Why aren't you a third-worldist?

Why aren't you a third-worldist?

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is third world even a meaningful concept anymore
how do you decide if a country is third world

because america is still here to shut down anything they dont like abroad

There are proles that don't live in third world countries. Why should they get to miss out on the fun?

Because I live in the first world.

Secondly while I think we should all feel world wide solidarity and calls to individual/special experience are overrated it's still true to an extent that I cant understand their attempts at revolution in terms of geography, general everyday government experience and added imperialistic oppression's and struggles.

The first world needs to change before the third can. You can have a million Rojava's and it wont matter with the power of the US military, IMF and forced neoliberalism.

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Weakness of currency is a good start. Large (non oil) natural resource extraction and export, as opposed to manufacturing. Small consumer goods manufacture, as opposed to larger, more complex manufacture. Little to no global market presence (no big phone or computer company that exports worldwide).

Basically large numbers of worky workers, being exploited by the first world through their own local capitalists. Help them to kick ass, and they'll help us to kick bigger ass.

Because it's a highly flawed ideology. First, I don't agree with the arbitrary categorization of a country either being first world or third world. What exactly is the GDP level when you hit first world status? Also, NO part of the world has revolutionary potential at the moment. Putting your hope in the third world for revolution is asinine. For Jason Unruhe to say that the best thing to do is to donate to third world organizations….I laugh at that insanity. He is a fucking moron.

Third Worldism is idpol.


Charity isn't a revolutionary strategy. The gusanos tried ferrying money to their relatives back in Cuba for years hoping they'd use it to overthrow Fidel. Also, for someone in the US or Canada to be giving money to groups labeled "terrorist" is dangerous. The LLCO look more and more like informants every day.

He sums it up nicely:

I actually am to a certain extent, I agree with Roo-Roo in that i think the really decisive struggles will take place outside of the first world, and that workers of the first world haven't been revolutionary.

The problem is turd worldism as an ideology is that it replicates the worst parts of do nothing menshevism, only now the dogma is inverted. But you still end up sitting on your arse waiting for other people to make the revolution happen

There's also nothing to indicate any of these third world revolutions will be socialist. We can look at India and see how religious and ethnic separatist groups have been far more popular in the past than the Naxalis. Yes Rojava exists, but islamists are far more active and have far more popular support than most communist groups in the Middle East (yes, we can talk about how western imperialists funded said islamists, but they still have huge support bases regardless).

They have a point tho. Developed countries virtually have no proletarians and definitely has no peasants anymore. The workers of the world really are in the third world, meaning revolutionary potential is only real in these countries. And really, if the third world did rebel and stop sending cheap materials and commodities to rich countries, they would implode overnight.

Third Worldism in a nutshell:

It's for people who think

"white" skin = oppressor
"non white" skin = oppressed

So dumb and devoid of rigorous theory.

It also advocates class collaboration and all sorts of religious, separatist, nationalist and chauvinist bullshit.

No point replacing a "white" capitalist with a "black" one.

Third Worldism in a nutshell:

Unruhe has videos where he apologizes for the third world national bourgeoisie by invoking the "stages of revolution" nonsense. Just goes to show, for all his talk of being the creator of an "advanced revolutionary theory" he's still stuck in 1940.


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Third worlder here, kill yourself faggot.

Have you even skimmed Mao's writing? First world countries are imperialist super powers (United States, British Empire, Soviet Union), second world countries are lesser powers (Sweden, Japan, Turkey) and third world countries are nations that are colonized or exploited by the first and second world nations (China, Iraq, Burkino Faso).

colombian here i have seen guerrilla leftist grups been crushed since i was a kid. the eln and the farc have mostly given up and are signing peace proccess. most had lost all popular support and became way too invloved with narco trafficking.


because im not autistic op

Second World refers to the Eastern Bloc and the former "socialist states". The term does not exist anymore.

There are two different "three-world" concepts. The maoist theory is not to be confused with the western cold-war classification.