Does anybody else feel like they hold unfair, prejudicial views of the bourgeoisie as a group?

Does anybody else feel like they hold unfair, prejudicial views of the bourgeoisie as a group?

My girlfriend's parents are rich and whenever they do anything negative I just assume it's because they are porkies.

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I really doubt that

They have a tennis court at their house and own businesses.

Her mother went to vegas and bet thousands of dollars on poker games.

They are pork as fuck.

Definitely. I'm okay with it though.

Her family is pretty dysfunctional and I fucking hate her step dad. He's such a cringe worthy rightist with no sense of ethics or basic human decency.

I assume this is because they are pork.

nah fam that's just how life is

the rich really are that shitty

my ex's current bf is a rich abusive shithead bc he was raised to not respect people as individuals but as things to exploit

if the *petty* bourgeoisie ruin lives as easily as that, imagine the disgusting shit the 0.01% porkies get up to

My old roommate was a porky trust fund kid from Texas and I swear to god all his friends from back home were fucking sociopaths with mad entitlement issues.

What the fuck? I hate them for what they are relative to the system, their characters and personalities are independent of that. Some of them adopt their class into their character and become just as exploitative and psychopathic as they are in this system. Maybe it's just an inevitable effect of the system that the economic relations of the society will rearrange and effect the social institutions of power and develop new societal relations, imaginary or real.

The bourgeoisie acts this way as the incentive in their situation compels them to as well as their material conditions. They are still human. This does not excuse them for their exploitation of the proletariat and what needs to be done, but viewing things in a materialist context helps you take things not so personally.



you should hate them

the bourgeoisie must be thrown into the dustbin of history, the garbage compactor of the past and the trashcan of ideology

and the thing is imo human nature isn't greed but group think

if one man sets up an exploitative system people get sucked into it because it's human nature to trust the group

someone starts a company and that company becomes a monster of group thought min-maxing itself to maximize profits

this happens because everyone individually works towards the profit motive

it's just the self perpetuating cycle of willful ignorance

basically what this guy said

pull a stirner and run away with the money, DO IT

I'm actively pulling a Nechayev

This is what I tell myself but sometimes it's hard to avoid the pure rage.

I get this less so but also slightly with Americans. Like American bear tier Americans sometimes make me resent Americans until I calm down and remember that broad generalizations are bad.

just remember that a lot of americans are your comrades too

america is the most porky atm in my opinion, so remember that american comrades have their work cut out for them too

this is still just petty pork though, baby bourg

I do remind myself of this but it's like the class cuckery in America is so endemic.

a bad run in with one of those petty bourgies and i'd be homeless though.

this is what i mean; capitalist propaganda is the strongest and most disgusting here
even a majority of our lefties think capitalism is necessary or must be reasoned with


Disagree. Their characters and personalities are largely subsumed to that system, according to the system's demands. They're deeply invested in their muh privileges as a class and as individuals, both socially and financially. I don't expect them to come down without a hell of a fight. Even then, I don't expect them to join their designated inferiors or not be looking for a way to lever themselves up without the continuous threat of re-education squads hanging over them.

Prejudicial? Yes.
Unfair? I find it a more solid, reasoned basis for determining enemies of society according to society's determination than they have ever shat out.

this tbh

True porkies are a world apart, and made into our enemies by their status. I don't "hate" them any more than I "hate" a wolf that tries to eat me, but I'll still put a bullet in their heads.

The porkies aren't necessarily bad people, hating them is not what we are about.
Money has a tendency to corrupt, if you have a lot of it, you can waste it on whims and act generally irresponsibly without ever facing consequences. Those that were able to gain a lot of money instead of just inheriting it also have a tendency to be worse people than the general population, since they probably had to stab a few people in the back to gain their position. Porks might be less likely to be nice people but holding prejudice against them is the same shit as holding prejudice against blacks because they are more likely to be criminals.

Socialism isn't just a fancy word for "we hate rich people", you need to consider this not as personal but class conflict. The reason why they are rich in the first place is because of an unfair system that neither you nor they created, they just happened to "win", although it's debatable if being part of the 1% is even a good thing, considering the mental and physical health hazards.

Under socialism, nobody would have a Tennis court in their backyard as a status object. If you lived with a group of Tennis players and had a good reason, you might get one built, but the game would mostly take place in public spaces, where it belongs.
Under socialism, Vegas would not exist. The entire concept of gambling is based on betting scarce property, usually currency. We will reduce poker and the likes to a simple game you play for fun and that will probably end up killing most of the gambling industry, since most of those games are very unexciting from a design standpoint, high rate of randomness with very limited strategy options. As a fan of board games, I think the public deserves better.

In case you still have a shred of jealousy left for porkies, check out the magical tales in my pictures.That's the kind of degenerate and immoral shit they get up to with all their money and power.

fake as fuck

how is this even fucking real god damn lmao

So I live in a city with the highest median income on earth and if you have the right nepotisim contacts, you can get into very high paying jobs"

Because of this I've watched quite a few friends end up in a higher end pay bracket, like 150k+ a year.

You see the slide from left to right as well. They start off as left wing, but once they are in those super high paying jobs, suddenly, they start to say shit like "Honestly, it's not that hard to earn a million dollars, everyone could do it if they weren't lazy" and shit like that and more and more they just become awful people.

One of my friends is the opposite though, she comes from a dirt poor refugee family and only got life insurance payout when her parents died which was a few hundred grand. She though uses her money to help people and make the lives of those around her easier and if anything, she's become even more radically left wing. The other day she had about a 6 hour ragefest over Liberals dismissing the black bloc and saying Fascists should have right to free speech.

She is proof that not all people who come into money or have money, become shithead porkies.

Honestly, the left really does need some rich fucks that have a conscious like her. Engels was a porkie and he spent his wealth on advancing Socialism. So were many other Socialists. If you look at Socialism especially in the early 20th century, it's a list mostly of landed Porkies who at some point, saw the conditions of workers and became radicalized.