What was his name again?

What was his name again?

Jimmy "Arm the Poor" Dore

Jimmy "i cut holes in the chest cavity of business owners and fuck the cold corpse hole" dore

Jimmy "who ordered more Holodomor" Dore

Jimmy "Class War" Dore

Jimmy "revolutionary terror is never an error" Dore
Jimmy "requisition the kulaks raw" Dore

jimmy "red revolution is the only solution" dore

Jimmy "beating Stalin's high score" Dore

Jimmy "Donald Trump was the last straw" Dore

Jimmy "crush the bourgeois law" Dore

Dore. James Dore. Charmed, I'm sure

Spammy Bore.

Bourgeoise Whore.


Jimmy "Let the Kulak hit the Gulag" Dore

Jimmy "succdem to the core" Dore

Jimmy "kek wew" Dore

Jimmy "let the fascists hit the floor" Dore

Jimmy "Kick the Bougies Out the Door" Dore

Jimmy "red to the core" Dore

Jimmy "Commie with a shotty" Dore

Jimmy 'slayer of the porky whore' Dore

Jimmy "every bourg in a morgue" Dore

Jimmy " shitty comedian turned champagne socialist" Dore

So like an intelligent Stephen Crowder, minus the getting BTFO by a union worker?
Funny how that keeps happening.

What BTFO by a union worker?


Stephen "It's just delousing powder" Crowder is too extreme even for me some of his positions make me down right uncomfortable.

He tried picking a fight with a union worker like 20 years his senior with a beer belly and got his shit slapped.

Haha, that's a good one. You guys are increasingly becoming edgy Republicans though.

Jimmy 'round up Wall Street and use them as cattle feed' Dore

Jimmy "both parties are republicans" Dore

Jimmy "Render the Rich to Gore" Dore

Jimmy "Still sore about the lack of 1984" Dore

Jimmy "Bourgeois on all fours because we're going to kill those whores and make their children clean up the blood from the floor" Dore

Jimmy "socialism or there's the door" Dore

what was his name? what was the name of the man? :D

Jimmy "Support Fidel or go to hell" Dore