rumours of a plot to get rid of Thatcher during the poll tax riots because they were worried about her causing so much dissent there would be a revolution.

Brit here. Burn it to the ground. Build an anarchist utopia under a benevolent dictator in its place.

get right the fuck out


Union of Britain my man

Market socialist uk tbh.

as if the gulags aren't urgent

1966 would have been a majority, I think 1974A and 1964 would've been different (not accounting for differing political cultures.) and the 2010 coalition would be unnecessary.

It's a shame Labour didn't lose 1974 in many ways. Edward Heath would've been the one to get fucked by the oil crisis and you could possibly have Labour returned to power in 1979 in a landslide.
(Though there's a possibility that internal division would obliterate the party in waiting, especially on the EEC.

The skullduggery used to undermine the postwar consensus was criminal

Braise Tito.

t. Mao


It is quite possible to have a market with a socialist system (one where the workers control the means of production). A free market, no, but a market system is very-much possible, and may be required for transitional purposes.


Pfft, YOU are the revisionist!




posting some more Welsh flegs cos why not


anyone here a member of any lefty parties in Britain?

Even better, the whole country becomes a gulag;
(I now it's the S*n but the article itself is actually quite funny)

I made one the other day